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Selling Stamp Collection

Oct 21,  · Many collectors will use a percentage of catalogue value to gauge the market value of what they expect to pay for a stamp in average condition. For example, % of catalogue value would value a $ stamp at $$ Being unaware of these details cause many sellers to have inflated expectations of what their stamps should sell for. When selling stamps you must remember that a stamp dealer is in business and must buy at a price that allows him or her to make a fair profit when the stamps are sold. Obtain a Professional Appraisal A professional appraisal by a member of the American Stamp Dealers Association is recommended. ASDA members adhere to a strict Code of Conduct.

Are you are thinking about selling your complete stamp collection or even some of colleftors stamps? We are working within the current distancing guidelines. Email us today on selling sandafayre. Whether you have been building go philatelic collection for years with care and dedication or recently inherited a stamp sramps from a beloved relative or dear friend; we make competitive offers to how to get around safe eyes all types of good quality stamp collection, stmaps and single rarity.

If you decide you want to sell all or even some of your stamps and want to achieve the highest possible sales value, uow we can help. We can purchase your stamps directly from you at an what happens when a person dies with debt price, giving you money immediately. Alternatively, if your stamps are potentially of high enough commercial value we can sell your stamps in one of our public auctions.

We will advertise and promote your stamps to our worldwide audience of stamp collectors. Contact us now to discuss the potential sale of co,lectors stamp dtamp. As a first yo, it is best to email us a few images of your stamps today. It is best to simply take photographs of your stamps sending all images in one email to selling sandafayre.

Remember to include your name and where you are located slel the world. If you would like us to phone you remember to include a contact number. We will then give you our initial feedback and recommend next steps. Sandafayre is unable to make binding offers from photographs alone. It is often the detailed condition of stamps which makes a huge difference in the value of your stamps.

Alternatively you can send your collection to our office and we will endeavour to make you a confirmed offer for your stamps within 10 days of receipt. If sending from outside the UK, there may be import taxes which you will be required to pay. For advice on shipping please get in touch. If you are local to North West England you can bring your stamps to our office in Knutsford Cheshire for appraisal. It is always best to call ahead or make an appointment to ensure someone is available to appraise your stamp collection.

Contact us today to make the arrangements. We might need you to leave your stamp collection with us for a few days so we can examine everything in detail and respond with our best offer. Sandafayre has the expertise and professionalism to undertake the most thorough and knowledgeable appraisal of your stamp collection.

We get results! Our experts stajp how best to describe, photograph and display your stamps to generate high levels of interest from our worldwide client base. We how to solve extraneous equations approachable experts. Our team is open and straightforward to deal with; and are honest collevtors who will care for vollectors stamps just as much as you do.

Sandafayre handles everything philately-related. From medal-winning exhibition collections and worldwide co,lectors to general stamp inheritances we can help sell everything philatelic from a complete collection which fills a room to a single rare stamp.

You can entrust our stamp experts to provide you with a straightforward, collectorz and confidential response to your enquiry. So if you want to find out if there is a potential market for your stamps please email us with a few pictures and a brief description of what you have to selling sandafayre.

Contact us today to start a conversation about selling your stamps. We encourage you to attend the stamp auction in person so you can experience the thrill of the auction for yourself. In addition our public stamp auctions are broadcast live on the internet through Saleroom. As a result bids for your stamps can arrive from within the auction room as well as from all corners of the globe.

If you sell through our public auctions we do our best to make the process simple, safe and enjoyable. Sandafayre Holdings Ltd. Toggle navigation. We will then give you our initial feedback and recommend next steps Sandafayre is unable to what is a white mirepoix binding offers from photographs alone. We pay you quickly. Once we agree the purchase price we pay you within how to create a music playlist on iphone. We look forward to helping you sell.

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How To Sell A Stamp Collection The Wrong Way

7 - The collection contains quantities of the same stamp. 8 - Elvis stamps - if they are unused they are worth more being used for postage. Next Step - Decide The next step is to decide how to sell them - there are a number of options for selling a stamp collection. SELLING ON THE INTERNET. If you search around the internet there are a number. Selling on consignment means that you are paying for a professional to sell your stamps for you. Instead of offering you a lower than market value to resell, stamp consignment services will provide you with a transparent realization of what your stamps sold for. They will then collect a percentage of the sale as a commission. We Buy Stamps and Coins. Established in , Mystic is the largest buyers of stamps and stamp collections in the US and a major buyer of coins. We spent over $70 million dollars in the past five years. We have cash now, and are looking for more collections to buy! a serious collector.

Ask yourself the following questions to help determine the value of the collection to be sold. They are the same questions that a dealer asks himself before making any determination about the potential value of your collection If the answer is yes, did the owner buy single items, packets, lots or collections? Can you find any bills of sale, invoices or canceled checks from dealers or auction firms? Is there an insurance policy or a will with instructions?

These figures may be helpful, but one cannot depend on any of them. A collection which is made up on many low priced items is not worth as much for resale as a smaller collection with a few high priced quality items. The value of stamps, like the value of anything else, is what a willing buyer will pay a willing seller. This is never a fixed figure. The market fluctuates in varying degree and at unpredictable rates. How is the collection stored?

Is it in albums, mounted on album sheets or stock cards, or is it loose in show boxes or cartons? Does it list the catalog value or original purchase price next to each item? Stamps should be stored with care in a dry place away from extreme temperatures, preferably in a bank vault or safe. See that the collection is handled as little as possible.

What is the condition? Are the stamps mint or used? Are they attached to an envelope? If they are, leave them attached! Mint not canceled stamps are those which have not been postmarked. Postally used stamps have gone through the mail and bear a cancellation mark. Envelopes or covers as they are called in philately can have value as postal history in addition to the value of the stamp s attached to them. Historical value considers the writer or recipient, the place of origin or destination, the date the cover was mailed.

Are the stamps singles, pairs, blocks or sheets or are they a complete unit set as issued — a series starting with a low value, with each following a stamp increasing in value to a final high i. If they are larger multiples, do not detach or separate them, as stamps often have greater value as multiples.

The importance of condition cannot be emphasized. The tiniest tear, the most minute thin spot, the faintest crease, or the smallest stain can reduce a stamp to a fraction of the value it would have in perfect condition. What determines the value of a stamp collection?

A given stamp may be bought or sold above or below catalog prices, depending upon the condition of that particular stamp. Condition refers to freshness, color soundness, centering, gum perforation, and margins. When selling stamps you must remember that a stamp dealer is in business and must buy at a price that allows him or her to make a fair profit when the stamps are sold. They are responsible for reviewing your philatelic material and placing a fair value on the stamps, with regard to the quality and the current market price.

Appraisal fees vary, depending on the appraiser and on the size of the collection. However, it is the practice of most dealers and auctioneers to waive the appraisal fee if the collection is subsequently sold to them or consigned to their auction. An appraisal can be prepared based on several approaches: 1. Catalog Value 2. Insurance replacement value 3. Potential auction realization 4.

Retail over-the-counter value 5. Wholesale value what the dealer will pay on that day Make your own Inventory Recommended only for those with stamp knowledge If you have some knowledge and experience in stamp collecting, you have an edge when selling a stamp collection.

Start by preparing an inventory or list of your stamps. The most common method of preparing a collection for sale is by marking in pencil the catalog value keeping in mind that the catalog value is a guide and may not represent the true market value of each stamp or row of stamps in the margin of the album page, according to one of the current stamp catalogs. It is important to note that many U.

Methods of sale There are several methods of sale to be considered. The appropriate method depends on the nature of collection, the value of the material, the preference of the person selling the collection and sometimes the geographical location of the sale. Direct Sale to a Dealer Selling to a dealer has two advantages. The seller receives an agreed amount of money immediately and there is no fee. Consignment to a Dealer The seller can place the stamps with a dealer on consignment.

The seller should ask for an itemized receipt, a minimum price should be set, and payout terms should be arranged before the collection is consigned.

If possible, the seller should have photographs of any expensive stamps in the collection, and these should be made part of the receipt. A time limit, in writing, should be placed on the sale and on the payout. Consignment to an Auction House Auction offers the greatest potential for the highest sale price.

The customary fee to the auction house is a percentage of the sale price. There may be a wait of a few months, between the time of consignment and the date of the next auction. On a consignment of sufficient value, most auction houses will, at the time of consignment, give a cash advance against the estimated sale price.

Outright Sale to an Auction House This is the same as an outright sale to a dealer. Placement in a Mail Sale Consignment to a mail sale can be a way to dispose of a large number of items with a smaller selling price. Fees vary and the seller should inquire about all charges. Private Treaty Retail dealers and auction houses often act as agents to offer collections in their entirety for sale privately.

Commission fees vary. Sell at a Stamp Show Take the collection to a local regional stamp show. There you can show it to several potential buyers at one time and obtain the highest price offered. Where Should It Be Sold? When the decision has been made as to the appropriate method of sale for the collection, the seller needs to have assurance of the sound reputation and financial responsibility if any dealer or auction house.

The seller should ask for references, and should contact the American Stamp Dealers Association to ask whether the dealer is a member in good standing. Most members display the ASDA sign of membership in ads. Other Options You might consider keeping the stamp collection.

Throughout the years stamps have increased in value. You could try to add to the collection and enjoy the hobby. It is one which can be shared with children and grandchildren. You can also visit a local stamp club and make friends while you learn about stamp collecting and get to know your local ASDA stamp dealers. When the market is good, a collection will bring a higher price. When money is tight, it may be beneficial to wait to sell. How to store your stamps… …until you decide to dispose of them The condition of your stamp collection affects the final sale price because buyers all seek stamps in sound condition.

Postage stamps do not bring top prices if they are torn, creased, mildewed, stuck together, pasted down or damaged by moisture. Therefore, during the time that you are determining the value of your collection, you should take the following precautions. Storage Keep your stamp collection at dry, moderate room temperature. Avoid attics or basements, since temperatures are both hot and cold, or dampness damages stamps.

When storing stamp albums, place them in an upright position. Do not stack them one on top of another since the weight of other books will tend to make stamps stick.

Condition If any of the stamps are stuck together, do not attempt to separate them because you may do damage in the process. Leave them stuck together until a professional stamp dealer can look at them and determine whether they can be separated safely. Do no remove any stamps that have been postally used on envelopes. If the stamps themselves have a value, they can have an even greater value when left on an envelope.

Leave the stamps in multiples, whether cancelled or unused, intact, since they are sometimes more valuable as blocks or sheets that as singles. In Short Selling your stamp collection is like any other business decision; consider all of your options, always get multiple opinions, plan carefully and be sure to do business with stamp dealers that display the ASDA logo.

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