how to make american girl bunk beds

How to Make an American Girl Doll Bunkbed

Use wood glue and finishing nails or trim screws to attach the legs (28Ф pieces) to the corners of the plywood bed frames. Attach them to the corners on the short sides. They should be flush with the outside edges of the bed. The bottom of the 1x2s on the sides of the plywood should be flush with the top of all those lines we just made. Mar 06, †Ј Take a 3/8? wide dowel rod and cut 4 pieces for each bed that are ? long. Place the dowel rod into the hole you just drilled and place the second bed on top. I fashioned the beds this way because this is essentially how my daughters bunk beds went together. Their beds can be used separately or as bunk beds.

Explore fun, engaging and exciting world themed activities to do with toddlers, preschoolers and kindergartners. Our activities are widely used by teachers, moms, dads, child care providers how to make american girl bunk beds more! Friendship flags 1. Make a handprint with each child on a separate small square of manila paper. Teacher-Cut each painted paper into as many strips as there are children in class and put the name of the child whose color it is on every strip.

Teacher should still do cutting for uniform size strips 5. On a large piece of manila or cut to whatever size is needed child glues own hand print square in the upper left hand corner with name on or underneath the hand. Multicultural Apples You will need: 1 red apple and 1 green apple, sharp knife.

Examine as a group how different each one of the children is. Skin, hair, eyes, clothes, favorites, dislikes etc. Make sure everyone is aware that they are not like each other. Now hold up the red apple. Have the children describe it. Hold up the green apple, have the children describe it. Cut one apple and talk about what you see inside the apple. Cut the other apple how to cook a tender new york strip steak direction.

They are the same on the inside. Explain to the children that the 2 apples skin looked very different on the outside, but they both have seeds, juice, etc. They look different but they are also the same. Just like people.

Everyone looks different on the outside, but it is what is inside that really how to do a full head sew in weave. Resource Person I work in a center where much of our staff is from different cultural backgrounds. When we had multicultural week, we invited each staff member to talk about their culture. Each teacher who wanted to share was assigned a day to run circle time.

Staff brought in dolls, special treats, maps, and clothing from their countries, and taught the children songs and stories. The children loved it, as did the staff, and it was a great was to have staff interacting with children who may how to be focused on homework be a part of their usual group i. Imaginary trip We make passports, tickets, and money. The kids make suitcases and pack their bags with all sorts of handmade items to go in them- sunglasses, cameras, sandals, binoculars, etc.

You could have a fiesta and set up a market place like what does the da office do Tijuana. On our food experience day, we made green eggs and ham.

In the morning, I pulled out a carton of white eggs and a carton of brown eggs. The children could visually see that the eggs were of different shades and colors. I then asked them what they thought the insides of the brown eggs looked like and then what the insides of the white eggs looked like. We talked about how people are all different by their appearance on the outside. Then, a child broke open a white egg into a bowl. Another child broke a brown egg in to a separate bowl.

The concept was that we may all look different on the outside, but the insides are the same, just like us. May May Day U. This song teaches how to say hello in many languages. The songs are sung in the original language and then in English. We are different too, We are different too.

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Aug 06, †Ј My dad and I made some really cute bunk beds for 2 of my American Girl Dolls and we made a video showing how we did it and everything we bought etc. I hope y. Spread the love. Learn to build a simple but cute bunk bed for 18? dolls like the American Girl Dolls or the Our Generation line of dolls. This bed size is patterned after manufactured 18? doll beds and fits the dolls comfortably. The plans use simple and available lumber, including 2x4s or 2x2s, 1x4s, 1/2? plywood and 1/8? plywood. You can also substitute the 1/8? plywood for 1/2? plywood if need be. King Bedroom Sets - Everything You Need to Know. There's no better way to tie a bedroom together than with a full bedroom set. Whether you're buying a new house or you want to spruce up your existing bedroom, investing in a bedroom set is the best way to provide yourself with a comfortable sleeping environment that you'll treasure for years to come.

Quintuplets is an American sitcom that aired 22 episodes on Fox from June 16, to January 12, The series is set in Nutley, New Jersey , and looks like a typical family sitcom. Much of the storyline focuses on the difficulty of supporting a large family of teens, both financially and emotionally, as they grapple with the reality that they're no longer as cute as when they were babies. The house is a typical three-bedroom family home. The three male siblings share a room with bunk beds, the two females share another room.

The kitchen contains a double-wide beer cooler as a refrigerator, and the basement contains a walk-in freezer, both to store the large amounts of food such a large family requires.

The situation may be seen to parallel and parody the old sitcom The Brady Bunch , by highlighting the impracticality of the large family. The theme song, "Suk or Shine," was performed by Chris and Tad. Penny decides to conduct a live science project: manipulating the dumbest kid in class, Paige, who normally depends on nerds to do all the work for her, to construct a hemoglobin molecule model.

Nerdy student Eric tells Penny that a "social science" project will get her a failing grade, so she convinces him to put his name on her project in exchange for her bra. Parker is disappointed when Jessica Geiger shows no interest whatsoever in him but takes to Patton instantly, and.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other types of quintuplets, see Quintuplet disambiguation. For the South Park episode, see Quintuplets This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

Retrieved Categories : Quintuplets s American sitcoms American television series debuts American television series endings English-language television shows Fox Broadcasting Company original programming Television series by 20th Century Fox Television Television shows set in New Jersey.

Hidden categories: Articles needing additional references from May All articles needing additional references Episode list using the default LineColor. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Download as PDF Printable version. Title screen. David Nevins Mark Reisman. June 16, Ч January 12, Mark Reisman. June 16, Bob and Carol Chase miss the time when their quintuplets were small and cute and made them happy and popular.

Fast-forward 15 years, and their kids are loud, obnoxious, and always fighting with one other. Anxious to get away from the kids for a night, Bob buys tickets for him and Carol to a Springsteen concert, where he encounters some "special brownies".

Parker and Paige are set to go to a party when Carol unintentionally cancels the party by informing the host's parents. Concerned for their social lives, the quints decide to host a party in their home, where Patton hopes to score with an attractive girl.

June 23, When Penny catches the flu, the family enters a state of emergency and quarantines her in the basement to avoid a repeat of the last flu outbreak, which began when Bob dared Patton to lick a dead squirrel. Penny looks on the bright side: she finally gets to bask in 'her own room'! Until Paige falls ill and joins her in the basement. Penny promptly scams her out of her blankets, pillow, and slippers in exchange for listening to her gossip.

When Carol visits them, Bob locks her down there for breaking the rules: anyone who goes down there is infected. Parker falls ill, infuriating Patton: this ruins a chance for a double date.

Patton secures a date with the girl, but Pearce throws his lucky shirt down the laundry chute, and when Patton jumps down after it, Bob locks him in the basement. While looking after her children, Carol falls ill and becomes spiteful; meanwhile, Paige manages to gain back all her possessions as a mortified Penny has become addicted to gossip.

Pearce remains the only healthy one, but after annoying his father, who is trying to work on an important sales pitch, he deliberately becomes ill and heads down to the basement. Realizing his chance, Bob has a great time by himself. Later, driven crazy by her sick kids, Carol climbs up the laundry chute. June 30, The Nutley High basketball team, the Cougars, hold tryouts: Parker makes the team and Pearce becomes team mascot.

Paige doesn't make the cheerleading squad, but to Bob's horror and former cheerleader Carol's pride, Patton does make the squad, in a plot to meet girls. When Carol informs Bob that there are cheerleading scholarships, Bob's horror changes to excitement that he might have one less college education to finance.

Patton quickly learns that working with fellow cheerleader Haley gives him erections. Bob's advice is to "go down to Horny Town and fire the mayor", which fails and Patton, the top of the pyramid, is humiliated at a basketball game.

However, the incident lands Patton a date. July 7, When Bob wins a cell phone at work, the kids fight over who gets it. Carol reminds them that if there isn't enough for everyone, no one gets anything. Parker protests that the rule only causes the kids to miss out on everything, so Bob initiates a contest: the kids have been slacking on chores, so whoever does the most chores in one week wins the cell phone.

All the kids except Parker begin working to win the phone: Paige and Patton want the phone to benefit their social lives; Pearce wants to send the phone to Yabba, his Mongolian pen pal; and Penny wants the phone just to take it away from Paige.

When Bob takes the contest too far and the kids become his personal servants, Parker leads the kids to strike against Bob and Carol. Bob eventually lets Parker decide who should get the phone. When Parker tells his siblings that he believes he most deserves the phone, they call this unfair and start fighting.

Pearce breaks up the fight and shows his siblings how selfish they are being. Parker then gives the phone to Pearce so he can send it to Yabba. Pearce writes to Yabba to tell him the bad news: as he pockets the phone for himself, he informs Yabba that it was washed away in a terrible storm.

Jennifer Fisher. July 14, The Chases' car the "Qu-Mobie" is Pearce's pet name for it breaks down after 15 years. The family got the car free after making a commercial with quintuplet babies. Bob contacts the car company and pitches the idea of making a new commercial, to receive a new minivan. Pearce's nostalgic memories, such as first seeing snow, first hearing his mom laugh, and telling his first knock-knock joke, mean he can't easily let go of the "Qu-Mobile. Parker refuses to do a car commercial because of his new Greenpeace-minded girlfriend, so Paige's boyfriend Tyler pretends to be him.

The Helbergs get the job because of the Chases' constant fighting, but when bossy Francis 'fires' his son Chad for becoming Penny's boyfriend, the company decides they can't do a quintuplet commercial with four kids and the Chases are chosen.

After Paige is seen kissing Tyler, who is supposed to be her brother, Francis demands the truth, and wants Paige and Parker, who is pretending to be Tyler, to kiss. The family is stunned, and Bob and Carol tell Paige to "kiss her boyfriend". Parker and Paige still look shocked as the family drives home in their brand-new minivan. Steve Zuckerman. Michael Borkow. July 21, Bob and Carol awaken the kids on their half-birthday announcing they are finally old enough to get jobs.

Paige and Patton become rival employees at a shoe store, while Penny finds holding down a job difficult when she calls all her bosses "idiots. Carol looks forward to spending the money they'll save from the kids' allowances on a cruise, so Bob is forced to hide the motorcycle and sidecar he already bought with the money. Simon Helberg has a minor role as Neil, another shoe-store employee.

July 28, The school homecoming dance approaches. Carol, who is still upset at Bob for going to Atlantic City and getting drunk on the night of their homecoming dance, decides to host a pre-party for the kids. Parker is forced to cancel a date with his love interest Carrie Friedman when school bully Gino Grazano forces him to take his sister Gina to the dance. Parker searches for ways to make himself undesirable, but the plan backfires. Patton is rejected by every girl in school in alphabetical order, so he pretends to by dying so adult-film star 'Catherine Zeta-Juggs' will be his date.

Penny's planned protest appearance as a zombie couple with her "ironic gay date" Matt backfires when Pearce and Matt discover a mutual admiration of swing-dancing and decide to go to the dance together.

Bob, concerned even for Pearce's reputation, manages to make Pearce and Matt jealous of each other to break them up. August 4, Penny gets the chance of a lifetime to direct her own minimalist Romeo and Juliet school production, which can earn her a scholarship. Drama teacher Ms. Hentschel not only forces her to dump Matt as the lead Romeo for Patton, who gets to kiss Parker's girlfriend Carrie who never kisses Parker on the lips ; Bob and Carol make Penny put Paige in charge of props, which Penny plans to dispense with altogether.

Hentschel frowns on Penny's minimalistic approach, so prompter Pearce convinces her to turn the play into a superhero themed adaptation. Frustrated that Patton is kissing his girlfriend, Parker sets out to sabotage the play. Meanwhile, Bob manages to get his neighbor Brad and his two girlfriends to invite him and Carol over for a dinner and jacuzzi, mistakenly believing they will be hot-tubbing naked with their neighbors.

September 8, The beautiful Alayna Collins has just gotten back from a five-year trip to Africa, a fantastic surprise for the quints.