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NTDETECT Failed Windows XP

Mar 26,  · Do as follow: 1. Reboot the computer and change the boot sequence to make CD-ROM as the first boot device, insert Windows CD/DVD, and 2. When the "Welcome to Setup" screen appears, press R to start the Recovery Console. 3. In Recovery Console, type the Administrator password (blank by default, so. Aug 26,  · What Symptoms Lead To Occurrence of NTdetect Error? Solution 1: Restoring the File- If it occurs that the file: NTDETECT is corrupt or has any damages, the Solution2: Defragmenting NTDETECT. Earlier on, we cited one of the causes of NTdetect error as the defragmentation of.

The following information on this error has been compiled by NeoSmart Technologies, based on the information gathered and reported by our global network of engineers, developers, and technicians or partner organizations.

For more information on how computers start up and how the Windows XP boot process worksplease refer to the respective pages in our extensive wiki and knowledgebase. COM is downgraded to an older version for some reason incomplete or interrupted Windows installation or setup attempt, incorrect Windows Update hotfix installed, etc.

If it is accidentally deleted, moved to another folder, or becomes corrupt, probably because of user errors, sudden loss of power during writes to the boot partition, or virus infection, then this error appears and the boot process is halted. COM — resulting in this error. Also attempts at compressing the boot partition with DoubleSpace, DriveSpace, or manually enabling NTFS file compression will cause this error to occur as well.

COM may be written to non-adjacent clusters through an occurrence known as file fragmentation. Easy What to do when your bored inside Essentials searches for errors and makes corrections to the selected Windows installation.

If your PC did not come with a Windows installation disc or if you no longer have your Windows setup media, you can use Easy Recovery Essentials for Windows instead. EasyRE will automatically find and fix many problems, and can also be used to solve this problem with the directions below.

It is imperative that the correct Windows setup CD i. If ntdetect. COM file or the filesystem it is on. COM by using the free contig utility from Microsoft originally developed by Sysinternals. Here are the steps to do it:. If this problem is being caused by a corrupt boot or system partition, it may be repaired by scanning the NTFS or FAT32 partition for errors or corruption. Read more at Windows Recovery Disks. The NeoSmart Support Forumsmember-to-member technical support and troubleshooting.

Get a discounted price on replacement setup and installation discs: Windows XP. Applicable Systems This Windows-related knowledgebase article applies to the following operating systems:.

Download Easy Recovery Essentials. COM file 1. COM 3. Windows, booting up successfully. Replacing the ntdetect. COM file. Windows XP chkdsk result screen. Tagged: ntdetect. Download recovery disk for Windows 10 free Using Windows 8? Download recovery disk for Windows 8 Using Windows 7? Download recovery disk for Windows 7 Using Windows Vista? Download recovery disk for Windows Vista.

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Here are the steps to do it: Download from Microsoft at this link Extract from Launch a command process window (Start | Run | and use CD to navigate to the directory you extracted Finally, run against the file that should. To Fix (NTDETECT FAILED boot up error??) error you need to follow the steps below: Step 1: Download (NTDETECT FAILED boot up error??) Repair Tool: Step 2: Click the "Scan" button: Step 3: Click 'Fix All' and you're done! Apr 19,  · Re: NTdetect failed I always find the more accounts you have the slower the system is. Make sure you make his account a limited one. Also you may want to Look over the First Steps at Removing Malware, this will help get rid of any nasties.

NTdetect failed is an error that hits users on the Windows XP operating systems. As a startup error, it shows after you press the startup button, the Windows fails, and your screen displays an image as below. Any mishap with any hardware or software controlling them flags triggering the error indicated by the words- NTdetect failed on a black screen interface. When the error, occurs, do not panic yet, but brace yourself to inspect the cause and resolve it.

Note also that confusion may arise when older versions that are incompatible may cause the same error, and the resolution is to install compatible versions of it. The other extreme is a point where NTdetect file is entirely missing. Below is the process of doing it:. Watch out for the completion of the file replacement process by referring to the image screen below:. After pressing on to reboot your PC, a successful replacement of the NTdetect file should adequately resolve the occurrence of NTdetect error.

The PC should be able to launch a startup past it and startup normally. Therefore, to resolve it, you can undo the defragmentation. Windows has an inbuilt utility to fix it by using the service known as contig utility.

Start by downloading the utility. It comes in a zip file, and the next are the steps to undo the defragmentation—download contig. By the way, you can also recover lost files from the corrupted computer with Wondershare Recoverit. Lookup for a console that is similar to the image below after you launch the command prompt. And run the chkdsk command. There are many Windows startup errors that users can resolve by themselves — without the need for massive investments in experience and tech-knowhow.

And the NTdetect error falls among them. Of most important is the part about figuring out why the error has occurred. Once one can establish the most probable cause, the solution is more comfortable to pick from the several suggestions above. Connect with me on Twitter Abhinemm to know more about me :.

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