how to build an a-frame home

How to Build an A-Frame

A-frame houses are relatively easy to build if you buy a construction kit. However, the process requires commitment and good skills. In this article, I want to make it very simple for you and put in your hands a list of practical steps to follow to make your house happen. Oct 17,  · Then he started building an A-Frame cabin, and I felt like found my soul mate. As the project progressed, I got in touch with Andrew, and now, nearly a year since the build began, we’re psyched to share a Q&A with the man himself, along with some exclusive photos and valuable insight for all you DIY dreamers out there. Read on for the good Graham Hiemstra.

Well, after a stint on the outdated list, a-frames are coming back. While some people live in one full time, many a-frames are built or remodeled for the purpose of vacationing. What sounds better than spending a vacation in an a-frame cabin in the woods? The modern design requires creativity for living both indoors and out but with a little elbow grease, you can achieve a vacation paradise on earth in one of these triangles. View in gallery. When you have an existing a-frame cabin to update, it can be hard to envision how it could look.

Do you need to construct a base for your brand new a-frame cabin? When you think cabin, you probably envision a building made of horizontal logs. Everyone will want a picture with your wood wall. With all that wood on your cabin, you probably need some color to brighten things up. Green is classic but you can really choose anything. Want to make a real popping statement on your cabin? Paint your front door a bright color! In that case, just paint everything smokey black. Many a-frame houses have their two straight walls full of windows.

Being one of the main what is a npi number medicaid to let the light shine in, why not install even more windows and just make a whole wall of glass? They can be frosted or beveled if you need the privacy.

When you spent your childhood summers in a cabin, the sound of a slamming screen door is nostalgic. Give your own a-frame cabin the luxury of a screen door so your kids can have the same feeling.

Personal touches make a place feel more like your home. Instead of keeping it all covered, consider using slats instead of solid roofing to let more sun into your living space. Larger a-frames might give you the room for a real covered porch. Is your cabin one of the large a-frames?

Think about installing a second story balcony. It would make a nice sheltered spot to watch the wildlife in the morning and listen to the rain while you read.

Install great big doors that you can open wide onto your patio or deck for the ultimate party space. Are you using more of your decorating resources bringing the actual a-frame up to date? No worries. Lots of cabins are blessed with a stove or a fireplace but there is at least a fire pit for cozy nights. Use some porch space to store all the wood you need to make all those marshmallow toasting nights a possibility.

If your porch area is precious and used up, you will have to get creative about wood storage. It will stay dry and be easily accessible when you need it. When your a-frame cabin is in a prime location, you have to think about how best to meld it into its surroundings. A lakeside cabin would definitely benefit from a dock for fishing, boating and swimming. No one can say no to an ocean front cabin. Install a boardwalk to the beach to make the ocean easily accessible for all family and friends.

As we mentioned above, really good cozy cabins supply a way to have a fire indoors so you can roast marshmallows any time of the day or night. Make sure you dedicate a corner of your a-frame to your stove or fireplace. You may think that your two straight walls provide the only opportunity for natural light. However, living in an a-frame is the best time to use skylights. Have you built on to your a-frame cabin?

Keep the original lines by having those slanted exposed beams in your home. Many people might think that getting rid of the wood paneling in an a-frame is the best thing. While you consider it though, also think about how lovely an updated wood paneling would be for a warm and rustic living space.

Those big glass panes will welcome more light into your home than you could ever do with white paint. Want to know what one of the biggest kinds of windows are? A door. Add some big glass doors to your living space to bring in more light and make entertaining completely easy. How to keep your girlfriend in love with you a smaller space to start with, everyone will benefit from the ability to hang out in one large space together.

Are you lucky enough to have an amazing view from your a-frame windows? Be sure you make your living room layout facing this view so all your relaxing can be done while you watch sunrises, sunsets, storms and any other weather.

Make good choices with your furniture and opt for minimal decorating to make a small space seem bigger. Most a-frames have a loft or second what relieves constipation in dogs but how do you accommodate stairs? Does your two story a-frame already have a normal staircase? Use the space wisely by installing shelving underneath.

Design yours in a way that creates a step and a shelf so you combine two purposes for one piece. Your a-frame walking area will thank you. Are there beams in your a-frame bedroom?

Paint them black to make your space what number of the month is january more modern.

You probably already have all what is a sd sdhc card rustic decor to keep the cabin feel so it could use a touch up. In a large a-frameyou might have a little extra space on the second story to work with. Create a reading nook or an office corner that will catch all the light from sunrise to sunset.

When your a-frame cabin is built on some property and you have the privacy of treesyou can think outside the box when it comes to the bathroom. Install your bathtub in front of a large window for maximum relaxation. There is always that corner in an a-frame where the roof meets the floor.

Instead of giving it up for wasted space, build yourself little cubbies so you can utilize every square inch in your cabin. A serious a-frame cabin goes into the tiny house category. If you a-frame could practically roll on wheels, take an afternoon to see where screws and nails could help provide you with much needed storage. When how to give welcome speech in a seminar have kids to think about, vacation homes are the perfect place to add those fun kid friendly touches.

Hang a monkey swing in your a-frame for your child to enjoy no matter the weather. The best way to visualize a design and to understand how some of the ideas mentioned above actually work is to put them into context.

We can do that by looking at a few examples of A-frame cabins. This one was designed by studio everywhere. It has a big an open social area on the ground floor and a loft area for the private spaces. This was a project by architecture and design studio Wiki Tech. This lovely little A-frame cabin has a very welcoming interior. The furniture and the decorations create a very cozy and inviting feel, especially the little fireplace in the corner of the living room and the chandelier hanging above the dining table.

Black seems to be a popular color for the exterior of A-frame cabins. It makes sense for a cabin surrounded by a forest because the dark exterior allows it to better blend in and to disappear into the surroundings. This one, like many other, compensated for that on the inside with a color palette that includes lots of light neutrals like white but also plenty of wood which creates a very warm and inviting ambiance.

We love the dark contrast created by the white surfaces together with the dark-stained wood and the black accents. This cabin in the woods of the Rocky Mountains introduces a rather exotic color into its design. This gives it a retro vibe but also suggests a vibrant design approach. The interior on the other hand is more toned down and white how to build an a-frame home with other soft neutrals help to make the small areas seem bigger and brighter. Speaking of bold color choices, check out this cool A-frame cabin and its red facade.

The roof is black which frames the red quite nicely and the frames around the windows are white for a clean and elegant twist. The big wooden front door is off-center and welcomes the guests into a super cozy setting with all the walls and ceiling covered in wood.

A proximity to the ocean means a wonderful which needs to be emphasized and in the case of this mid-century A-frame cabin that was done by opening up the facade and a big glazed surface that one side and large windows on the other. The combination of gray and light blue for the exterior of the cabin is in tone with the beautiful scenery and allows the structure to blend in and to look at home on this beautiful oceanside plot.

The interior has a nice retro vibe to it, emphasized by the use of colors such as light green and turquoise as well as by an abundance of natural wood. S e ,t this.

10 Do’s & Don’ts for Building an A-Frame Cabin Yourself

One of the sturdiest of all structures is the A-frame, whose skeleton consists simply of a row of triangles. The bases of the triangles are the joists that support the floor, and the sides are the rafters that hold the combined walls and roof.

The simplicity of construction and comparatively low cost make it a popular choice for vacation cabins or an off-grid home. Any style of foundation can serve as its base. The most common shape is equilateral — joists and rafters are equal in length and set at angles of 60 degrees to each other.

An A-frame can be built to almost any size simply by varying the number of triangles and their dimensions, but a cabin with a sleeping loft must have rafters at least 20 feet long to allow adequate headroom on both floors. For a small structure like the one described here, three people can lift the assembled triangles into place without the assistance of special equipment.

A structure with rafters greater than 24 feet may prove too unwieldy for a crew of amateurs. Frame doors and windows in the end walls. For a large A-frame, plan a lot of windows to keep the interior from being too dark. This foot-per-side equilateral A-frame rests on tripled 2-by pressure-treated beams supported by masonry block piers.

The triangles, spaced 24 inches apart, are formed of 2-by-8 rafters joined at the apexes with plywood gussets and sandwiched at the bottom by pairs of pressure-treated 2-by-6 joists. A cabin larger than this structure would require correspondingly larger framing lumber. At the end walls and under the sleeping loft, horizontal 2-by-6 collar beams are fastened between the rafters.

The rafters of the end walls are doubled to provide a flush nailing surface for the exterior sheathing. The sleeping loft, reached by a ladder, is framed by a railing secured to posts and rafters. Knee walls along the sides of the cabin provide concealed storage areas.

The deck rests on 2-by-6 joists set 16 inches apart. Posts for the railing are secured to the deck joists. The stairs are set on concrete footings and are attached to the deck with metal framing anchors. All exposed wood is pressure-treated lumber. An asphalt-shingle roof is shown. If the A-frame includes a loft, provide it with stairs or a ladder and a sturdy railing. Rest a deck, if you build one, on the same foundation as the main structure and surround it with a railing.

Buy deck stairs at a building center or construct them on site. Install insulation between the floor joists, rafters and end wall studs as you build. It would be or would have been more helpful to me to see an diagram of the basic shape accompanying the variation in size. For example, I see the list of rafter length 20' and joists length of 12' et cetera This would help me because on my property I can envision the 'A" Frame design, where it sits, approximately how tall the 'A' frame is.

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Want to build a sophisticated cottage home, a low-key vacation cabin or anything in between? This detailed, color-illustrated guide pilots you through all of the pre-building considerations, such as assessing and preparing your site, and then lays out step-by-step instructions for fashioning four structures: a classic log cabin, an A-frame cabin, a cottage of prefab panels, and a house suspended on poles.

The simplicity of construction and comparatively low cost make the A-frame a popular choice for vacation cabins. Remove the scrap board and replace it with a joist or rafter, marked to length.

Align the mark with the kerf and cut the board. With a pair of helpers, lift and position the end triangle on the beam between the scabs. Position and plumb the remaining triangles in the same way, bracing them with a 1-by-2 nailed to each side of the adjacent triangle. Planning Your A-Frame The most common shape is equilateral — joists and rafters are equal in length and set at angles of 60 degrees to each other.

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