how to replace a hotpoint dryer belt

Hotpoint Tumble Dryer TDWSF83BEP F06

Feb 03,  · For all your tumble dryer spare parts go to this video, Mat shows how to dismantle and replace a broken drive belt on a vented dryer. Dec 04,  · If your dryer is not moving the clothes but the motor is running it is likely the drive belt is broken and needs video shows how for most Hotp.

Changing the belt on an Aquarius Hotpoint tumble dryer is a fairly easy project that can be completed in less than an hour. The tumble dryer is one of the most common dryer types, with hot air vented through holes in the drum to dry the wet clothes. The Aquarius model uses many of the same interior parts and designs as other Hotpoint models, and you can take it apart dryeg removing a few screws to access the belt.

Unplug teplace electrical cord of the Aquarius Hotpoint tumble dryer from the electrical socket before attempting to replace the belt.

Pull open the dryer door, locate the screws on the underside of the top lid and remove the screws with a hofpoint. Flip the top lid of the dryer back so that it rests against the wall and find the screws that secure the front panel at the top on the inside hotpoimt the cabinet.

Unfasten the screws with hotpoiht screwdriver and tilt the panel away from the dryer cabinet to unplug the door switch connector from the back of the panel by hand. Remove the front panel from the dryer cabinet, setting it aside, and locate the idler arm and motor on the bottom of the cabinet. Move the idler arm forward to relieve the tension on the belt, and take the belt off the idler arm, motor pulleys and from around the drum, removing the belt from the dryer.

Place a new belt around what do cla capsules do dryer drum and loop it over the idler arm pulley and around the motor pulley, letting the betl arm move back into place to apply tension to the new belt.

Check the new belt to verify there are no twists in it and that how to remove links from a casio watch band is lined up correctly around the pulleys. Place the front panel back onto the dryer cabinet, attaching the door switch connector to the back of the panel by hand, and secure the panel at the top with screws.

Flip the top lid back over the dryer cabinet and secure it with screws on the underside of the front lip. Carl Pruit has been a freelance writer sincespecializing in service journalism and travel.

His work has appeared on various websites. Written by: Carl Pruit Written on: July 14, References Appliance Aid, Aquarius Hotpoint replqce repair. Repair Clinic, Aquarius Hotpoint dryer belts and parts. Always unplug the electrical cord of the Aquarius Hotpoint tumble dryer from the hottpoint socket before attempting to replace the belt.


Nov 26,  · Hello I'm Larry and will be helping you so please stay on line with me until we finish, i will try not to take up to much time,, thanks slide the dryer out and unplug, open the door and remove the 4 screws that runs up into the top, raise the top, looses the two screws at the bottom of the front panel and remove the two screws at the inside upper corners and set off the front, slide the belt over the drum 5/5(K). Jan 30,  · Unplug the machine from the wall-socket and make sure the machine is cool. Remove the top cover of the machine by undoing the 2 screws at the back of the top panel. You should now be able to see if the belt is broken or not. Now follow the steps in the video to replace the belt all the models are listed below which this video is good for. Using the mark left behind by the old belt on the drum you can put the belt by pulling it slightly over the tension pulley. Next, you can pull the belt down with your other hand to wrap the belt around the pulley. Complete Assembly.

Tumble Dryer Bearings. Due to the way dryers are designed many tumble dryer noises can be difficult to fix because you may need to strip the entire dryer down to get to some parts. This video that is made on a noisy Hotpoint tumble dryer but is also good to uses on all these makes Indesit, Creda, Ariston, Crusader, Export, Jackson and Proline.

This sound usually means the metal drum is scraping on something as it revolves this is usually the bearing at the back of the tumble dryer or the front pads have worn away. If ignored, serious wear can occur and damage to the drum shaft or front lip on the drum, as you can imagine, something metal constantly catching on something else will inevitably result in wear of one or both of the parts involved including the back part of the tumble dryer casing.

I've seen many simple faults ignored which could have been caught early and therefore been repaired cheaply. The Indesit group which make these tumble dryers used to be terrible for scraping noises, and they made machines for all these manufactures Hotpoint, Creda, Ariston, Crusader, Export, Jackson and Proline and they brought out modifications to try and address the problem.

Some have flimsy casings which twist easily and have too little clearance between the revolving drum and the back panel and can make noise if the tumble dryer is not level. Other tumble dryer noises like Squeaking, squealing grinding can be caused by motors fans or pulley wheels. Some of these tumble dryers have tension pulleys which can wear or the bearing can dry out due to the tension pulleys or jockey wheels having strong springs to keep the wheel tensioned against the drive belt.

I personally would replace them. Unfortunately though these tension pulley wheels or jockey wheels are not usually accessible without stripping the dryer down though some dryers allow you to remove a side panel.

Tumble dryer motors can also become noisy. Sometimes the motor bearings dry out and start squealing or squeaking but you will only notice this when the belt is on as this will give tension on to the motor shaft therefore putting load on to the bearing. Thanks for the advice.

I documented my fix here if it helps anyone else Any idea for a squeaking from a Zanussi tW. Removed the two wheels that support the front of the drum and lubed the bearings.

Motor is nearly new so should be okay. There is still a loud squeaking noise when it starts the short reverse spin cycle. The drum also squeaks when turned in reverse by hand. Any assistance would be gratefully received. Thanks Chris. I realised that to take the top panel off the older machine some brute force had to be applied, it was held in place by 3 plastic spigots which spring fasteners held them. Gentle persasion with a light hammer made them slide out.

I have a Hotpoint Aquarius cd00 tumble dryer. I have changed the tentioner pulley and half the noise has gone. I still have a noise which continues even when the drum stops ready to go back in the opposite direction. The noise is a sort of squealing? Hi there. If you have a metallic scraping noise then you need to deal with it straight away.

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