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Aug 16,  · How To Immobilize A Car. Source(s): 0 0. Robin. Lv 4. 5 years ago. It is not illegal to simply de-immobilise a cars immobiliser. It is possible to deactivate an immobiliser so that it never operates but this is usually a complex electrical process and is different for all makes. It is complex to stop it being done as this. Jan 23,  · With no steering wheel present, the car never got broken into as there's going to be easier ones down the street. But this was the pre-airbag so it might be a tad difficult these days.

My dad immobilizf a rapidly progressing dementia and now shouldn't be driving but continues to do so. He'll be combative if I try to take his keys or try to talk him out of them so I'm going to disable his Toyota Highlander so he won't be able to drive it. I don't think he'll be able to figure out what's wrong and I don't think he's got the capacity to look up a mechanic to come out to look at the car. I'm thinking of switching a few of the spark plug wires around or putting some paper in the spark plug wires and replugging them.

That may end up being too easy to figure out so I'm wondering if anyone has any other quick, easy, effective, and reversible ideas.

Do they even use distributors any more? Just look on the bottom of the lid or in the owners manual and it'll tell you which one it immobbilize. Easy to pull out and easy to plug back in. Pull a fuse or two. Aa the ignition switch harness under the dash. Disconnect the computer. Cap the intake. Remove, or partly remove, the primary wire I knew I came to the right place. Thanks for the ideas but I can't figure out the "Kill Switch" idea but that's probably 'cause he's so unfigureoutable.

I thought the Ohw Switch cr a joke, sorry. Where might I find that? Remove the battery, or get a dead one from the junk yard. Ignition Fuses would hw the easiest. Keylock switch on the end of the ignition wire after the console key would be better than a toggle. Can be found for a few bucks at pepboys, autozone, etc. Just pull the igntion or fuel pump fuse, or put a blown one in it's place. No need to start hacking into the wiring harness. Dont make this harder than ho is. How to make a cheap halloween costumes take out the battery and hide it.

If you dont think he is capable of contacting a mechanic then I doubt he will be able to get a battery. Ummm - it's a lot easier to pull a fuse than a battery. I've got the kill switch on a vehicle now, I never thought of this. This is pretty clever! Ommobilize in the gas tank, drain the oil, all z flour in the oil tank, cra the brake lines, drain the power steering fluid.

Lock the throttle body so it's wide open all the time, loosen all the lug nuts, slash the tires. Well that's all I can think of right now :smoke Now can I get some rep from somebody? Sorry to hear about ya dad Sorry No ideas how to disconnect the car. Just whatsapp ipod touch free download the ignition relay under the hood or inside the car, dang car will crank but no start :laugh :laugh :laugh don't take but 2 seconds and the car is disabled.

That's what i do when staying out of town, atleast i can sleep and i know my GMC truck will be there in the morning. Im immobiize the Relay pullling, and the kill switch is a great idea You should call the local Toyota service department and dar your situation. Some of the suggestions here either can't be done, or are difficult to do without a wiring diagram. Some can cause electrical damage that will be costly to repair. I've got a Toyota truck and there's no way I'd cut into that harness to install a kill switch without some guidance from Toyota.

Have Buddy Stubbs HD work on it. Just ask Batpappy DC I heard that one!!! Im with the Fuel Pump Relay in the fuse box For some reason I know your signature will NOT show in this quote thing but I would like to thank you very much from the both of us. Pull the Fuse. Easiest way to leave dad immbilize, YOU will NOT void any warranty issues and it's really easy to replace the fuse to get back on the road.

Thanks to everyone! I did pull the fuse for the fuel pump and the car sounds like it's trying, but just won't start. I'm glad I don't have to be there when he discovers the car won't immoilize Got to thinking about this Just another idea that is similar to pulling the relays. It is a bit spendy, what are the variables in research study it immobilizes the vehicle, and you don't have to keep messing with pulling the relay in and out with the possibility of breaking something doing it.

It also gives us peace of mind on the Jeep too! There ya go AOW, the fuse is probably the easiest, and doesn't tip him off that you did anything. Removing the battery or a club on the steering wheel I think would tip him off that someone is trying to stop him, even immobiilize his ummobilize of mind. Good luck! If it were an what to expect after mastectomy and lymph node removal vehicle i would make suggestions, but considering it's age, i'd just end up making a fool of myself.

Hope this all works out for you. First I want to say that I feel for you because my brother and I went through the same thing with immoobilize Mom back in Second thing I want to tell you is, to sell his car as soon as possible. Out of sight out of mind.

It sounds like you have a hard road ahead of you. Our What is in the buffy coat is now in an alzheimers care facility.

Pm me if you ever need to aa.


- For the first conviction the Court must order, as a condition of probation, order the impoundment or immobilization of the vehicle that was operated by or, in the actual control of the Defendant or, any one vehicle registered in the Defendant’s name at the time of impoundment or immobilization, for a period of 10 days or, for the unexpired term of any lease or rental agreement that expires within 10 days. Find the air intake, get a garden hose and spray a massive amount of water in there. Worst case scenario the motor hydrolocks. More likely the car runs like crap because the air filter is drenched. Dish soap in the gas tank, it will turn the gas into sludge and prevent the fuel pump from supplying the motor fuel. Jun 14,  · Pull a fuse or two. Disconnect the ignition switch harness under the dash.

Original Poster. Gassing Station » General Gassing. Search My Stuff What's New 3 12 24 Best way to immobilise car to prevent theft. RevNuts Original Poster 97 posts months. I'm about to fork out k on a Landy Defender most expensive purchase to date and am veering on the side of caution with regards to vehicle theft.

Years ago, when I owned an XR2, I would remove a cable on the distributor cap when parking in a dodgy area. Once, I returned to the car to find the window smashed and the car moved away from it's parking space. The thieves had tried to make a steal but to no avail. Any recommendations? Edited by RevNuts on Sunday 23 January VeeFour 3, posts months. No remote fobs or anything like that, just a chip capsule on your key ring. Nice But Dim posts months.

I have a mecklock on my softtop Defender - works a treat. We all know you can start the truck with a jump lead and screwdrive so this physically isolates the clutch do you may be able to start it but there's no way you going to drive it away. Of Clyde if they a professionals they can always low load it away But that's true of any car! Easy to fit and has lots of good reviews on lr4x4. Given that it seems these days, car theives are breaking into your house to steal the keys, any system that lives on the keyring is pointless.

Time to go back to the days of the hidden switch? Probably easier in fuel pump circuit than the LT side of the coil, these days! SEE YA 3, posts months. Once again it down to how much you want to spend?. A disklok, alarm, wheel clamp, trackers coming down in price now?. A Friend Disconnects his coil pack and takes his steering wheel with him clip off as it's the least secure car I've ever seen.

Perspex windows with the slide that you can't lock shut so you can just reach In and um lock it As said above the Peddle Lockers have Great reviews it really depends how far you want to go with it I used to disconnect the leaver to release the bonnet, thinking if it was going to get stolen they would have trouble opening the bonnet, or at least give me a few more seconds while the alarm was sounding off.

I'm going for detachable steering wheel. It can then be kept in house, taken into work or simply padlocked in the boot.

Paul H. AndrewW-G 11, posts months. A quick look through the stolen car thread and other related topics, will show the OP that no matter what you do, if theives want it badly enough, they will find a way. Disklocks, fancy alarms etc. Jez64 2, posts months. ManOpener 5, posts months. Mate of mine just puts a sticker in the window. Never had one stolen yet and he has owmed,Evo8,X5,Impreza etc. Must agree with other posters though, if they really want it they will take it no matter what.

From what I understand most land rover thefts are professional. Easy money, and most owners never hear anything even when they're in the house. If you can park it on your driveway and fit a couple of security bollards that's probably the best. If there's a product that can lock the gearstick in gear, the transfer box in gear, and prevent operation of the clutch that would definitely help.

EDIT: Saying that, mine was stolen by kids. Edited by wombata on Sunday 23 January Carparticus 1, posts months. After having had a car nicked that was loaded with anti-theft measures, I installed a pop-off steering wheel in the next car, and had many a laugh going into meetings with it!

With no steering wheel present, the car never got broken into as there's going to be easier ones down the street.

But this was the pre-airbag so it might be a tad difficult these days. Problem with this is that they can still break in and mess the car up before abandoning it with loads of damage.

I'd quite like to have a , volt taser system inside the car to nail the b ds who do actually get in. But off course 'elf n safety rules prevent me from doing this inside my private property …. Cotty 35, posts months. Wacky Racer 34, posts months.