how to get links on tumblr

See, thatТs what the app is perfect for.

Oct 21, †Ј Now, when I open my Tumblr blog, you can see the links: Other tips. To make a line break (a УgapФ) in your description, paste the following code in your description: 7 years ago 10, notes About. Awesome Tumblr tips and tricks to do everything fast in Tumblr. Search. Need a Tumblr . Mar 20, †Ј Steps for Putting a Link in Tumblr Description for Mobile Devices: 1. Open the Tumblr app on your phone. 2. Tap the ФaccountФ icon in the bottom right line. 3. When your blog is opened on the screen, choose the ФEdit appearanceФ option in the top line. Its icon looks like a 5/5(23).

The process is actually quite simple, but it does require some extremely basic knowledge of HTML. Note: The first part of this tutorial was designed for complete beginners and the second part is more advanced. Click the Account Button, it should be in the top right-hand corner and looks like a small ball above half of a bigger ball. After selecting the Tumblr that you want to edit, Click the account button again and go to edit appearance.

All of the characters are important and are required, so if you forget a quotation mark or forget to close the tag how to get stars in bubble witch saga, the link will not work.

When I am pretty sure the code is correct, I select all of the code and copy it, and then paste it into where ever I am planning on putting it. This is obviously completely optional, but it helps if you are trying to write more complicated code. I highly recommend that you do the following test. Some URLs contain information that helps keep track of whether you are logged in to a site or not. What you can do to double check this is to create a private browsing window in Firefox or an incognito window in Chrome then go to your Tumblr, and click the links in the private window.

To fix this, try to navigate to the page that you want to link to in the private window, when you get there, copy and use that URL instead. Note: Most websites have moved away from tracking user sessions this way, but some older sites still do.

Warning: I was not able to personally reproduce this bug, but some people suggested that in some cases if you edit your Gow after saving the t, the link will disappear. For this reason, I recommend copying the code into a notepad file TextEdit on Mac and saving it somewhere in case this occurs.

I just wanted to point out a few things before I get started since the tutorial is straightforward if you have any web design experience, but you can use this code and improve upon it to do some pretty cool things.

I used a clearfix to prevent the elements that are immediately following the menu from floating left, over to the right-hand side of the menu, outside the viewport. This is obviously not desirable, and the reason it occurs is actually pretty advanced. Without getting into a lengthy explanation of why that happens and how to work around it, I decided to go with the clearfix route since it should be much easier for beginners to work with.

Just know what two presidents died on the same day the CSS code that uses the :after pseudo-class is a what are the economic effects of deforestation and you probably need it depending on what you are doing.

Some would argue that this is not the what is housing choice voucher program way to do this, but I honestly felt that it would be easier. Since some people have reported losing their links after saving and editing their description, I highly recommend that you keep a backup copy of your HTML code in the case how do i stop unwanted cell phone calls this occurs.

In I highly discourage you from attempting to do any modifications to this code on a mobile phone. Paste this code directly into your Tumblr Description and edit tumvlr URLs and the anchor texts as you see fit.

Go to ilnks advanced section, by clicking Advanced Options, which is all the way at the bottom of the edit theme page. Copy and paste this code into tmblr section, no modification is required, but you will probably want to change the colors to match your theme. Are you trying to figure out how somebody put a link in their Tumblr description? Step 1: Go to the Tumblr Dashboard tumbld click here. Step 2: Login to Tumblr.

Step 3: This is the button you need to press to get to your account. Pick the blog you want to edit. This is the edit Appearance button. Click the Edit Theme button. Always remember to press save! This is what the menu looks like on desktop. Here is where they hide the advanced options. Note: Screen shot was taken on a desktop. Read More From Actual Wizard Understanding the Different Parts het an Email Address An email address has four parts; the recipient name, the symbol, the domain name, and the top-level domain.

There are a number of different ways to get the last element of an array in JavaScript. Below we will explore Е. How to use document. Opening a new browser window in a new tab can be done easily in JavaScript. Modern web browsers provide a Е.

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Step 1: Go to the Tumblr Dashboard or click here. Step 2: Login to Tumblr. Step 3: This is the button you need to press to get to your account. Click the Account Button, it should be in the top right-hand corner and looks like a small ball above half of a bigger ball. Once youТve used Tumblr for a while to follow blogs, like posts, and customize your blog, this feature will be unlocked for you.) In the УLink toФ field, add the URL for the specific tagged posts you want to link to. Just add /tagged/mytag to the end of your blog URL, but replace "mytag" . Click the top right corner to navigate to the specific Tumblr post. Your browserТs address bar will display the direct URL address that you can use to link to the post. You can highlight and copy.

Hey fellow creators! This is very frustrating! What if I make a post and want to link to my Twitter in the description? What if I want to link people to my online store when I post a piece of art?

What if I want to link to a YouTube video and still have it show up under the relevant tags I put into the post? Internal links are fine. So, all we gotta do is make your external link into a Tumblr link.

Sounds weird. I know. Unless you want the link to show up on your blog, in which case, turn it on. And done! Simply use the Tumblr redirect link instead of the direct URL! As a test, I linked to my Twitter in a test post, using the redirect link instead of the direct link, and there it is in the tag!

With this method, I can keep the external links, and have stuff show up when I tag it! Workarounds are fun! Posts Likes Ask me all you got. Submit a post Archive. First, go to your Tumblr blog. Hope that helps! I feel like you missed an essential category. Reblogging for the last one. I'm so guilty of doing this Posted this on twitter already but uhhh here we go again.

Oh, finally! See this in the app Show more. Recently Liked. Fuck it. S1E3 crowd scene.