how to remove pto clutch cub cadet

Cant remove PTO clutch

Mar 25,  · The clutch is mounted In "Slippers Makes A How-To Video", Taryl shows you how to remove the front-mounted electric PTO clutch on your Cub Cadet riding mower. Look for the in-line fuse between the electrical wiring harness from the lever switch to the PTO clutch assembly under the deck. Start the engine and let it warm up. Subsequently, question is, what is PTO Cub Cadet? The PTO (or power take-off) belt is part of a pulley system that operates the blades on your riding lawn mower. It runs off the electric clutch system in your engine.

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Thread starter HickoryCub Start date Jun 14, HickoryCub Member. I need some help from you experienced Cub Cadet folks. I need to replace the engine on my 72, and all has gone well until I attempted to remove the pto mower drive clutch from the old engine. There are 2 hex head set screws accessed through holes in the "star plate".

One came out easily, but the other is obstructed by the end of one of the screws coming from the front of the clutch, and its nut. I attempted to back out the screw but the nut just spins and there is no way that I know of to get ahold of the nut. So how do you get the clutch off the engine when you cannot get the set screws out, hopefully without destroying it?

Thanks in advance. Charles Anderson Hickory mywkt. There should be three sets of two setscrews, six total, holding the PTO onto the bearing. The outer setscrews are standard setscrews, the inner screws are cone point setscrews. You need to remove these six setscrews to remove the PTO. Then there are tow setscrews holding the bearing onto the crankshaft.

Sometimes the three holes into the PTO housing are filled up by mud daubers making them not as obvious. Here's a drawing from the service manual showing the PTO details. Once you locate the three setscrew holes spray some penetrating oil in and let it soak for a while, then spray again. I like to let it set over night. Then use a hex Allen wrench with a good tip make sure how to gain memory loss it's not rounded over or you'll risk ruining the setscrews.

Tap then wrench in to make sure you have a good grip then lightly tap the wrench as you turn it think mini impact wrench. Repeat on all six setscrews. Once you have the setscrews out then you can pull off the PTO. This can sometimes be a tough job as well. Thanks much for your response and help. However, I am still have a question about accessing the set screws in the pto clutch that you mentioned. The yellow star wheel that holds the fingers on the clutch disk overhangs the set screws so that I cannot get to them.

Is there a way to force back the star wheel, or is commonly done just to bend it out of the way. If I can get the star wheel out of the way then hopefully I can get the six set screws out. This is why is did not initially attempt to remove the three set screws in the pto pulley in the first place, I call these the front set screws.

There is another set of two accessed through holes in how to use lemon to lighten dark spots on face star wheel, I call these the how to remove pto clutch cub cadet set screws, which are the ones that I was how to install android on nokia n900 from windows 7 to get out previously.

Again I thank you in advance for your help. Charles Anderson Hickory at mywkt. If you press the center button in it will release the PTO clutch and you will be able to turn the PTO body to align the setscrew holes with the cut out in the "star" on the pulley.

If the engine is in the tractor with the PTO disengaged you should be able to turn the PTO body separate from the star disc to align it with the holes. If you have the engine out then you might be able to press it in by hand or use a three jaw puller like this to press the center button in:. Thanks again for your help. It is rather busy around here in the summer, but I finally got back to my model Following your instructions I got the PTO clutch itself off the crankshaft.

Still left on the cranlshaft is the PTO bearing and the generator pulley. I removed 2 setscrews from the pulley hub and another one from the bearing race assembly, but how to put a cat down pulley and bearing assembly will not budge.

What is the bast way to get these off the crankshaft without damaging them beyond usability. The pulley looks to be just a steel stamping which looks to me to be unable to withstand serious hammering or prying.

Thanks again for sharing your experience. Joined Feb 10, Messages displayname Ed Topel. After the setscrews are out of the bearing you have to turn the collar slightly I can't remember which way, it's been a long time since I've done one of these to release the bearing from the shaft. The bearing and collar are eccentric what caused financial crisis in 2008 lock on the shaft when turned.

There is a hole in the collar for a spanner wrench but if you don't have one you can use a punch and tap in the hole to turn the collar. Then you may need a puller. The basket pulley the common name for it should pull off the shaft but is probably rusted on. Be careful, it's easy to bend it up and make it unusable. Penetrating oil and patience and maybe a little heat should get it off. Polish up the shaft before you try and get the pulley off. Good luck. Go to the "Refurbish and restorations thread" and click on "Finally doing a ".

Go to page 1 and scroll down to Feb. This will go along with what Ed is saying, along with some pics. Hope this helps. Look in the tools section of cc specialties above. He has a special tool to pull the basket pulley without damaging it.

If you don't want to wait for it, you can do something similar, make a sleeve that will just fit over the shaft, drill two holes for the setscrew holes, and use a puller on it. Much clumsier than his tool, but it can work. If you are going to be doing more than one. You must log in or register to reply here. Latest posts J.

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How To Remove The PTO Clutch On A Cub Cadet

Feb 09,  · Cub Cadet Collectors dot com. The Friendliest Forum for Cub Cadet Nuts on the Web The pto in gauges & disengauges some times the pto clutch pulley will keep going even when it is disingauged even put a screw driver on it and got sparks. So again, my opinion is, if you are going to bother to remove the pto, remove the bearing. Jun 15,  · Use an electric impacr for removing tires to loosen the bolt holding the clutch to the crankshaft, then it should be loose enough to tap off. Of course you will need the deck out of the way and have good clearance to work. The clutch is keyed to the crankshaft and will be tight. Oct 15,  · Over the decades of Cub Cadet ownership, I have rebuilt my front PTO clutches more than a few times. The springs were always missing, and I always installed new ones that came with the kit, only to have them disappear in a short time. Yes, the clutch got noisy, and irritated the hell out of me.

Forums New posts Search forums. Media New media New comments Search media. Members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts. Log in Register. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. New posts. Search forums. Log in. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter D C Start date Apr 7, D C LawnSite Member. Location Howell, MI. Going to pull the Kaw 23 engine for a rebuild, but I can't seem to get the clutch off. Pulled the bolt out.

No problem The clutch will not budge. Pryed on it with a crowbar using a block against the chassis for leverage and could not physically put any more pressure on it.

Will not budge. Any tips? Thanks, Dave. Restrorob LawnSite Fanatic. Location Show'n my truck off! Dave, Drain the oil from the engine first, You should be able to remove the engine from the frame with the clutch still on. Have a helper pick the engine up by the clutch holding it slightly off the floor and whack the bolt with a big hammer and see if it won't move.

I've done this many times by myself lifting on the clutch with my forklift and using a air hammer Restrorob said:. Location St. Louis Missouri. Try using an air hammer on the crank while usin a little leverage light to medium. Don't beat up crank itself, use a bolt threaded in.

Only way I could get one off my Hustler. Posted via Mobile Device. Location Austin Texas I have used a three prong puller in a couple cases and didn't tear up or breaak the pulley.

As you tighten the screw keep wacking the puller bolt with a big hammer. GrassGuerilla said:. Oddly, using a puller, I destroyed the clutch.

So be careful. Location Southwest of Chicago. Yah thread a longer bolt in with washer. Then insert round air hammer bit into socket and start hammering on the bolt. We have lifts so the machines are in the air when we do this. Generally the weight of the clutch is enough to start it moving down the shaft.

Some machines are made with a large enough hole that you can drop it in while others are not. We were a service center for Lesco for a while before Deere bought them.

I cant remember if the hole is big enough or not but I do remember one that I did that I could not get the pulley above the clutch off no matter what I did What's funny is I've never damaged a clutch during removal You must log in or register to reply here.