how to erase yourself from the internet

How to delete yourself from the internet with 5 different methods

Dec 03,  · The internet is literally an addiction and our online existence only expands the longer we perpetuate its use. But there is a way to end it all — sign up for DeleteMe and remove yourself from Author: Curtis Silver. Jun 22,  · Steps. 1. Consider alternatives to deleting your accounts. Since most of these steps cannot be undone, you will lose information, forfeit any marketable 2. Google yourself. The best way to find out which information you'll need to delete is to find out what information Author: wikiHow Staff.

Finally ready to get off the grid? It's not quite as simple as it should be, but here are a few easy-to-follow steps that should point you in the right direction.

If you're reading this, it's highly likely your personal information is available to the public. And by "public" I mean everyone everywhere. So, how can deleting yourself from the internet prevent companies from acquiring your info? Short answer: it can't. Unfortunately, you can never remove yourself completely from the internet, how to use corel paint shop pro x3 there are ways to minimize your online footprint, which would lower the chances of your data getting out there.

Here are some ways to do just that. Be warned, however: removing your information from the internet, as I've laid it out below, may adversely affect your ability to communicate with potential employers. Think about which social networks you have profiles on. What about your Reddit account? Which shopping sites have you registered on? Common ones might include information stored on AmazonGap.

Using a service like DeleteMe can make removing yourself from the internet less of a headache. To get rid of these accounts, go to your account settings and just look for an option to either deactivate, remove or close your account. Depending on the account, you may find it under Security or Privacy, or something similar. If you're having trouble with a particular account, try searching online for "How to delete," followed by the name of the account you wish to delete. How to connect to xbox live with computer should be able to find some instruction on how to delete that particular account.

If for some reason you can't delete an account, change the info in the account to something other than your actual info. Something fake or completely random. There are companies out there that collect your information. They're called data brokers, and they have names like Spokeo, Whitepages. They collect data from everything you do online and then sell that data to interested parties, mostly in order to more specifically advertise to you and sell you more stuff.

Now you could search for yourself on these sites and then deal with each site individually to get your name removed. Problem is, the procedure for opting out from each site is different and sometimes involves sending faxes and filling out actual physical paperwork. What year is this, again? Anyway, an easier way to do it is to use a service like DeleteMe at joindeletme. It'll even check back every few months to make sure your name hasn't been re-added to these sites.

Be warned: If you remove yourself from these data broker sites, you'll also mostly remove yourself from Google search results, therefore making it much harder for people to find you. DeleteMe also gives you a set of DIY guides on how to remove yourself from each individual data broker if you'd like to do the process yourself.

First, check with your phone company or cell provider to make sure you aren't listed online and have them remove your name if you are. If you want to remove an old forum post or an old embarrassing blog you wrote back in the day, you'll have to contact the webmaster of those sites individually. You can either look at the About us or Contacts section of the site to find the right person to contact or go to www.

There you should find information on who exactly to contact. Unfortunately, private website operators are under no obligation to remove your posts. So, when contacting these sites be polite and clearly state why you want the post removed. Hopefully they'll actually follow through and remove it.

If someone's posted sensitive information of yours such as a Social Security number or a bank account number and the webmaster of the site where it was posted won't remove it, you can send a legal request to Google to have it removed.

You may have to exercise Google's legal powers to get your personal information removed from a stubborn site. The removal process could take some time, and there's no guarantee it'll be successful, but it's also your best recourse if you find yourself in such a vulnerable situation.

Let's say there's a webpage with information about you on it you'd like to get rid of. Like your former employer's staff page, months after you've how to compare two dates in mysql jobs.

You reach out to get them to update the page. They do, but when you Google your name, the page still shows up in your search results -- even though your name isn't anywhere to be found when you click the link. This means the old version of the page is cached on Google's servers. Here's where this tool comes in. Submit the URL to Google in hopes it'll update its servers deleting the cached search result so you're no longer associated with the page.

There's no guarantee Google will remove the cached info for reasonsbut it's worth a try to exorcise as much of your presence as possible from the internet. You'll have to sign into your account and then find the option to delete or close the account. Some accounts will stay open for a certain amount of time, so if you want to reactivate them you can.

An email address is necessary to complete the previous steps, so make what time is it in dusseldorf germany this one is your last. Remember to be patient when going through this process, and don't expect to complete it in one day. You may also have to accept that there are some things you won't be able permanently delete from the internet.

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Delete or deactivate your shopping, social network and web service accounts Think about which social networks you have profiles on. Now playing: Watch this: Get off the grid. See all DeleteMe plans. Read more: How to delete your Facebook account once and for all Best ID monitoring services for Discuss: 6 ways to delete yourself from the internet.

2. Remove yourself from data collection sites

You should delete your accounts if you hope to erase yourself from the internet. To do this, you will need to go into your account settings and find the option for deleting your account. Note that this move is permanent and will also result in a complete loss of all the information stored in your inbox.

Data breaches. Identity theft. Bank fraud. Every week, we read a fearsome new headline about cybercrime. Reputable services fall victim to anonymous hackers. And what about those websites that track your every move, targeting you with personalized advertisements? Courts and government agencies have been posting public records online since the mids.

The good news: You can remove a lot of online information, significantly reducing your digital footprint. How can you do it?

Here are several ways to effectively delete yourself from the Internet. You probably have more online accounts than you realize — most of us do. We sign up for all sorts of services, from Netflix and Amazon to Groupon and Twitter. This may sound like an uphill battle since each service has its own policies and deactivation process.

But the easiest method is Account Killer , a website that provides direct links to your most popular accounts and instructions how to wipe the slate clean. Maybe you just want to clean up your digital tracks. Does the idea of Google knowing your every search creep you out?

Certainly, you can delete your Facebook account. But if all you need is a Facebook break, there is the option to deactivate your account. How to deactivate or delete your Facebook account and change your Facebook privacy settings.

Are you sitting down? Okay: Almost anyone can learn your phone number, home address, and criminal record in a matter of minutes. Primary data brokers like Intelius collect information from public records.

Secondary data brokers, like Spokeo, aggregate information from primary brokers and usually add data collected from social networks and other online sources. Letting this information float around on the internet can be dangerous, especially if you attract internet "trolls.

If you want to have your information removed from data broker sites, you need to contact them and request to opt out. How to remove yourself from people search sites. This is a very big step. Most people will turn back at this point, deciding that Internet abstinence is not for them. Email is still the most popular method of communication in the world, and email addresses are used for all kinds digital transactions, including online banking.

If you leave an account open and fail to monitor it, your account could get hacked without you even realizing. At the same time, each email server is different, and closing your account varies from system to system. Gmail is the most popular service out there, with more than 1 billion users. Follow the instructions, and finally hit "Delete Gmail. If you deleted your Gmail and later feel weird about it, you still have a chance to reactivate your account.

According to Google, if you deleted your account "recently," you "might be able to recover your old emails. Yahoo is still a popular choice, despite widespread data breaches. Go to the "Terminating your Yahoo account" page. Read the information under "Before continuing, please consider the following information. If you forgot your password, you can recover it with the Yahoo Sign-in Helper. Click Terminate this Account.

But remember, if you do close your Yahoo account, you will not be able to use services associated with it, such as Flickr and Tumblr. So be sure this is what you want before closing it. Giving up the Internet also means giving up online banking, online shopping, and online photo-sharing. Most of us are accustomed to web-based conveniences. You can use this secure network to encrypt your connection, making it difficult to hack. In the business world, VPNs let employees working remotely create an encrypted connection with the company network so they can work safely.

But ordinary consumers can use VPNs too. Read an in-depth look at safe browsing and how to use a VPN. How else can you protect yourself on the Internet?

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