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Jan 13,  · I will be showing the process of making a scratch box turkey call. I will be showing the process of making a scratch box turkey call. Mar 28,  · A brief video showing how to operate a hand made scratch box turkey call, quality is not the best as it was taken with a cell phone, will try to get a better.

Editor's note: After reading Michael Pendley's introduction on building a box call, please work through the steps below to make your own. Building your own is a fun off-season project and you get to customize your calls to your own sound and appearance preferences. The great thing about building box calls is that there is a comfortable level for everyone.

From a made-from-scratch custom build, all the way through a nearly finished call that only needs the final fit and finish, everyone can build a custom call, no matter what their woodworking skill and experience level is.

They also offer a few box call kits as well. For the Brookside kits, you can choose the wood variety for both the box and the paddle from a broad list. Choose the same wood for both or choose a different wood for each part. You also get to choose the style of your box call from five options: Brookside offers half-moon, large box, small box, single-sided, and long-box call kits.

We chose a long box and a large box for our calls. Like their pot-style call kits, the Brookside box calls are perfect for an off-season project with young hunters.

They come with pre-assembled, or in the case of the long box, pre-sawn the long-box style is cut and carved from a solid piece of wood instead of how to make a laundry drying rack out and assembled like the other styles.

The large box call kit from Brookside Game Calls comes pre-assembled and only needs the handle attached, some light sanding and a finish. Start with a medium-grit sandpaper, likebut how to get rid of textured wall paint with a finer grit, like for a smooth finish. Adjust your starting lid height even with the highest part of the side. After, test, and adjust up and down to get the best sound.

When assembling box calls from a pre-cut kit, or one that you have sawn yourself, lightly glue each piece into place. Lid heights may vary from one box call to the next. Adjust the screw up or down for best sound from each call. Apply polyurethane or tung oil with a soft, clean cloth. Have you ever built a box call? Will you give it a try after reading this post?

Please comment below. More Realtree turkey hunting. Follow Realtree on Facebook. All rights reserved. Site by Gray Loon. Skip to main content. Pre-Cut Call Kits. Pre-cut call kits can be ordered online from multiple sources. Pre-Assembled Call Kit. Assembly Supplies. Sandpaper Choices. Next Steps. Insert the screw through the hole in the lid and slide on the spring.

Tighten Screw Down. Use a hand screwdriver to tighten the screw down to the finished height. Lid Adjustment. Elmer's Wood Glue.

Glue Lightly. Rubber Bands. Use rubber bands to hold everything in place while the glue sets how to make a scratch box turkey call. Sand Excess What franchises are for sale. Adjust Screw. Painter's Tape. Apply Polyurethane or Tung Oil. After Application. Finished Box Calls. Seen here, some finished box calls. Get the latest turkey hunting news, tips and tactics in your inbox! Email Required.

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Jun 12,  · Russell Beard from Beard Hunter Calls dimonstrates how to use a scratch box turkey call. He demonstrates how to cluck, purr and yelp on the call. http://www. You thin the sound board to 1/8” or less then using a piece of wood 3/8”x3”x about 1”wide that has been chalked you hold the call upside down and pull the sound board toward you. If the call is too high pitched take a tiny bit more wood off and test again. Do this until the turkey comes out. Oct 14,  · Drill the hole at the front of the box call. Set your paddle on top of the box and place a mark where you need to drill your hole. Make sure you have the hole centered on the box, and drill with a 1/8 drill bit. Drill a countersink with a 3/8" forstner bit to make a .

A box call can make a remarkable variety of sounds that mimic those of a wild turkey. The call is a simple wooden box with a paddle-shaped top that, moved back and forth over the walls of the box, simulates the gobble or squawk of the bird.

Measure an 8-inch-byinch rectangle for the bottom and two 8-inch-byinch rectangles for the sides of the box caller. The paddle is about 2 inches longer because it has a handle. Cut out the rectangles for the bottoms and sides. The tops of the sides are curved, and there are many methods for creating the arched shape. Note that, at this point, the sides are half an inch taller than the finished depth of the box. Make a paper template with an arch shape that is 2 inches tall at each end with a 2.

Use the template to cut the curved top. This must be precise, as the sides must match for the call to work. Sand the curved edges smooth.

Use the Dremel tool with the sanding disk to create a channel, or groove, on each of the long sides of the bottom piece. This step is optional if you want to simply nail or glue the sides to the bottom.

Use the scrap lumber to make a block for the inside of each end of the box. Measure the inside dimensions of the box and cut a block of that width, about 2 inches thick. Run a bead of glue along the bottom of one of the sides and insert the side into the slot in the base. Repeat with the other side. Wipe up any drips of glue. Put glue on the bottom of the end blocks, and glue them into place.

They should be flush with the ends of the sides. You should now have a rectangular box with sides that arch in the middle and no top. The underside of the handle typically is curved so the finished product looks like a cross section of a bottle — flat on one side and curved on the other. Use a belt sander to create the effect. Make a 2-inch-long handle on one end of the paddle. Traditional box turkey call handles have an oval shape at the free end that pinches in near the box or two inverted arcs.

Trace the shape onto the end of the paddle and cut it out. Finish the assembly. Drill a hole in the square end of the paddle about a half inch from the end and centered side to side.

Make sure that when you insert the screw, it will hit the end block. Insert the screw partway and slip the spring onto the screw inside the box. Finish screwing the paddle onto the box. Experiment with moving the paddle back and forth across the box until you achieve the right sound. You can make the box and the paddle from the same wood, but the quality of the call may not be as good. Try walnut with walnut or cedar with cedar.

She has extensive experience in tent and RV camping, hiking, backcountry exploration and cycling. Related How to Make a Magpie Trap. Build your turkey call box with any kind of wood you like. If you choose cherry, you can find cheap cabinet cherry wood at a hardware or lumber store. Your first turkey call box may not be your best.

Once you build a few, you will learn how to build a better turkey call box for the sound you want.