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The Alton Towers Resort is the UK’s #1 Theme Park Resort and with over 40 rides and attractions, it is also the ultimate destination for your next school trip! With amazing educational, recreational and residential school trips to choose from you can really make the most of those amazing experiences outside the classroom. The Alton Towers Ultimate Fireworks Spectacular takes electrifying bursts, bangs and howls of amazing fireworks to another level with music, lights and live-action storytelling. This is one of the UK’s most fantabulous fireworks spectaculars, so book your tickets, grab some warm food and drink from our stalls and watch our iconic, historic.

Please alron that you id through the itch. Virtual Towers Online is a realistic, "to-scale" exact replica of the Alton Towers theme park. It is designed to be as close to realism as possible using architectual plans and thousands of photo references.

The end goal is to have a multi player environment where users from all over the world can digitally interact with hlw other throughout the entire park. What's more is that it is designed to have a freeroam mode and and a career mode where users can actually take roles within the park such as physically controlling rides using the ride control panels as a ride operater.

Please note Virtual Towers Online is an ongoing work in progress game and so features may change from time to time and or get removed or added. There are likely to be a lot of bugs within the builds despite our best attempts at trying to remove any possibility of any issues you may experience. The game hhow a built in bug reporter and we would appreciate if you could use this to report any bugs you may have.

This game requires high end PCs to run, the following minimum requirements are required at this point. Please note these requirements are based on our current findings and so are subject to change. Please also remember that the studio behind Virtual Towers Online is not currently funded and relies on donations to ensure that we are able to continue building the most accurate recreation of Alton Towers as a game. Log in with itch. I have a problem I start the game up it loading screen for a few seconds then it kicks me out is it going to get fixed soon i love this game its awesome and will it come to vr that would be wicked.

I have a problem. I start the game it puts me in the loading screen for 2 seconds then it kicks me out. Can anyone help? Game crashes and closes hhow I try loading up story mode, or am I doing something wrong? We do plan to add it in the future, at this time we are concentrating on the majority of the game.

Hopefully when the jn comes to add VR support we will all have access to VR ourselves as this is a key element to VR development :. Thank you for your response. I have a motion platform simulator and I was wondering if you could send the telemetry so that our simulators can mimic the movements. My PC is greater than the requirements needed but my PC can barely run it even on the low graphical settings. Can somebody help out?

The system requirements specified here are those for Unreal Engine 4 the ls used to build the game. They are the bare minimum needed to run any game in UE4.

Since VTO is such a large game and is still in development so won't be fully optimised, you will need a fairly powerful machine to run it. I have started a new game, but I mucg stuck on the loading screen.

According ut my task manager: CPU 6. I made a video, left a positive review how to handle bullying in the workplace youtube, and the developer and his team started getting mad at me and said kuch hurtful things about my channel, all because I made a video on how to get out of bounds and said it was unfinished. I do not care if the team is small, don't get paid and are underqualified to make a game, don't harass small channels because they do something completely different than what you want.

Great game, terrible people. VTO is being developed by a handful of people who do this int their spare time. How would you feel if someone decided to do the same thing with a game you were developing? Or or or I know other small YouTubers that they have gotten itchy over, for having fun. Stay professional, people come back. Anyways, I have done 2 other videos giving a review on everything else. They didn't watch how to share printer with vista, they commented on it even though it was a positive one.

If I make another, it will be because they along with every other ignorant person like yourself decide to provoke under false pretenses.

Good reply though,gold star for the white knight. Nobody pays them, but they can quit anytime they want. They aren't slave to a hobby. Good day to you. I know it's below the minimum hpw. Will it let me play with low performance, or not at all? WOW this is a briil game for people who love Alton Towers. I would love someone who is making this game to answer this. I'm pretty sure they said they plan to build the whole resort including the hotels etc. I love it so far and hope that in the "scarefest" mode that the scare mazes get added, i think that would be cool.

Loving this! Time to get the wallet out! You cannot operate rides in the how much is it to get in alton towers build, however this is planned for the future :. I can't figure out how to open it. I've never got a message like this before so I've no clue what to do. I checked my specs and everything is above recommended so I don't think it's that.

Although my PC specs are above the system requirements, it can barely run Virtual Towers even on the lowest graphical settings possible. Actually am dissappointed. Absolutely amazing, really well done : Just curious though Cant wait for the update! I used to work there so will be good to operate some of the rides again. Me laton my girlfriend are avid goers of the park and we checked this out today and was absolutely flawed by the how much is it to get in alton towers of detail went into this to make it feel like the real thing.

Absolutely insane work guys. I Pressed start game and I was stuck on the loading screen for zlton mins-my computer meets the system requirements-is there a way to fix this? I redownloaded through itch. The problem is though, when I've pressed start game and it gets into the park, it's just a white screen. I can get on the individual rides using the controls and they play fine. But I can't free roam around the park. I tried turning up my volume and it sounds like I'm moving but I what does steven mean in hebrew can't see where I'm moving.

I did have this issue with the last copy I played but I can't remember how I fixed it. Hi unfortuantey this was a bug with that release that never got patched out, our update will fix this bug. Sadly can't even get the game to load on the itch app.

Get to the main menu and everything is running smooth. Hit 'Start Game' and crashes : PC is high-spec but it doesn't seem to want to play ball what were the eagle intrepid antares falcon orion and challenger. Hi there, unfortunately that build had a few issues on loading, if when you load try not touching the mouse or anything.

Let us know how you get on :. Didnt touch mouse or even computer lol and the same issue haapened, even exited and reloaded the game, still happens. Virtual Towers Online. A downloadable game for Windows Download Now Name your own price. The game will be VR compatible in the future and offer a unique, never done before experience. System Requirements This game requires high end PCs to toaers, the following minimum requirements are required at this point.

More information. Status In development Platforms Windows Rating. Download Now Name your own price. Click download now to get access to the following files: virtual-towers-online-windows-beta. Jun 14, Mar 26, Comments Log in with itch. Great effort all round, and I can't wait to see more. Is there a possibility that it could come to oculus quest 2 in the future? What PC specs are recommended for smooth gameplay?

Faulty days ago. Temmie Coasters days ago What do you recommend pc wise for the best experience? It wont save the game and im on the original version. Will the devs add vr support please? Immortal Media Studios days ago. VRBabe14 days ago. Jack Whitlock days ago. Is it everywhere or just in some places?

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Mar 23,  · Alton Towers Resort is due to reopen its theme park from April 12, and there are already some deals on overnight stays at the resort to be found. The Staffordshire-based resort offers some. Where: Alton, Staffordshire When: Mar - Nov Gate price: ?58 adult (age 12+), ?48 child (age ) Online price: ?34 adult, ? child (buy 5 days ahead) Website: Alton Towers. Current deals include. Virtual Towers Online is a realistic, "to-scale" exact replica of the Alton Towers theme park. It is designed to be as close to realism as possible using architectual plans and thousands of photo references. The end goal is to have a multi player environment where users from all over the world can digitally interact with each other throughout.

Alton Towers is reopening its theme park and some accommodation for short breaks from April - and there are bargains to be found for families. Alton Towers Resort is due to reopen its theme park from April 12, and there are already some deals on overnight stays at the resort to be found. The Staffordshire-based resort offers some accommodation options such as its Woodland Lodges which fall under 'self-contained' accommodation and can therefore reopen in April under England's lockdown roadmap.

Based on a family of four staying the weekend of April You can already book on altontowers. In April it will just be the self-contained accommodation which reopens alongside the theme park, but the resort is set to reopen its hotels, other accommodation, waterpark and spa from May You can check out the school holiday deals here.

There are also glamping-style Stargazing Pods available, but most were sold out for the weekend dates we searched for in April and May. The Mirror's travel newsletter brings you the latest news and expert analysis from across the industry, as well as plenty of travel inspiration.

It will be sent to your inbox twice a week, so sign up here. Theme parks will be allowed to reopen in April as part of the second phase of the lockdown roadmap - we've got a guide on opening dates for each theme park as these can slightly vary.

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