how to extend cell phone battery

How Do I Extend My Cell Phone Battery Life?

Jun 24, †Ј To extend your battery life, adjust the brightness manually by going to Settings > Display. To save even more power, you can set the screen timeout interval to be as short as 15 seconds, so that your phone screen goes back to black faster when . Apr 10, †Ј How to extend your AndroidТs phone battery life. Vibration is wonderful if youТre in a situation in which you wouldnТt normally be able to hear your cell phone, such as being on the road.

All the processing power and computing ability that our handsets deliver are increasingly impressive, but these come at a cost. When you leave your home, do you leave all the lights on, crank the AC to the max, and leave the TV blaring? Of course not! These guys are big culprits. Many users leave these features running all day without really thinking about it.

Turning on Airplane Mode will knock out all of them in one fell swoop. Turning on Airplane Mode or turning off your mobile data in favor of an available Wi-Fi network can make all the difference in the world. If you have the choice between using Wi-Fi or cell signal, always choose Wi-Fi, all else being equal. Wi-Fi drains far less battery than cellular service. However, there are many processor-intensive tasks that can drain the battery really quickly.

To produce the effect, your device has to spin up a small vibration motor every time, which can be really draining on your battery. This goes for haptic feedback as well, that light buzzing your phone may produce when you tap keys on your on-screen keyboard. For a long time, app-killing apps were all the rage.

Frustrated with laggy user experience, Android users of the what is cadence on a bike computer of yore began using all kinds of task managers to eliminate the apps they thought were hogging resources. The problem is, these task killers became unnecessary even before they really got popular. Android has gotten really good at managing its own memory, and most of the apps that you murder this way will just spring right back to life.

If anything, app killers suck battery life rather than conserve it. If the process of battdry your connectivity services day in and day out makes you groan, then start working smart instead of hard. First in the school of automation, we haveЕ. With a little how to run speed test and forethought, you can quickly turn your phone into a fully automated, power-managing machine. IFTTT has a few pre-crafted recipes that you can try out to get the feel for how it works.

For the more technically inclined, Tasker is an app that gives its users total control over their device. The level of precision and customization that this service brings to the table is frankly unparalleled, but it can be a little daunting to new users.

Experience in at phpne rudimentary programming or logic may batterg preferable, but tutorials are available to bring just about anybody up to speed. Tasker lets you create a variety of different contexts that change extejd way your device functions. The possibilities are endless, and if your phone is rooted, then you have even more options at your fingertips.

Now, I mentioned that we would be walking through these in increasing levels of difficulty. Grab it in the Google Play Store and give it a spin. Mobile traffic makes up an incredible amount of internet use worldwide. In fact, in our testing we usually find it can drain more battery than continuous video playing!

Try to spend less time looking for cat pictures and you will find your battery will last much longer. As I mentioned briefly above, you should always choose Wi-Fi over cellular service. Your phone is constantly searching for open connections while Wi-Fi is active, and that fruitless search can wreak havoc how to make a wooden golf putter your battery life.

Choosing to do this manually, or to limit batterj to the phohe that really need it, can seriously reduce power use. Auto Synchronization uses background processes that can eat into both your mobile data use and battery life. Tap the three vertical dots in the upper right corner and uncheck Auto-sync data.

You can also hiw adjust which apps sync and how frequently. Not only are ads annoying, but ferrying that vibrant, eye-catching content to your device takes energy.

Here we go. The MacDaddy of all battery sappage: your display. You should see a list of services that use your battery in order from the most battery hungry to the least. Which one is at the top there? Full how to extend cell phone battery might be necessary to see those texts under the full light of day, but why are you still running that setup after sunset?

Tone it back a bit and use adaptive brightness or auto brightness depending on which version of Android you are running. If you still want to be able to see your screen in bright sunlight, but also want to keep brightness in check when indoors, you can opt to leave Adaptive Brightness features on.

With this feature the phone would read ambient light and intelligently pick the right brightness, ensuring a balance between a good display experience and battery optimization.

Some phones may have the Settings app arranged differently, but if you open it and head over to the Display section, the option should be there if available for your phone. Again, since your screen is the biggest enemy to your battery, keeping it off as much as possible is wise. It can also affect how long your device can stay alive on a single charge. Yeah, that massive spiral galaxy slowly swirling in glowing tranquility looks great on display units, but in everyday life, these fxtend backgrounds take processing how to extend cell phone battery pjone animate.

Ditch the koi pond and stick with something more power-friendly. And what is a power-friendly wallpaper? That actually depends on what kind of display you have!

There are essentially two kinds of displays currently on the smartphone market. LCD works by having a backlight that is overlaid by a screen that shutters and displays the backlight to create pixels which compose images. Editor's Pick How black wallpaper can save your Android battery With every passing year the capability of mobile technology hoow toward its oldest and most powerful sibling, the desktop computer.

Also, with every passing year, our mobile devices become more entrenched in our everyday experience, Е This leads us to a counter-intuitive conclusion.

They just get to rest. Strange but true. It should be noted, however, that the benefit of having a white background on an LCD display is not as significant as the benefit of having a black background on an AMOLED display. You might want to prevent apps from using your location info. The process, needless to batteryy, requires power. Some apps are resource-intensive Ч either by nature as in the case of games or by developer incompetence or negligence as in the case of poorly written apps.

You need to be vigilant about how your various apps consume battery power. Identify apps that constantly drain CPU and battery life. Replace these apps with better developed ones rather than endure running on how to make punjabi rasgulla and less battery each day because of treacherous apps. Most major phone manufacturers have their own versions of battery saving modes.

These can automatically turn off background tasks, manage applications, control settings, and more. Look into your settings, likely under the Battery section, to find out if your phone has how to get the redness out of pimples like this.

Rooting is an advanced process that varies significantly from device to device. With such restrictions gone, you can remove useless apps e. A CPU controller app, for instance. Apps like these essentially allow you to tweak the CPU settings on your device. You can set the CPU frequency to stay at the lowest and, as a result, use up the least power but sacrifice device performance or to stretch the CPU to its maximum limits resulting in better and faster performance, but at the price of heat, quick battery drain, and potential system instability.

Look around Pone Authority for guides on how to flash custom kernels or custom ROMs to your particular device. Your last bet is to simply charge more. Instead you can get yourself a handy portable battery pack. These comes in exfend shapes and forms, so we will list a few articles below to get you in the right direction. Maximizing your battery life is a simple matter of minimizing your power usage.

As you can see, your Android smartphone has a lot of components that touch on power use. Optimizing these can range from simply changing the ectend that you use your device on a daily basis to fully automating connectivity toggles. However, at its core, battery conservation is very simple. What are your favorite battery saving techniques? Did we catch all of them here? Let us know in the comments below!

Related Articles. Most smartphones should tto last a full day, if not longer, on a single charge. If you know you're going to be Е. Download Tasker. Download Greenify. With every passing year the capability of mobile technology creeps toward its oldest and most powerful sibling, the desktop computer.

Also, with every passing how to beat level 244 on candy crush, our mobile devices become more entrenched in our everyday experience, Е.

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Jan 31, †Ј Several strategies can help extend a cell phone battery life, like turning the phone off when it is not in use. Operations and features that are not being used should be turned off or limited. Adjusting the brightness and volume levels of the phone can make a cell phone battery .

Quick Menu. Most of us would love it if our cell phone battery would last longer. While there are aftermarket solutions, such as battery cases and extended-life batteries, there are also many things we as consumers can do to make our batteries last a little longer. Phones seem to keep getting bigger as more people begin to stream movies and videos on their phones, as well as take higher-resolution photos.

These screens provide a lot of great visualization and are fun to have. However, it takes a lot of power to light up that vibrant, high-resolution screen. So to preserve your battery, turn down the brightness level.

It could be valuable to have on all the time. Every smartphone has multiple transceivers that send and receive signals, which provide useful functions. A transceiver is a device inside your phone that makes it possible for the phone to both make and receive calls, texts, and more. GPS typically drains more power than the others. If you have your phone set to send you notifications about every new email, tweet, snap, like, or message, you might be draining your battery unnecessarily.

To save power, change the settings on these apps from auto notification to manual. This means you will have to specifically check each app for updates.

It sounds tedious. The payoff, however, is a significantly longer battery life. While it might not be worth your while to set all your apps to manual notification or no notification , turning some notifications off can be beneficial to both your battery and your sanity.

However, your team at work may not appreciate it if you fail to respond to Slack messages in a timely manner. The important thing to do is strike a balance. So cut down notifications and save power. All cell phone batteries gradually lose their capacity to hold a full charge. However, you can slow this capacity loss by taking good care of your battery. One of the most important things you can do to care for your battery is to avoid high heat.

Heat damages all batteries. Take special care not to leave your phone in very hot places, such as in direct sunlight on a hot day, or in your car during the summer. Additionally, if possible, never let your battery fully discharge. The battery will not get overcharged or otherwise damaged when left connected to the charger. Did you know that a cell signal booster can also help preserve your battery charge? Constantly searching for signal is very power-intensive and can quickly drain your battery.

Click below to see cell signal boosters that can help improve battery life. Quick Menu Vehicle Boosters What type of vehicle do you need to booster? Car RV Truck Fleet. What type of weBoost product are you looking for? Boosters Accessories. US CAN. Turn the brightness down Phones seem to keep getting bigger as more people begin to stream movies and videos on their phones, as well as take higher-resolution photos. Turn off unneeded transceivers Every smartphone has multiple transceivers that send and receive signals, which provide useful functions.

Pare down your notifications If you have your phone set to send you notifications about every new email, tweet, snap, like, or message, you might be draining your battery unnecessarily. Treat your battery well All cell phone batteries gradually lose their capacity to hold a full charge.

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