how to open blocked sites easily without proxy and download

How to Unblock Websites & Access Restricted Content

Oct 28,  · This video help you how to open any blocked download anything from any cannot download use any internet downloader like "Internet Downl. Jan 15,  · Services like, TinyURL, and Bitly shorten a website’s URL, which will help you unblock websites without a proxy, VPN, or example, if your school blocks Facebook, you can create a different (shortened) URL to access it. Here’s how .

Content is moving fast today more than ever because of the Internet. Websites are the main channels of communication but have their fair share of challenges. Several national governments are censoring content for various interests of respective countries. Besides national administrations, users are regularly blocked from websites because of geographical location. It can be a restriction at the place of work where your boss thinks the sites will compromise on the quality of work.

There are various ways to bypass firewalls and enjoy unlimited access to the sites. Also, some authorities misuse the filter feature on websites. There is a high possibility that it is only for segregation or expressing power. A Virtual Private Network ensures your device is connected to the internet but through a secure path. With a VPN, you can access any website from your home network. What you need to do is just to choose an IP address on a different continent.

This is effective, especially if the firewall is based on sjtes locations. Besides the normal online access, you can download bloxked app and access the sites directly what is the atomic number for potassium in your what is the meaning of behave. VPN primarily hides your identity, and no server or site owner can tell where the request is coming from.

The furthest they can get is t the dummy IP address. There are no loopholes or possibility of anyone recognizing your device. NordVPN guarantees you anonymous access opem any website and most importantly bypassing how to make windows 8 like windows 7 geo-restrictions and any blocking techniques. Whether it is at school, office and you need to access YouTube or Netflix, NordVPN ensures all your logs are protected while you xites the blocked sites.

The response time for NordVPN distinguishes it from all other alternatives. It is fast. Efficiency is crucial for wtihout. Ironically, it is affordable than most of the other VPNs despite its high rank in the industry.

You get 24 months of reliable and unlimited access to any blocked websites, which is an incredible offer. To boost your confidence in its functionality, you have a day money back guarantee.

It means you are free to use the service for a period of one month before making any contract. You should be satisfied with the service before you make any payments. It is not only efficient but also easy to use hence its popularity. Everything is configured, and all you need is to install and run. Here are the simple processes to follow: Step 1. Step 2. Click to install. Step 3. Choose an IP and configure any other features to suit your browsing preferences.

Step 4. VPN is the most reliable way to open banned websites. It is also pocket-friendly, especially if you need for long term use in office or school. Even if you intend to unblock Netflix at school or other entertainment sites while at home, this is the best subscription offer you can get with respect to VPNs.

It offers value within your budget. It is important to note that using a VPN is the safest and most reliable method to unblock websites without proxybut you can also go for some of the following alternatives depending on your preferences.

In some cases, the website restriction might only be on the URL meaning you can avoid accessing through the address and ping the IP. Translating the blocked website to a different language can give you instant access. It will help in changing the security code and bypass any restrictions for free access. But this only works for websites that have not installed a verified SSL.

Most of the access alternatives expose you to risks of recognition by site owners, which can end up in more ho blocks. It might also land you in trouble with your boss or school administration. It is worse if the national government is involved in the block and notices you snitching. It is safe to stick to the VPN as the best way of how to access blocked sites without proxy. Contents show. How to Unblock Websites without Proxy 2. How to Unblock How to open blocked sites easily without proxy and download with Other Methods.

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1. Unblock websites using a VPN

Aug 11,  · How to access blocked sites without proxy Using RSS Feed When you see that the site you cannot access has got RSS feed, this opens up a whole new option for you. In fact, you may access the unblocked site – using one of the RSS readers available on the web. Nov 27,  · If your network administrator or ISP have blocked some web sites you want to browse, don't worry,I'm not gonna tell you to use any VPN or change your proxy s. Mar 22,  · Some popular methods to bypass blocked websites include the use of Google Translate, free proxy, VPN services, URL recasting, etc. Some extensions are also available on the web.

The instances of websites getting blocked are rising each year due to numerous factors. In many countries, due to increased censorship, governments are actively censoring the internet access and forcing the users to steer away even from popular websites and social networks. Similar instances happen in schools and offices as well where network admin forces us to look for methods to unblock websites.

In this article, you can check out multiple easy ways to bypass the censorship to access blocked websites. Important: If your office or school has banned some websites on its network, unblocking them might violate your work policies. As per our experience and expert reviews, using a reliable VPN service is the best way to unblock websites with ease. Here are some great VPN packages for you to try:.

Very often, in a professional environment, employers draw certain boundaries to restrict your access to some particular websites and services such as video streaming, social networking, or even personal emails. At times, you need a way to access the blocked websites, and in those situations, proxy websites act as a rescue method. For instance, in case Facebook is blocked by your institution, you can go to a proxy site and enter the blocked URL to access the service —.

In that case, there are some simple steps that you can follow to change specific settings to allow permissions to access that particular website. To unblock websites in such cases, enter the web address of the website in Chrome and towards the left of address bar, see the icon. Click on it and look for Site settings to change the blocked status. In that case, you can use the IP address of a website to open banned webpages in your Chrome browser. So, with this tool, you can bypass the restriction by converting the blocked website into some other language that you may know.

If the websites that are blocked are dynamic in nature, such as Facebook or YouTube, then you should give a try to these extensions. Hola and ProxMate are some extensions that you can use to access blocked websites on Chrome and other browsers. UltraSurf is one such effective extension that lets you browse freely using its encrypted proxy network. You can simply use this method and bypass the blockade.

Here are the detailed steps on the same. Cloudflare also made available their 1. I often use this one-click method to access blocked sites in my region. Wayback Machine is an interesting service that stores a copy of almost all websites on the internet. It saves multiple versions of a website, and you can use it to access the past versions of a website. The users can also use it to browse the blocked content online. So, even if some service or websites becomes defunct, the Wayback Machine has got your back.

Moreover, the Internet Archive also contains lots of free movies, documentaries, nostalgic games, ebooks, etc. RSS readers are useful for getting fresh content and reading it with ease. You can grab the RSS feed from the blocked website and add it to your reader. Here, the catch is that some RSS readers can load an entire web page on top of their UI, which could be used to access a blocked website.

This could act as a web blocker bypass tool if you set it up properly. In many cases, you can unblock websites at school or office and remain anonymous as well. After VPN and proxies, using Tor is the most powerful method to unblock sites.

You can read our detailed article on Tor to know more about how it works. Apart from just web blocker bypass, if you are into exploring ways to enhance your computer security, you can also go for the deadly combination of TOR and VPN. Another simple way to bypass restrictions is to use your personal smartphone network if your network admin has blocked some particular services. SodaPDF provides a free online service that can help you directly download a web page on your computer without even accessing it.

Just visit this link and enter the desired URL. There are some services that need your URL, and they simply mail the unblocked webpage. In that case, you can install a web browser like Firefox portable on a USB drive. This change might display a security notice. Press on the Proceed Anyway option and visit the website. Your college or institute might have more than one proxy for its network. So, it could happen that some websites are restricted on one proxy, but accessible on another.

You can give a try to proxy surfing to access blocked websites in your college. These are some of the most effective and easy-to-use methods to circumvent the censorship that has been put on your favorite websites.

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