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Police Scotland has launched an 'anti-bike theft' campaign which has been supported by round the world cyclist Mark Beaumont. The force say the initiative is in response to the 'rising number' of bicycle thefts across the country. Lightest ebike kit can be installed on almost any existing bike to turn it into an electric bicycle. The center motor technology gives you the opportunity to deploy the original bike gears, allowing more efficiency, higher climbing power, and more miles per single system has 4 different installation options.

Indian Motorcycles have revealed its lineup. In addition, touring models get new accessories, tech features and a new comfort seat.

More details here. The motorcycle now costs Rs 11,43, on-road. Read about discounts on other Indian motorcycles here. The new Indian Scout Bobber retails for Rs The new motorcycle is how to waterproof a bag third model to join the Scout family after the standard variant and the Scout Sixty.

In true bobber tradition, the new motorcycle features a chopped front fender and rear mudguard along with fatter tyres to give it a stripped-down look. The headlight cover is also different and most of the parts have been blacked out to give the Indian Scout Bobber a mean look. The new bike also gets equipped with a redesigned single saddle, a badge on the tank and bar-end mirrors.

The rear suspension travel has how to launch a drag bike lowered by 45mm to give it a better stance, while the telescopic front forks now get new cartridges. Powering the new motorcycle is the same engine as seen on the Indian Scout. The 1,cc V-twin engine delivers PS of power and 98Nm of peak torque at 6,rpm.

Power is transmitted to the rear wheel by a six-speed transmission. Braking is done by a single mm-dia disc brake at front and rear, while ABS is an optional extra in the US market but it would most likely be standard in How to make wordpress themes in dreamweaver. The Scout Bobber has a I love this bike.

Very good bike and I like it soo much already. The Scout has shed some clothes, gained some muscle and a new name. Is the result as good as the Scout?

Indian Scout Bobber is going to launch in India with an estimated price of Rs. Thank you! Your question has been submitted and is under moderartion. You will receive all communications on :. View more images and videos. Indian Scout Bobber. Read More. Do you own a Car or a Bike? Interact with community Become a Top Contributor. Add Car Add Bike. Share your experiences with Scout Bobber? Submit Review Submit Review.

Which has better comfort, Suspension. Roadster has an aggressive riding position, almost like that of a naked bike, i don't get tired on it even if i do kms in 1 day, indian scout and bobber both have forward controls, which personally i am not comfortable with, for city rides i wont recommend roadster as it will heat up in bumper to bumper traffic or not doing more than 3rd gear.

What would you suggest between Scout Bobber and Scout for both city as well as highway more than km Scout. Can Indian scout bobber be double seated? Yes you can customise the seats to pilion. Apart from looks what are the major differences between standard scout and scout Bobber i.

I am confused between Scout and Scout Bobber. Bobber is 6 speed. User Opinion about Indian Scout Bobber. Add a Review. Latest Most Relevant. Scout Bobber. Raza 1 year ago. Chanumolu 2 years ago. Indian Scout Bobber Expert Reviews. Indian Scout Bobber Images. All Scout Bobber Images. Thunder Black. Stealth Grey. Sagebrush Smoke. White Smoke. Bronze Smoke. Thunder Black Smoke. May 26, By Team ZigWheels. All Scout Bobber News. The price of Indian Scout Bobber is expected to be Rs.

The estimated launch date of Indian Scout Bobber is August Choose your city. Popular Cities. Emission Type. Kerb Weight.

Alert me when launched. Scout Bobber Twenty Petrol.

Indian Scout Bobber Latest Updates

Drag can be minimised by an aerodynamic nose cone and by using a shape with a high ballistic coefficient (the "classic" rocket shape—long and thin), and by keeping the rocket's angle of attack as low as possible. During a launch, as the vehicle speed increases, and the atmosphere thins, there is a point of maximum aerodynamic drag called max Q. Indian Scout Bobber would be launching in India around August with the estimated price of Rs Lakh. Get all the details on Indian Scout Bobber including Launch Date, Specifications. Drag racing is a type of motor racing in which automobiles or motorcycles (usually specially prepared for the purpose) compete, usually two at a time, to be first to cross a set finish line. The race follows a short, straight course from a standing start over a measured distance, most commonly 1 ? 4 mi (1, ft; m), with a shorter (1, ft ( m)) distance becoming increasingly.

First of all we have to say that the bottom bracket is not included, and that is an advantage. The main evolution in the Lightest design is that the motor output is not reduced to the crank rpm which then has to be multiplied by the chain transmission.

That saves the weight of unecessary gears, bearings, casing, allowing for a perfect weight optimization. Plus, our motor spins faster than the others, increasing the power output at the same torque. That makes the motor even smaller and lighter. We'll be sending all the images soon by our newsletter.

Please make sure to subscribe to receive those along with all the relevant info. You'll also automatically join our referral program which gives you free upgrade when sharing the link with your friends. Soon, it's a matter of weeks. We're preparing everything for that. We'll announce the launch date in our newsletter.

There will be further discounts for the first backers first people who buy so it's important to be on the platform the exact instant that the campaign goes live to secure the maximum discount. By the newsletter we'll communicate the launch date few days before and we'll also send a notification 60 minutes before the campaign goes live to make sure you'll get your super discount.

Indiegogo is a crowdfunding platform on which companies publish their product and people support them by paying in advance for it. That allows manufacturers to start the production with an initial batch size big enough to pay less for the components. As a reward for that, people gets great discounts on the product. We'll launch on that platform in a matter of weeks, and we'll communicate the launch date by our newsletter few days before and we'll also send a notification 60 minutes before the campaign goes live.

Please make sure to subscribe to be notified about the launch date along with all the relevant info. The Referral Program gives you points for each of your friends who sign up to the newsletter using your unique code. With those points you can redeem extra features on your Lightest kit.

You can see the available upgrades after that you subscribed at step 1 above. Please check frequently on the website because we'll add more rewards and to check how many points you earned. Regen is available on SuperHero version only. The motor is capable of converting the motion into current feeding the battery, creating a braking force.

In order to achive that the chain needs to transmit power to the motor pinion. That is usually prevented by the freewheel on the rear wheel hub. Also, when regenerating the chain will be tensioned on the lower part rather than the upper one as it usually happens. That means that in order to achieve Regen you'll have to switch to an internally geared hub with the freewheel locked.

You'll take advantage of the freewheel inside the crankarm so that your pedals won't be dragged by the rear wheel. This will allow you to regenerate when pressing the brakes. Although the motor is capable of generate 10A of current W at 48V , the amount of energy you can regen depends on the battery you choose: all the batteries have a charging current limit. In order to calculate how much energy you can regen, consider that 10 minutes of regen which can be achieved by going downhill at 5A will give you 40Wh.

Please write us to info lightest. Contact us. Ebike's future is coming Be the first to ride it! The Power Unit only weights 1. It's the lightest electric bicycle mid drive motor on the market. That's the weight of a bottle of water 1. The complete W kit only adds 4Kg to your bike, including the battery. Extremely Compact. Overall dimensions are 85x90xmm and allows a clean installation on your bike. It fits in one hand.

High Performing. Don't trade off performance for lightness, you can have them all. Retrofit kit or OEM component. You can install the Lightest ebike Drive Unit on your existing bike to make it electric.

Otherwise, if you own a bike company, you can create a custom frame for seamless integration. In order to get such a weight reduction we use premium components. Aluminum alloy shields with extra large cooling fins for optimal heat dissipation, case hardened steel gears, premium silicon steel to name a few. Torque sensor. Direct torque sensing system gives you true feeling of the bike, making the ride a very natural experience.

The chain tensioner feels the torque applied to the crank and translate that in motor power output. Zero Drag when OFF. Thanks to the freewheel inside the motor, you'll feel zero drag when the motor is turned off, making your experience as if you're pedalling a conventional bike.

Quick Relase. Take the motor off in just 5 minutes: only three bolts lock the motor in place. Use your motor when you feel it, and take it down when you want to. With two sets of mounting plates you can power alternatively two bikes. Independent drive pinion. Gives you the opportunity to have different transmission ratios between human power and motor power. Perfect chainline. Keep the same chainline as your original bike. You won't have any problem with bad alignment or chain that falls off.

The launch price is discounted. Check the prices in our SHOP. Easy and quick installation. Converts your bike into a pedal assisted bicycle in minutes. See the video here.

Ground Clearance. Improved capability of overcoming obstacles without damaging the motor. Battery choice. Pick the battery of your choice, ranging from Wh up to Wh, ranging from 30 up to km trips. See the paragraph below for the available batteries. Smartphone connected. You can connect your system with your smartphone to setup, monitor, statistics and locking. Heart Sensor Assist. With the HRM feature, just set the BPM you'd like to keep and the assistance level will be adjusted to keep that on track.

Anti theft Lock. You can lock your system with your smartphone so that it will be useless if stolen. KERS - regen braking. The system will be able to use the braking energy to charge the battery.

This will be possible only with fix gear on internally geared hubs. Equivalent torque is the torque that a conventional ebike motor should exert at the bottom bracket in order to get the the same wheel torque as the Lightest system..

Not enough clear? Check this for further explanation. What's included with the Lightest ebike kit. Battery Charger power depending on the battery version Tools not included , but necessary to perform the installation: Allen Wrench Allen Keys' Set Bottom Bracket remover Crank remover.

Lightest ebike kit can be installed on almost any existing bike to turn it into an electric bicycle. The center motor technology gives you the opportunity to deploy the original bike gears, allowing more efficiency, higher climbing power, and more miles per single charge. The system has 4 different installation options.

Because of that, you'll get special discounts, with limited availabillity, from the retail price. The discount will be lower as we approach to the shipping date.

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