how to become a contractor in utah

You must already have completed a pre license course from Associated Builders and Contractors Inc (ABC), Utah Home Builders Association (UHBA), or Associated General Contractors of Utah (AGC). Specialty contractors require a hour pre-licensure course. All general contractors (E, R, B), plumbing and electrical contractors require a hour pre-licensure course (unless you took the . How do I become licensed as an R or B Utah contractor? Complete a State approved hour pre-licensure live education program. The program must include the following 10 hours of financial responsibility 6 hours of construction business practices 2 hours of regulatory requirements 2 hours of.

To do this, at least 1 individual must be selected to act as the license qualifier, which requires that person to pass the necessary license exams. For questions or other information by phone, call The qualifier is the person who demonstrates the knowledge and experience necessary to get the license. This includes taking the license exam.

Not all individuals will be required to get a bond. You most likely will need a bond if you answer YES to the financial responsibility questions in the license application.

Verify with the Construction Services Commission if you are required to provide a bond. Bond amounts are as follows:. You must pay any outstanding citations or residence lien recovery fund payouts before you can be granted a license. If you have any of these outstanding items, be sure to take care of these before applying for your license.

Before submitting your license application, double check you have all the requirements by completing the Pre-Application Checklist. The General Contractors License Guide website says the Utah Division of Occupational and Professional License can take anywhere from weeks to process your application. General Contractor Licenses in Utah expire on How to pop a balloon rube goldberg 30th of odd-numbered years for example,etc.

To renew your license, you will need to complete a Renewal Applicationpay a renewal fee, and renew your Utah Contractor License Bond. You can renew your Contractor License Bond with the surety company who you originally purchased your bond how to treat painful teeth. You also might be required to complete a set amount of continuing education hours.

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However, before applying for a license, you need to make sure the following requirements are met: hour Pre-License Course. All applicants must have already completed a hour pre-license course from either Utah General Liability Insurance Certificate. General contractors in the state of Utah. Utah Contractor Pre-License Course Before you can take the Utah Contractor license exam you will need to complete a 25 hour pre-license course covering Utah Construction LAW. The course covers the following topics. In Utah, to advertise as a contractor, one must complete the contractor licensing process. There are two classifications of an electrical contractor (S and S), and both require licensing from the Utah Department of Commerce, Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing (DOPL). To become an S Residential Electrical Contractor, a master or residential master electrician’s license must be .

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