how to make clear nail polish at home

How to Make Your Own Nail Polish

Aug 22,  · how to make clear nail polishdiy nail polish diy clear nail polishdiy nailpaint clear nailpaint Its my own research work,its %working.i am happy to make t. Feb 07,  · Hey guys! This definitely works but you have to take care of the measurements or else it might get too watery or too dense. Hope you find this useful!

What consumers want from brands instructable will teach you how to make your own nail polish colors using eyeshadow and glitter. It's an excellent way to get custom nail polish colors you couldn't get otherwise.

And I love the way this nail polish goes on and the way it dries - it's much more matte and shimmery than regular nail polish. Plus, making your own nail polish is very cheap and fast - so why not give it a try? Know there are lots of tutorials on how to make your own nail polish floating around online, but I really wanted to give it a try. Step one and the most important step! I used a ziploc bag. You'll need extra room in the bottle for the eyeshadow or glitter you're adding.

In the picture, the polish on the left has had a little poured out, and the polish on the right is a full bottle. This will help you get everything into the polish bottles with very little mess. You'll need a new funnel for every color of eyeshadow or blush you use, otherwise cross contamination is going to happen! I folded a piece of printer paper twice so I ended up with fold lines to cut it into four smaller pieces and then used those to make my funnels. Not sure how to make a funnel?

Check out my instructable. Use a butter knife or whatever you like to scrape the eyeshadow from the compact and onto a piece of paper. Then chop the eyeshadow up - you don't want any big clumps, because those will be trickier to mix into the polish. Unscrew the cap and wipe the excess polish off the brush and set it to the side on a scrap of paper so how to use draw reins on your horse doesn't ruin anything.

Tap the funnel to get the eyeshadow to fall down into the bottle. If the eyeshadow gets grumpy and starts to clump at the bottom of the funnel, use a toothpick to help push it through. This happened almost every time. Try to be quick while doing this, otherwise the nail polish brush can dry out and you'll have to get the nail polish remover after it to clean it up.

Screw the top back on and shake like a madperson. I did lots of shaking and rolling it between my hands - it took a minute or so to get everything nice and smooth. You don't want to see any clumps or dark spots in the polish! This polish will settle after it's been sitting around for a few hours, but it is easily remedied by a bit more shaking. The eyeshadows I'm using are 4 how to make noodle soup each.

Using the whole 4 oz gave a highly pigmented opaque polish, while using half the eyeshadow gave a really sheer polish shown on my thumb. I'm not a fan of sheer polishes, so I went with the full 4 oz tray of eyeshadow. Both photos are shown using only one coat. I used the same method as the eyeshadow - tipped some glitter into the funnel and then lots of shaking.

You just want it to look nice and full when shaken. Keep in mind that the glitter will settle to the bottom when not in use - just shake well before every use and shake occasionally while applying too and you'll be good to go! I really do like this more than most polish I've bought! The polish I made from eyeshadow is really matte and shimmery, and it dries quicker than normal polish as well.

The glitter polish turned out great as well - just make sure to do a clear top coat over it because craft glitter can be a little chunky. I ended up doing a base coat of the purple polish I made, covering that with the gold glitter polish, and topping that with a clear top coat.

I'll report back! It's held up well so far and I've had a hot shower and washed a load of dishes since yesterday. I think I could have worn it longer - I only had one tiny chip on my right hand! Came off pretty easy too, but the glitter is always tricky. I'm going to do this myself and I think anyone who tries this should do it too.

I hadn't thought of it! Great tips Tho I've found out the hard way that certain BB's can rust in some types of polish and will ruin the whole bottle. So its actually not making your own nail polish, but how to make your own colour nail polish. I actually love using wet and wild. I only like some of their colors, but the brushes are nice and the price is right.

What would happen if you added the eye shadow to colored nail polish you already have but it's too light and you just want to make it darker? This looks so cool and I am what size finger food for baby big fan of nail polish and this will save a LOT of expense I will be sure to try it very soon! I read the first page of comments, but did not see the most obvious way to crush the eyeshadow.

It is very durable, inexpensive can be found almost anywhere, simple to use, no mess, easy to pour into funnel, easy to clean, won't hurt your hands, easy to clean, and small enough to store with your polish making materials in a makeup caddy or bag.

The pictures below give you an idea of the various kinds of pill crushers available on the market today. As you can see there is one for everyone no matter what ailment you may have. They do make automatic pill crushers if you have problems with your hands. This is the one I use. It all comes as one piece that breaks down into 3 separate sections: the pill cutter on top, the crusher in the middle, and the drinking cup on the bottom.

I found that to just use the crusher, the pill cutter is a real pain and is in the way and more difficult to use. I took it off permanently, but when I need to use it, I do not need to put it back onto how to make clear nail polish at home other two sections.

It is still very easy to use without being attached to the parts. Reply 6 years ago. Introduction: How to Make Nail Polish. By jessyratfink making jiggy hand embroidery Follow. More by the author:. About: I work at instructables by day, and turn into a stitch witch by night. The name is cringeworthy, but at a dollar each for the clear polishes and three dollars each for the eyeshadow compacts, it was a really good deal! And I am actually really impressed with how my nail polish turned out.

The polish is pretty runny, but that's the only downside. Did you make this project? Share it with us! I Made It! Aquaponics for Everyone! Garlic Gardening by DanPro in Gardening. Reply Upvote. Iloveicecream 5 years ago. Mamamida 5 years ago. Althea MaeH 5 years ago. RylinD 5 years ago. LaraA2 5 years ago. TishK tamucky69 Reply 6 years ago. JenitM 6 years ago on Step 5.

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You can't make clear nail polish at home, unless you happen to have access to ethyl acetate and nitrocellulose. Just go buy some. Please watch this for making homemade clear nail’s totally homemade and also very easy to 2 ingredients (things) is used. Aug 08,  · Step 1: What You'll Need: clear nail polish eyeshadow (I bet blush would work too!) craft glitter a couple sheets of paper a toothpick. Sep 14,  · If color isn’t your thing and you want to add some shine to your nails, you can make a clear nail polish that’s completely natural by mixing 1/2 tablespoon of kaolin clay or white clay with one tablespoon of cold-pressed olive oil.

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Learn more If you want to create a custom nail polish color, you can easily do so using eye shadow and clear polish or by mixing 2 nail polish colors together. This is a great project if you are looking to match your nail color with your clothes, such as for the holidays, a formal event, or a sports game.

To make your own nail polish color, start by choosing two nail polishes that you want to blend together. Try to choose colors that will make a totally new color when you mix them, like green and yellow or blue and red. Then, pour a little bit of each nail polish into a plastic cup and stir the different colors together until they're fully blended. If you're satisfied with the color, paint your nails with the new polish or carefully pour it into an empty, clean nail polish bottle to use later!

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Article Summary. Method 1 of Select eyeshadow in the color of your choice. You can make nail polish from any color eyeshadow you want. You could even mix a few eyeshadow colors together to create your own custom shade.

Crush the eyeshadow in a Ziploc bag. If your eyeshadow is a loose powder you can skip this step, but the solid blocks of eyeshadow need to be crushed. Put the eyeshadow into a Ziploc bag and crush with a spoon, the handle of a makeup brush, or a rolling pin. Crush until it is a fine, consistent powder with no lumps remaining. Be diligent with this. If it's not smooth when you dump it into your polish, it won't mix well into the clear polish.

Take care not to puncture the bag. Snip off one corner of the bag. You want a tiny opening, so make sure you only cut the very end of the corner off of the bag. Alternatively, you could make a small paper funnel and pour the eyeshadow from the bag into the clear nail polish using the funnel.

Pour the eyeshadow into a bottle of clear nail polish. Open the bottle of clear nail polish. It should be three-quarters full or less to make room for the powder. Position the cut corner of the bag in the neck of the bottle, but take care not to dip it in the polish.

The amount of eyeshadow you add will determine how rich and dark the color is. Add a little shadow at a time until you reach the desired shade. Alternatively, you can use white nail polish to create a more opaque color.

Replace the cap and shake the bottle. Shake the bottle until the pigment is evenly distributed. To keep the ingredients from separating, shake the bottle regularly, especially before you use the polish. If possible, purchase small, steel mixing balls or ball bearings and add 1 or 2 to the bottle.

Some shadows will come out very matte. If that's not your style, just add a clear top coat on your nails to make them shiny. Method 2 of Choose at least 2 colors of nail polish.

However, you should mix polishes with similar formulas, such as 2 colors from the same brand. Choose colors that you know will mix well. For example, mix a silver sparkly polish and a dark purple polish.

Alternatively, make an orange polish richer by adding a little red and yellow to it. Pour a small amount of 1 nail polish into a small plastic cup.

Begin with the darker color and add the light color to it. Alternatively, you could use a paper plate as your paint palette, but it will be harder to transfer the paint to a nail polish bottle. Add a little of the next color to cup and mix them together. If you are mixing more than 2 colors, add the other color s as well. Use a nail polish brush, paint brush, or a toothpick to mix the colors.

You can even add glitter to the polish for a sparkly touch. Store the new polish in its own bottle. Pour the polish from the cup into a clean, empty nail polish bottle. If you have them, put 1 or 2 small, steel mixing balls or ball bearings into the bottle to help mix the polish before painting it on. Method 3 of Choose a kit. Select a kit from a beauty supply store or order a kit online. Pour the colorant into the palette. Open the containers of colorant that you want to use.

Pour a small amount of the chosen colorant powders into separate depressions in the palette. Open a nail polish bottle and place the funnel in the top. A small funnel is also included.

Add the colorant, replace the cap, and shake the bottle. Use the provided scoop to put your desired colors into funnel in the bottle of nail polish base. Then, remove the funnel and replace the cap. Thoroughly shake the bottle to mix the colorant into the base. Adjust the color, if desired.

Replace the cap and shake the bottle again. Keep adjusting until you reach the perfect shade. Yes, if that is the color your want for your nail polish. Just make sure to follow the instructions just as if it were eyeshadow. Not Helpful 12 Helpful Use white eye shadow, or fine white glitter for a more sparkly look. If you choose either, add some clear nail polish, too. Not Helpful 13 Helpful Clear polish would probably best, as white would make the color appear more like a grey, and you would end up using too much black shadow to compensate.

Not Helpful 5 Helpful Chloe Lee. If you add it to a top coat then yes, but it will only show up as a light tint. Not Helpful 9 Helpful You could try mixing two or more colors of nail polish together, but they may not blend properly; you might end up with a slight marbled effect. Not Helpful 20 Helpful