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Rear wheel drive conversion guide.

Front wheel drive limits your power delivery, as the front of the car goes light under acceleration. Practicalities will restrict usable FWD power to around bhp. Differentials and clever traction control systems will allow you to use a little more, but there is a reason most high power cars are RWD. This is more converting an old RWD to look like a modern FWD car but it does achieve the RWD feel and retain a modern cars appearance. The MX5, Passat and A4 quattro, Volvo and BMW would be suitable for sourcing RWD parts you could use on your cars chassis, but expect much cutting and fabricating to get it to fit and work.

While front-wheel-drive has been around since the early days of the automobile, for most enthusiasts the earliest cars that stand out in memory are the CordCadillac Eldorado and Oldsmobile Toronado. Those cars all shared something: great styling, decent performance, and good luxury. Then came the late s and with the second gas crunch hitting, manufacturers saw the writing on the wall and shifted from large RWD yachts to small front-wheel-drive cars.

Bythe majority of GM cars were front-wheel drive. So, where are you going with this, McTaggart? Picture a rear-drive Eldorado with a wild Northstar build done full Pro Street. Take a shot, get out of your comfort zone for a minute, and pick one FWD car that would be worth the effort to make RWD.

How would you do it, and more importantly, why? Either would make a killer rwd conversion with a 3rd gen Hemi. No big Caddy should have ever been FWD. So all of them. It was so close already with the longitudinally mounted engine and a full frame. Otherwise, the corporate cousin to the Probe, the Mazda MX I could go on this all day. A LSX in a subaru brat. A CRX with a S drive train.

And a K car charger with a Mopar I always thought the honda preludes would be cool rwd. The short trunk and long hood is classic muscle car proportions. Buick How to access amber alerts on iphone. Pretty cool.

Much as I dislike Vauxhalls, it was a pretty car, especially in tubbed form! Share This 0. Bryan McTaggart.

What Is The FWD To RWD Conversion

Feb 20,  · From Front Wheel Drive to Rear Wheel Drive? How it is Possible?! V8 Swapped Honda Accor. Today we made some good progress on the v8 swapped honda accord. The Author: BodeVision. The first involves putting in a RWD drivetrain like out of a Silvia or S2K. You take the front axles out, cut a tunnel down the center of the car, custom mount the engine, transmission, and the rear subframe from something RWD, and brace everything. It's almost a new car and involves a ton of high skill fabrication work. Sep 28,  · 21 thoughts on “ Question of the Day: What FWD Car Would You Nominate For A RWD Conversion? ” Tedly September 28, at am. 80’s Daytona and 90’s Avenger. Either would make a killer rwd conversion with a 3rd gen Bryan Mctaggart.

Now I'm going to get lauphed at for this question, but I just have to ask. For example, if there was a Ford F with 38' bogger tires, and if you had your preference of FWD or RWD, and you had to go off-roading in it, what would you pick? Though yes, I know, you'd never use a 2-wheel drive veichle, cause it's obvious you're not gonna get far. You missed AWD ,I like that better. Quote from: domba on Tuesday, Jun 12, , PM. In cars on the street I think that FWD is better. Having the engine on top of your wheels makes all the difference in the world when it comes to two-wheel drive.

A front-wheel drive car with good ground clearance can go just about anywhere a 4wd vehicle can go -- on anything that even faintly resembles a road. Is it as stable as my old 4wd Blazer? No, but I still get there Thanks guys! I just didn't know which veichle would handle better, and you guys did a great job answering my question and giving me your story's. I know my front wheel drive honda is way better on icy rods than my rear wheel drive colt was. My zook does better with rear wheel that front wheel drive off road.

I have driven both ways. With FWD you back up the hill. I'm a driving instructor just north of Toronto, ontario, Canada. I taught in front wheel drive Ford Focus for 4yrs 4 winters. Then 4 yrs 4 more winters in a rear wheel drive Mustang. Four snow tires, traction control, no problem. When a vehicle accelerates weight transfer is to the rear, this helps the rear wheel tire contact patch get bigger and front contact patches get smaller.

I teach vehicle dynamics. As far as dragging your vehicle out of a mud hole I'm a newb at fourwheeling. Front-drive is preferred over RWD in rally racing. I know, WRC is all fwd.

The rear wheels only keep the backend off the ground. Here is a challenge for everyone reading this. Next time you are out goofing off in the woods pull the front drive shaft,try going up a STEEP hill,put it back in and pull the rear and try the same hill. You will all see that the rear pushes better than the front pulls,its as easy as that to prove,then this argument will be setteled.

Just use reverse. To bad AWD isn't what we're talking about here First off purchace what will suite your driving conditions. As for street wet pavment snow etc, FWD will pull you better, for handling. Again my opinion theres lots out there. As for Ofroad Depends again on what you are driving through. There are to many opinions based on driver ability and vehicle spec Weight, etc to give a deffinative answer. So ther original question is pretty Mute.