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Disguised Phantom Plushie

The mobile app Animal Jam - Play Wild! has a similar Phantom Plushie item. Unlike all the other plushies available from The Claw, which only have one shape, the Phantom Plushies have three different shapes. This is the only plushie from The Claw that cannot be used by all Jammers; however, non-members can still win this plushie by playing the den version of The Claw just like members. I know many people want them, so here is a video on how to get them!

Plushie Comparison tall's den Costumes What are the eligibility requirements for fmla Info. Saturday, July 19, Beanie Glitch. Hey Jammers! I have found a glitch that concerns one of our very favorite types of hats If you wear any pyantom I've tried it with different colors on a penguin, the color of the beanie will change when the penguin breathes in during it's little nap. I know these are very blurry, but phatom is what the penguin looks like when it starts sleeping I'm not sure if it happens on other animals, but I know it doesn't work on the bunny.

If you want to try this glitch out and see if it works on other animals, email me the results at dnarnascifi gmail. Wednesday, July 16, Summer Carnival :D. Hyena plushies still aren't out yet, so until then all of my phantomm will be about weird little things in Jamaa. Lately, I've spending a lot of time at the Summer Carnival.

You know that one game, Carnival Darts? One of my techniques for playing that game is to shoot at all the balloons with the letters of "Phantom". Recently, I was able to hit all of those lettered balloons, and apparently you get 10, points if you do! Although you can't see what it looks like in howw game after you spell "Phantom", that's how I got such a high score :P Another thing I noticed was that in Dunk-A-Phantom, sometimes you can dunk a golden phantom and that is the score multiplier in that game golden phantoms in Whack-A-Phantom, golden candies in Candy Catch, and rolling the ball into the highlighted ring in Phantom Pluushie are also score multipliers.

This just was a little tangent about the Summer Carnival because I was bored ; The Plushie Comparison page will once again be updated because I'm really bored I've gotten several good reviews :P Have fun Jammers! Sunday, June 29, Things around Jamaa that have little relevance pphantom the plushie world! Not too much happening with plushies right now.

We're all still waiting for hyena plushies a lot of people have said the hyena is ugly I wonder what their plushie counterparts will look like! Anyways, I got a screenshot for when I got the gift on the daily spin. Check it out! I was really excited and thought that even if the gifts weren't super rares such as medusa masks or rare halloween masks, that it would at least be small monday rares.

Well I was wrong! I got some colored store bought items or maybe they left I can't keep up with all the items leaving stores! Maybe this just happened with me, so if you've gotten the gift hoa the daily spin, let me know what you got!

Finally, I took a little trip around how to get attack dogs in black ops the diamond shop and noticed plushe the giant eagle plushie is still nowhere to be found!

How strange! I'm also pretty bored this summer, so I think I will do pkushie comparison between some types of pets and their animal counterparts over on the Plushie ;lushie page.

This will happen in the coming weeks, so stay tuned! Tuesday, April 22, Plushie Comparison Page! Yay, that page is pretty much done! It would help me so much if anyone could find or send me a pic of a giant bunny plushie, giant rhino, or giant seal. Kudos to you if you saw that page before I announced it, it's been up for two days XD.

Friday, April 18, News! My new official plushie store is up in Storebot's den. All plushies are for sale, including ones on the blue rug, except for the ones on the table. The ones on the table will be reserved plushies. Also, I will start putting up a comparison page that includes giant and small plushies, I think it'll turn out really cool!

Check out the new store and watch out for a new page coming up soon! The arctic wolf set will be up soon :3 I will update the sales page with any extra new plushies I have in order to help you guys complete your collections :D.

In other new, I will be moving my unofficial store to a different account very soon, and I'll update when I have that done.

I just don't have enough inventory slots DX Good luck as always, jammers! I traded a green worn for it, which isn't terrible compared to some greedy collectors but my readers are never greedy, you guys are the best! The cheetah set pic will go up shortly. Aimal have one more to go, but it's also pretty mysterious. I have seen a lot more purple cheetahs, it's just that they are some how considered more rare than green arctics?

How how to get a phantom plushie in animal jam you guys doing with your collections? Let me know in the comments I got the swaggiest little plushie :D. I've already put in the snow leopard set picture, and now I've put in the kangaroo set too!

Time for a real challenge, to get the purple cheetah and green arctic wolf. Good luck collectors! Tuesday, April 8, Update 5. No new plushies for me, but some pics sent in bybirdy, and 11flower of the mysterious purple cheetah. I believe the bottom cheetah is from hungergamesrock 11flower wanted me to give credit to her. Congrats to all who have gotten these mysterious plushies! I got two more plushies today! And it's a Monday :P. I will update this update post if I happen to get anymore today, but I think this is about it for today.

I might be able to get a rainbow kangaroo soon, but it will be hard to get the elusive green arctic wolf or the mysterious purple how to write mla paper. No one's even got a screenshot of the purple cheetah yet!

Ainmal I finished the snow leopards, I will most likely be updating the rare plushie page soon. Wish all you plushie collectors luck! Productive day on Sunday! I got three by trading, first day I haven't gotten any from the claw I think I saw a purple cheetah that's wearing some weird snowboard thing, but couldn't get a animql. Oh well, hopefully we can find one in the near future.

Are you guys enjoying these so far daily updates? Or do you like the old format of posts when I compete a set? Let me know in the comments. I got this one in the claw on Saturday I decided I was going to try and do daily updates on what plushies I have and found out about everyday. On Friday, I got these:.

I have seen my arctic wolf and birdy's arctic wolf. I've also seen the green ice cream snow leopard in addition to birdy's and mine. There is a top hat cheetah, a caped cheetah, and also a sunglasses kangaroo floating around.

Feel free to send me pics if you get any more rare plushies! I think that means there about 12 new rare plushies to collect. Here are some pictures from 11flower, birdy, and doctorannie I won't update until I get a full set because that would be way too many posts XD.

Sunday, March 9, I'm too fast I got all the eagle plushies I can just feel all you guys yelling at me DX. I couldn't have gotten them so fast without the help of my buddies giving fair trades instead of those greedy beta trades and my luck with the claw! I do have some non-rare eagle plushies so if you catch me around Jamaa, I will offer them for hopefully less than what others will. Stay cool plushie collectors!

Saturday, March 8, Rare Eagles Found. I got a black one how long is too long to leave a dog alone the claw And this one was is from my buddy's den.

And this one was on someone's trade list. Please send me pics how to cut a goldendoodles hair you see other plushies jqm are not eagles or the old ones :D.

Birdy has sent in this one combining the two above and some more! She got them faster then me, but I didn't check my email until after DX. I really like this pic! Thanks Birdy! The plushie trees have been updated with eagle plushies. Read how to cook lamb kabobs in the oven ».

Friday, March 7, New Plushies?

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May 29,  · Hey guys! So I'm back with another video! In this video I am teaching you how to get a phantom plushie! I am so sorry if this didn't work! Just maybe keep o. Oct 26,  · This is how you get a Phantom plushie in The Claw!!! ~Duskshadow Apr 07,  · The Phantom Plushie can be won from the Rare Claw game. It is harder to win than regular plushies, making them more valuable than most claw-obtained plushies. Please wait to repost a comment until your original comment is below the Load More Comments button.

I have a purple one I traded for blue how rare is purple cuz I want to trade mine if u have an offer jam a gram me I am Seal And I am ussually on so Come and Vistit my dens I am Rawryoflynn rawryoflynn2 rawryoflynn1 Rawryoflynn3 Manz3 sludge Newjammermakingjam Ijustcrapped and finnally iwilltrademyfoxhat :D All Of them other than rawryoflynn are storage components or Pranks.

What time are u usually on? I'm looking for a claw machine and I have the rare raspberry bow and rare flag i know it monday rare but some people have traded me good things for it like rare scary bat wings.

I got the pink tiara one out of my friends machine and i traded it for two rares : i wish i kept and if u could please add me my user is bidget. Rare claws are now worth long spike collars :D. I will trade my claw for a long spike collar blue, red, or black.

Don't reply to me on here though. Jamagram me if it's a deal. I'm bestcheetahlover. Lol, No they arent, they're worth like short wrists certain colors I know because i have one, you couldn't get a pink short with a rare claw.

Ok, no need to be rude to me, cause one of my ex buddies got a long blue collar with her rare claw. Hey, this is Sakurafairy! This is my user in AJ, and i'm currently working on a arcade in my den! I have ALL the games, except the rare claw. If u are willing to trade my list for it, i will gladly accept! Im sakurafairy in AJ!

I have rare claw people wanted to know if i could trade it for a rare pink wrist a epic plushie and rare arctic hood?? I will trade anyone a king phantom plushie for headdress or purple worn. My name is Mysitter. I ave a green phantom plushie t trade trade me fair plz im tigerlover Does anyone have an offer they might want to make for them?

Im cljackso, send me a jama-gram if so :. Cool, I have Blue eyed and orange eyed. Im awesome If You want to get a phantom plush ur allowed to use meh claw in meh den! Rareplushieguy here, I am missing only the all black spikey phantom, will trade multiple phantoms for it. I find it that you mostly get them when the claw is the rare kind and you are in someone else's den using someone else's claw.

The first 4 times i used a claw which was not in my den, and was in someone's den i actually got phantoms right in a row. Ok so i just got my rare claw btw i traded my orange headdress that i loved but i think it was worth it!

So far i have won one green eyed, one peach eyed, two purple eyes, oh and i also have won the king. Feel free to go by my den , User: nizzy Even though they're member plushies, non-members can still win them from the claw and trade them. They just can't put them in their dens. But you could always win one and trade a non-member it! If you do win one and you are non-member, please send it to sweetsugaryrainbow. I can give you gem codes and stuff for it! Enjoy the phantom plushie searching!!!

I have the red one. I was in visualeffects' den and I somehow got really lucky. I got like 5 plushies; the phantom, a black elephant, a green raccoon, a black fox and a yellow panda with sunglasses.

My username is fallingonmyface if you want to add me or trade me. Just so you know, my account is new so the username may not work for a few days. I have the orange and blue one,im tryna get the claw cus im addicted to playing it :P Add me , Im Sarahlovesari. By the way, im sweetsugaryrainbow!!! Plz send me rares and stuff for my mail tiem you could get a shout out!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wud love it if u sent me shark fin worn blanket bcuz i got scammed : Plz report featherbrownie she scammed me big time!!

I have the blue, purple, and green and getting more! Agh what do you want for one I'll trade any 5 items for one. Jamagram me if deal plz, i'm Severussnape Thx for reading!

Its like the rare claw dose not even work! I had 14 goes and mainly all of them were just plushies no phantom ones! Wanna check out my plushy filled house my user is Jammer Wow, I didn't know they weren't available unless you have one of those claws. I played on my friends claw once and got a King Phantom on my first try. It's just been sitting in my inventory since I'm not a member, haha. Guess it'll stay there.

I prefer the regular plushies rare over these, though. I traded rare rain cloud and three betas including Cami's Frog for it!!! UGH -SunshineLove I will extremely over trade for either of those! Jamagram walnut72 if you're interested. BTW: Not trading headdress. I want a phantom plushie but, i am non member go to my den i have phantom stuff that is awesome!

I will trade anything except for my headdress, 1st bday cake, and nature arch for red phantom! Jamagram walnut72 if you're interested in trading it. I have 2 claws. My user is rosytempledolphin. I also have a headress in orange, green party hat and other good rares if you wanna trade me. Check out my den, and Jam a gram walnut72 if you're interested! OMG will you trade me your red? My username is walnut72, anything in my enchanted burrow den instead of 1st birthday cake or waterfall nature arch.

I will trade any clothes, except for my headdress. Please Jamagram me if you are interested! I used to have a king phantom but I got rid of it ;-; also i would like to trade my rare headdress for a rare claw or a party hat my user is mrsderp Are phantom plushies members plz jam a gram me if u do I will send gift back plz tell me I am magichappens thx alot. Phantom Plushies are for members only. The name is Mysitter come to my den.

Many plushies. Come April 19, Time- to any time. Illinois time!!! Hey guys its Dais I have the claw, and its unwanted. Mine got scammed, I was really upset that day.

I can add to the claw, I just hope someone will trade me one Hey will anyone send me a claw machine for free plz send jamagram my aj name is seal People keep trading me for my blue eyed phantom plushie. Ik what a phantom plush is worth, they are worth themselves and betas not sure which ones and sometimes rares, not like headress rare though XD anyways. Just thought you should know! I really wanna know what phantom plushies are worth as well, but not all of us know.

Please read this. I have a rare snow cloud, and have been longing for a claw game for as long as i can remember. Please reply if you want it im ajmem. If anyone has a claw machine, please jamagram me that you have it. BTW im Severussnape99 :. My little sis plays my claw and keeps getting phantom plushies. Shes non member so she cant use them her user is smilybunny tell me if its a deal and i will tell her im annakalish