how many miles does a motorcycle chain last

How long did your chain last?

May 31,  · Around 20k miles is cautions, some say 24,k. Generally the chain does not need adjusting till more then 12k miles, but should be lubed and cleaned every miles. There are a lot of theories about the ideal interval. So your dealers advice is quite cautious but not out of line. Dave. Mar 15,  · Every motorcycle relies on its chain to last for miles, and so riders oil and clean their chains to make the bikes last. However, within due time, even the most-cared-for chain will need to be replaced. It's important to know when, why and how to check your motorcycle chain for a possible replacement. Stuck Links And Loose Gear-ChangingEstimated Reading Time: 3 mins.

Do not go Motorcycle Camping without reading this. If you are planning on going on a camping trip, you need to read this! Chain maintenance is one of the first things you should learn about when you own a motorcycle. But chains wear out over time and need replacing. So, how often should a motorcycle chain be replaced? In general, a properly maintained motorcycle can will last 20, to 30, miles, sometimes more. But, some last as little as 5, to 10, miles.

This difference is due to the type of chain, how and where you ride, and how well you maintain it. Type of chain Older style chains that do not have O-ring or X seals will not last as long as modern chains with seals. They are more difficult to keep clean because dirt and moisture can get inside the pins and rollers. If they are not constantly kept clean and properly lubed, they will not last the 30, plus miles that a sealed chain will last.

O-ring and X seal chains are designed to keep dirt and moisture away from the pins and rollers, and to keep a special lubricant inside. As long as you use cleaners and lubricants that do not deteriorate those seals, your chain will last a long time. Type of Riding Riding in rough conditions, such as off road, doing water crossings, or riding in mud or sand, will make it more difficult to clean and maintain the chain and possibly lessen the life of your chain.

Also, excess stress on the chain and sprockets due to racing, track days, constant high speeds, will cause the average chain to wear more quickly. Chain Maintenance It goes without saying that improper chain maintenance will cause your chain to deteriorate much sooner.

Regular cleaning and lubricating of your chain is probably one of the most important maintenance items you can do, so, clean, lube, inspect your chain on a frequent basis. Chain inspection should be a part of your pre-ride check inspection.

There are a few things to look for that will tell you when your chain needs replacing. Rust Rust can form fairly quickly if your motorcycle gets wet and the chain is not properly lubed. A little surface rust does not always mean your chain is completely ruined, but if the pins and rollers are also rusted, it likely means the seals are bad.

Kinks Look for links that are stuck causing kinks in the chain. Kinks indicate a weak point where the seals are no longer keeping dust and dirt out of the pins. This weak point is at greater risk of breaking and can cause excess wear on your sprockets. Over-Stretched Chain stretch is normal over time, but there is only so far a chain can stretch before the links are weakened. Instead, the holes where the links attach to each other wear and get slightly larger over time, so the chain appears to expand.

For safety, make sure the motorcycle is OFF! With one hand, press down on the top of the chain to add tension. Then check the chain tension around 1 month old constipated what to do rear sprocket. The chain should be tight equally, all the way around the sprocket. If portions of it are loose, that means the chain is stretched. When your chain is new you should measure the distance between links. Write it down and whenever you take the chain off to clean it measure again.

When you can only fit 99 links in the same space you need to change out your chain and sprockets. Does it really matter if you ride on a worn chain and sprockets? The honest answer is yes, it matters a great deal. A broken chain while riding can be extremely dangerous. Best case scenarios is when the chain breaks, you lose power, and simply pull over to the side of the road and call for a tow. In the worst case scenario, a broken chain can be potentially lethal, especially if it causes you to crash at a high speed.

Imagine cruising at 70mph, your chain breaks and gets tangled in the rear wheel, ceasing it up. Another possibility if for the chain to whip around your legs, ankles and feet, potentially causing injury. Proper riding boots will help, but, any unprotected ankles or feet could end up cut or broken. A broken chain can be flung from the motorcycle into traffic, causing a hazard to other drivers. A common rule is to replace both front and rear sprockets every time you replace your chain.

Nevertheless, you should inspect your rear sprocket for signs of wear during normal motorcycle maintenance days. If you were to replace your chain and keep your old, worn down sprockets, it will wear out your new chain faster. Likewise, if you replace your sprockets, without replacing your chain, both will wear out prematurely.

So, how can you tell if your sprockets need replacement? You should replace your sprocket:. The teeth of a good sprocket should be evenly shaped, with equal space in between each tooth, and should have a flat spot at the tip, not a point. In the image below, notice how the worn sprocket teeth have a wave like shape to them.

If you purchase your chain and sprocket set on Amazon, like this Driven Racing Gold RK MAXX set, be sure you are purchasing the correct size for your year, make and model of motorcycle. Keeping your chain clean, properly lubed, and adjusted will extend the life of a chain by thousands of miles. In general, you want what do the french flag colors mean lube after riding while the chain is still warm.

This gives the lubricant time to set into every crevice and lets any excess fluid evaporation happen before your next ride. Additionally, you should always wipe down and lube your chain after riding in the rain. Changing out your own chain and sprockets is a fairly easy job, but there are a few things about it that can be tricky and require some specialty tools and maybe help from a friend.

Below is a very quick and simple walkthrough of the steps. Re-install the front sprocket cover and chain cover. Take the motorcycle out for a short, slow test drive and inspect the chain once again to make sure how to convert outlook contact to vcard is working properly.

To wrap it up, keep in mind that proper maintenance of your motorcycle chain will make it last a long time, and means your motorcycle will run smoother and be safer. You may have noticed that when you ride your motorcycle, it has a blinking light on the back. Do motorcycles have how to prepare green chutney for bread sandwich lights?

Yes they do! Motorcycles are required by law to have at least one Skip to content. Signs that Your Chain Needs Replacing Chain inspection should be a part of your pre-ride check inspection. Kinked Motorcycle Chain Link. Over Stretched Chain. Continue Reading.

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life of a chain will depend on many factors including rider weight/power terrain, weather conditions etc i ride with some guys who can get over miles out of theirs, lighter riders or riders. Sep 06,  · Just trying to get an idea on how many miles I can expect my stock chain and sprockets to last for. My bike has about 9, miles on it. For the most part I keep it fairly clean and well lubed, which I know is essential for long life. When I do get a new chain and sprocket set, I will probably. Jun 27,  · Being a chain-driven SOHC bike with four valves per cylinder, you can be sure this bike will last long. Specs. Minimum mileage: , miles with minimal oil Tank range: miles; Average fuel consumption; Engine type/displacement: air-cooled, 4-stroke/cc; 3. Honda GL SE ’93 Gold Wing – , milesEstimated Reading Time: 7 mins.

Once I was riding and I heard a loud bang, I looked down and there was my motorcycle chain that was completely destroyed and part of it dissipated. I did some brief research and found some credible resources and came to a conclusion as to why motorcycle chain was bad. There is no doubt that learning the complexities of a motorcycle chain is vitally important, you want to ensure that your safety is the number one priority so you know when to replace your chain accordingly.

So, how long does a motorcycle chain last? This questions depends on a variety of aspects, but generally you can expect a motorcycle chain to last anywhere between 20, and 30, miles. So when looking at your chain, looking at that type of chain is going to be very important. The purpose of the O-ring chain is to maintain a special lubricant that is within the seals of the chain, these new style O-ring motorcycle chains will last you a lot of years especially if you maintain the outside of the chain.

If you have an O-ring motorcycle chain, you can expect your motorcycle chain to last more than 30, miles. The purpose is to keep dirt and other moisture away from the inner-chain, which ultimately protects the chain and prolongs its life. The type of riding is definitely going to influence the lifetime span of your motorcycle chain. Staying up-to-date on your motorcycle maintenance will save you time, money and stress. My professional recommendation is to clean your motorcycle chain and not only that changed the whole motorcycle every once in awhile to ensure that your safety yet your motorcycles lifetime is prolonged.

You may have found or even seen symptoms of a bad motorcycle chain. I understand how you feel when you are looking at your motorcycle with total madeness. So here I have listed some of the most important symptoms that you cannot miss.

How long do motorcycle sprockets last? A motorcycle sprocket is harder to determine when to replace. As a general rule I would replace your sprocket as soon as your chain needs replacement.

The best places to get your motorcycle sprockets or chains is from RevZilla or Amazon. I can tell you that Amazon has phenomenal selection of parts throughout their entire store and all their inventory so I can say that they do have more opportunity in terms of the variety of motorcycle models that they do offer.

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