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Mar 12,  · My girlfriend, Willow, and I both teach the basics of Gibberish. Gibberish is a secret language, which uses an infex before each vowel in a word and breaking. May 08,  · Instructional Video on how to speak Nonsense Talk (Gobbledy-Gook, or Gibberish). Gibberish allows the opportunity to express any.

Gibberish is a language spoken all over the world by a sub-species of Homo sapiens, called siblings or friends. Since it is very easy and lots of fun, you can learn how to speak gibberish too. Siblings often invent a language to entertain themselves and have a little fun.

They often use something like the p-language or the f-languagewhere they put a p or f at the start of every syllable. Perhaps, it is the joy of inventing a new language that gives them immense satisfaction. Anyway, kids these what is the best nursing drug handbook are burdened with having to learn so many languages like English, Spanish, or French, gibbrrish the idea of inventing your own language sounds pretty cool.

Or may be it is that cool secret-agent feeling they get because they feel they are speaking in a coded language. Gibberish is actually a very commonly spoken language, but the problem is that there is nothing particularly unique about it how to destroy my hard drive it is spoken almost everywhere. Still, children do derive happiness out of learning and speaking this language. Let me start by saying that if you thought learning to speak gibberish is easy, you are wrong.

Learning gibberish, as is gibbeerish case with most languages, requires a lot of practice. Here are some of the basic grammar principles of this language. The most commonly spoken version of gibberish adds the words idig after every syllable.

Hence, a bisyllabic word like dogwill be gibbered as d-idig-og. Remember that the idig does not go at the end of the last syllable. The last syllable stays the way it was. For a word starting how to increase stats in gta 5 two or more consonants, the idig will be added at the end of the consonants.

Hence in gibberish, strong is pronounced as str-idig-ong. If the word begins with a vowel, then the vowel is replaced by I. So in gibberish, eat is pronounced idigeat. Well these were very small words! Gibberish becomes challenging when you try pronouncing longer words with more syllables.

How would you pronounce the word example? Hence, it becomes e-idig-xa-idig-mp-idig-le. At the same time, flower becomes fl-idig-ow-idig-er. That is tough. And mind you, gibberish gibberisu to be spoken fast and fluently, hence make sure that gkbberish practice. Kids in different parts of the world may speak or invent different dialects to the language as they may like.

But currently, the most commonly spoken dialects use itheguddagand atheb. The rules of the game remain the youtjbe you have to add these words after every syllable, except the last one. You can also add a letter between the added word and the syllables of the original word to make it a bit more personalized.

Here are examples of some dialects of gibberish. So now you can teach your friends and converse with them in gibberish regularly. It might be slightly difficult to get used to, but once you do get the hang of it, it will be a fun game for you and your friends.

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Skip to primary navigation Skip to main content Skip to primary sidebar Skip to footer The Dynamics of Blah-blah: How to Speak Gibberish and Make Sense Gibberish is a language spoken all over the world by a sub-species of Homo sapiens, called siblings or friends.

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Oct 06,  · About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators. Apr 22,  · About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators. Learning Gibberish. Let me start by saying that if you thought learning to speak gibberish is easy, you are wrong. Learning gibberish, as is the case with most languages, requires a lot of practice. Here are some of the basic grammar principles of this danhaigh.comg: youtube.

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Learn more You may think gibberish is covert nonsense talk or something a 2-month-old infant might say, but, in reality, it is a "secret language" used by some either for secrecy or just for kicks.

If you want to join the conversation, listen and read! To speak gibberish, start by breaking down a word into individual syllables.

Then, add "idig" before the vowel sounds in each syllable. For example, if you're trying to say the word "bottle," you would say "bidigottle," and if you're trying to say the word "tree," you would say "tridigee.

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Support wikiHow and unlock all samples. Method 1 of Understand the process. However, all established variants use the same pattern: A nonsense sound is inserted into every syllable when speaking. The same nonsense sound is used over and over, so words get much longer and all sound quite similar. Pig Latin is a pseudo-language that is another way of speaking in code. It's a little more common and a little easier to deduce.

Break a word down into spoken syllables. Generally, every syllable in a word contains one vowel sound. Add "-idig-" before each vowel sound in a syllable.

If there are only vowels e. Regardless of whether there are 1,2, or 3 consonants at the beginning, add it before the first vowel sound. The result will sound something like this: tree : tr idig ee bottle : b idig ottle symmetry : symm"idig"etry For a word like "street," remember to keep the consonants together it's still one syllable. The word, in gibberish, would be pronounced, "str idig eet.

Resist the urge to repeat vowel sounds. If you were to say the word "hi" in gibberish, it may be tempting to pronounce it "hi-tho-gi," instead of "h I -di-gi.

It's harder to decipher when you add in a different vowel sound. Think of a caveman grunt. Method 2 of As you're just walking around, mutter different words to yourself. If you have trouble, slow down and say them syllable by syllable, and just repeat until you can say it quickly. Do the same thing with phrases.

Start simple at first. Practice "the cat sat on the mat with a hat. Again, you probably shouldn't mutter words to yourself in public settings with other people around; they might think you are possessed by a demon. However, if this isn't a problem, go right ahead. Teaching this to your friends or S. You can talk about if you want to get ice cream, or go to a movie or buy a present with the kid nearby without them getting all hyper.

You could also use this with friends to talk about things that are urgent but not really PG Repeat, repeat, repeat. Eventually, it'll seem like othagold hothagat. You'll grow more and more confident, shortly moving onto phrases and sentences. Take a look around your room. What objects do you see? Is there a chothagair? Maybe a bothaged? Or a cothagompothagutothager? How quickly can you decipher the words in this secret language?

What sounds are flubbing you up? Get quicker. After a bit of practice, the words will start rolling off your tongue. Try reading aloud the words on this page in gibberish. How quickly can you translate? Are you ready for sentences? Experiment with different variations. There are many established variants, and you're completely welcome to come up with your own twist -- though no one else will understand you. When it comes to that inserted sound, here are some possible already established variants: [1] X Research source "-idig-": "Go" becomes "gidigo.

Once you get fast at "-othag-", the rest will be cake cothagake! Get out a few old baby books and read them out loud in gibberish. Keeping the three syllable words to a minimum how did you do with Gothagibbothagerothagish above?

Once the baby books are easy, it's time to impress your friends! Hopefully you can convince a buddy to do this with you. What's the point in speaking in code if you can't exchange classified information in front of people? Or, it's possible you have friends that can already do this and you just don't know. Sothago othagask! Use your powers wisely. Now that you can say whatever you please in front of anyone, don't abuse your power.

After a few phrases, you're going to be like that guy who has a French word for everything. People may get irritated, especially if you don't tell them what the heck is going on. If you'd like, you could teach them your ways, but it may be more fun to see if they can figure it out first. Hold off until you're confident with it. Speaking gibberish can be quite impressive if you can do it decisively and with confidence.

Just as with any language, you have to practice it often. Or else you'll find yourself tongue-tied and stuttering. Not Helpful 22 Helpful It's like speaking in code. You can talk about private things with others in the room, and they won't be able to understand you. Not Helpful 17 Helpful Yes, there is pretty much an unlimited number of versions of gibberish, as people tend to just make up their own rather than follow any traditional system. Not Helpful 13 Helpful Just write the same things you would speak.

For example, if you wanted to write "tree", it would be "tridigee".