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What RAM Speed Do I Need?

The speed of RAM is a tricky subject and one that actually comes down to several different factors, not just the MHz clock speed. To get a real sense of how fast our RAM is, we need to take into consideration the CAS latency and clock speed simultaneously. Jan 26,  · You’ll also see real-time information on the RAM’s running frequency plus a detailed breakdown of latency and clock speeds, should you require it. Finding Your RAM Speed, Size, and Type in .

Much like the CPU and GPU, the specification sheet of any individual RAM module or kit is a maze of acronyms, features and various other specifications that might mean nothing to the average gamer. So, how exactly does one choose RAM? Table of Contents Show.

RAM is an acronym for random-access memory and refers to a form of temporary memory used by computers. That said, it is significantly faster than any permanent storage solution. Still, the main downside and the reason why it cannot be used for long-term storage is that it can only temporarily store data while it is powered. As such, it is crucial for efficient multi-tasking such as keeping a large number of programs open at once and working smoothly.

As for gaming, it stores all the relevant assets that the game would need to access quickly. Luckily, they are easy enough to distinguish at first glance. The vast majority of modern machines use the fourth-generation DDR4 that reached mass-market adoption around The number of slots varies based on the form factor of the motherboard. Models with only two slots exist as well. Generally speaking, higher clock speed is always better, but capacity is always more important than speed when it comes to gaming.

Multi-channel RAM has been a thing for a while now, and its primary appeal lies in greater bandwidth. So, in order to prevent bottlenecking, dual-channel and quad-channel setups come into the mix. As the names imply, dual-channel setups use two RAM sticks, and quad-channel setups use four. Obviously, since more modules are involved, this can greatly expand the bandwidth and enhance performance.

However, all the extra bandwidth means little when it comes to gaming, and multi-channel RAM is mostly necessary for servers and workstations running memory-hungry software that transfers vast amounts of data.

But even though the performance benefits of dual and quad-channel RAM may be marginal when it comes to gaming, having multiple RAM modules still has some benefits. Getting multiple low-capacity modules is usually cheaper than getting a single high-capacity one. Obviously, lower-capacity RAM modules are cheaper. As we have previously mentioned, capacity is the most important factor when gaming is concerned, and at the moment, 16 GB is the golden number. Nonetheless, you could still go with 8 GB at first and then upgrade further down the road, or you could go as high as 32 GB if you also intend on using some RAM-intensive programs or just want a more future-proof build.

As mentioned above, RAM is the easiest component to upgrade in a PC, and if you ever feel like 16 GB is too little for your needs, you can always add more. Combining different RAM modules, potentially from different manufacturers, can lead to unexpected compatibility issues, crashes and an overall buggy performance.

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What is Clock Rate of CPU

Nov 11,  · Of course, RAM performance is still limited by the CPU and the motherboard, and pushing a RAM module beyond the clock speed that it was designed to operate at (and beyond the speeds that the CPU and the motherboard can support) can lead to . Jan 25,  · How to find clock speed of RAM? Clock Speed (i.e., MHz) is also known as DRAM frequency or RAM speed. If you are a Windows 8, or 10 user, then you can easily find the clock speed of your RAM without using any utility using the below method. Open Task Manager (Shortcut key: Ctrl + Shift + Esc) Performance Memory. Feb 28,  · Right at startup, the clock speed is only at GHz, while off on the right hand side, you can see the maximum speed is GHz. The clock speed stays like this even under load. I launch GTA5 which will only utilize about 50% of my processor running at GHz, but it underperforms at only about 40% utilized and refuses to go any higher even.

Shopping for any piece of computer hardware can quickly become a confusing activity, what with all the numbers and specs that you have to keep in mind. When it comes to RAM , speed is potentially one such entry on the spec sheet.

Table of Contents Show. It can be expressed in both MHz and GHz usually the former , and one Hz equates to one clock cycle per second. So, essentially, RAM speed is actually bandwidth.

The higher the clock speed, the more data the RAM can transfer between components in a shorter period of time.

Now that we have established that the RAM clock speed is essentially bandwidth, it becomes relatively obvious as to why having a higher clock speed would be a good thing. That said, how do you determine the appropriate RAM clock speed without the fear of underspending or overspending on RAM? If the clock speed is lower than the minimum specified by the motherboard, the system could behave unpredictably — it could simply result in subpar performance, or it could lead to the PC refusing to boot up altogether.

Go beyond that threshold, and any performance benefits offered by faster RAM will remain more or less unnoticeable in games. Technicalities aside, do higher RAM clock speeds improve performance? When it comes to gaming, it mainly depends on the game i. Usually, capacity is more important than speed when it comes to gaming, and if a game can indeed benefit from a higher RAM clock speed, the performance increase will come down to a handful of frames that you could easily do without.

As usual, the GPU is the main component to keep an eye on if you are a gamer who wants to get the best value for their money. With all of the above in mind, the answer to the titular question remains apparent: the best RAM speed for gaming is the minimum speed specified by the motherboard and the CPU manufacturers. Granted, you can always go beyond the specified minimum, but the benefits are unlikely to be noticeable if gaming is your primary concern.

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