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China EMS Tracking

Enter your China EMS tracking number and get updates with one click Surf one site rather than multiple to track your shipments. Parcel Monitor provides one stop tracking solution for each and every one of your China EMS parcels irrespective of the location/5(K). Enter tracking number to track China EMS (ePacket) shipments and get delivery status online. Contact China EMS (ePacket) and get REST API docs.

Do you have multiple tracking numbers, different logistics providers, looking for regular track event updates? We have you covered. Allow us to packzge the complexity of tracing your shipments across different carriers with our tracking API here. Track all your China EMS parcels. What customers are thinking? Overall Rating 2. On time delivery 2. Delivery experience 2. Parcel Monitor user from United Kingdom 3 months ago. Parcel Monitor user from United Kingdom 4 months ago. Parcel Monitor user from United States 4 months ago.

Parcel Monitor user from United States 5 months ago. Parcel Monitor user from United States 6 months ago. Absolutely awful experience. Chian to Texas when I how to save dahlia tubers in Indiana. Parcel Monitor user from United Kingdom 6 months ago. Edmunds, it does not show that the parcel ever arrived at it final address destination. This item did not arrived cnina the personal address it was meant to go to.

Parcel Monitor user from Australia 6 months ago. I never recieved my parcel it did not even lesve china and no response and still fighting what is a job site refund not happy. Parcel Monitor user from United States 7 months ago. Your easy-to-use tracking solution for parcels worldwide. Visit Parcel Monitor. It gives you the most effective and perfect tracking service for all your domestic and global China EMS shipments.

Also, it takes care of the language specified by you. It is a unique and perfect solution for receiving the transit updates directly to your mailbox. Try It Now! Enter your China EMS tracking number and get updates with one click Surf one site rather than multiple to track your shipments. Parcel Monitor provides one stop tracking solution for each and tracm one of your China EMS parcels chona of the location.

It also allows you to set language preferences according to your needs, so that tracking can become easier and hassle-free.

Begin your tracking now! When you can get all the data in one place through Parcel Monitor. It is the one stop answer for all the information you need about Best Express parcels. You are just one click away! The most suitable solution for all your shipment tracking problems is Parcel Monitor. It provides you with the most beneficial solution for tracking China EMS parcels by sending regular shipment updates directly to your mailbox.

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About China Post

The tracking number (Shipment ID) of EMS is usually composed of 13 characters. It begins with E (represents Express Mail) and another letter and ends with CN or CS. Between them are 9 digits. There are also other formats like:3/5(13). admin USPS can track China Post Register Airmail, EMS, ePacket and Sea/Air combined parcel where are shipped from China to USA. But USPS can not track China Post Ordinary Small Packet and China Post Direct Xpress Mail Parcel even if the parcel destination is USA. Here is the table of different China Post parcel category tracking Read More . The China EMS tracking number format consists of a combination of letters and numbers. First couple of letters signifies type and method of parcel sending parcel, then there are 9 digits, and last two letters CN, meaning China. You can find China EMS tracking code on the order page on the stores website or request it from seller.

RVCN because tracking shows that it was handed to airlines on Aug, and 79 days lapsed but further update is available. Please advise where our parcel is. Our tracking number is CPCN. Please advise. I found a website that seems to be the official China post website. But still, I am not sure about that. I had to use my China post tracking number here. Thank you for your help, great service! I'm definitely not a China post fan. They work quite slowly and during the New Year holidays in China they completely stop working and responding to messages.

In addition to this, even using China post tracking is very difficult to know where your package is now. It is difficult to figure out where you must copy the China post tracking number. I ordered goods from China several times and the seller sent them to me by China Post. I received the parcel in both cases, although I had to wait each time for a long time. Despite the fact that it is in English, it is very difficult to understand something there.

The parcel went too long but I knew it in advance. China Post tracking was easy, it just takes time to understand the system. By the way, I am waiting for my next package. Working with China Post tracking can be a little bit odd. But the system is pretty transparent. You get the tracking number from the seller or at the China Post website. The bad thing is that it changes after passing the border. But still, it is possible to find the further information. I have no options so have to adjust.

It is cool you provide the feature to track the packages here. It happened to me for a few times. It was a pretty unpleasant situation for the first time as it was my first order from China as well.

Now I see they change the id numbers for different countries. Nice site with all necessary functions. China post tracking is great here because I may receive notifications to my e-mail each time when my package arrives in a new city. Its services cover mail delivery domestic as well as international , express mail delivery, postal money transfer services, logistics and parcel delivery, and EMS. China Post is also responsible for the circulation of books, journals and newspapers, and for issuing stamps.

China has had postal services for about years, but its modern postal system the Customs Post Office of the Qing Empire was established by Robert Hart in This organization changed and was renamed a few times, following the political situation of the country.

It was renamed the Great Qing Post in , became independent of the customs service in , and was renamed Chunghwa Post in During the struggle between the Nationalist and Communist governments, both parties issued their own stamps. With the victory of communism in , the postal services were renamed General Postal Administration. The current name is China Post Group Corporation.

If you want to track a parcel or piece of mail sent through China Post, you can do so on this page. Just enter your tracking number into the search bar at the top of the page, and click on the search button on the right-hand side of it. To track your package, all you need is the package tracking number. Once you have it:. In most cases, this happens because the seller hasn't shipped the package, or the package has not been collected yet.

Every postal item registered at the China Post is assigned a unique tracking number that conforms to the S10 standard. It consists of 13 digits four letters and nine algarisms. For instance: RVCN. Besides these kinds of registered mail, there is also Unregistered Mail. Unregistered Mail receives a tracking number that can only be used to track the parcel inside China. Once the parcel leaves Chinese territory, it is no longer possible to track it. For this shipping mode, you can see the date the package left the post office, but you cannot track it beyond that point.

This delivery service is used for packages that require tracking only during their transit through Chinese territory. Packages sent through Unregistered China Post are not registered at all the transit points, and after they leave the country, the sender won't be able to track them.

However, if you are sending mail or parcels to Kazakhstan, you will be able to track them, since the national postal service KazPost supports international tracking of any unregistered mail that enters the country. Unregistered China Post packages also receive a tracking number with a total of 13 alpha-numeric characters. But its structure is different the code starts with U and ends with CN, for instance:. China Post rates depend on a number of variables such as the mode of shipping, size and weight of the parcel, charge unit, and pricing in different zones.

Also, the exact price is based on the latest quotation of the Office. For detailed information on rates you can check the China Post official website. In order to use China Post services, you need to go to the post office. You can ask your hotel receptionist or residence concierge to direct you to the nearest post office. If there is no one available to direct you, this website in English may help you find the nearest post office.

Alternatively, if you read Chinese, you can find out how to send a parcel by China Post on their official website, on this page , and on this one. If you gave the wrong delivery address for your package or if you have moved to a new address since China Post cannot alter it for you. What you can do is to contact the local courier in the destination country, give them the tracking number and shipment details, and ask them to change the delivery address. If you want to send items through China Post, make sure that they do not fall into any of these categories:.

You can check this page for the full list of China Post forbidden items in Chinese. You must insist the seller choose ePacket shipping, otherwise it will take 60 to 80 days for the package to arrive by China Post standard mail. In other countries, delivery times for China Post parcels depend on a number of factors, such as the shipping mode and the destination country. The average time taken to deliver most international packages is between 15 and 60 day. If it was sent by economic shipping mode, the package can take as long as 3 to 6 months to arrive.

This China Post service transports and delivers packages that weigh more than 2kg and up to 30kg. You can choose standard or registered shipping mode the standard shipping mode does not include parcel tracking, whereas if you register your package you will be able to track it all the way to its destination. China Post postage rates for international parcels vary depending on the shipping mode, parcel size and weight, and the places from and to which you are sending the parcel.

China Post works with national couriers to deliver mail and parcels in these countries. To return a package, you need to follow the same steps you would when sending it. At times packages can take longer than normal to reach the recipient. If you are the recipient and your package has not arrived within the estimated time of delivery, here are a few things you can do:.

If your express China Post mail arrived after the estimated date of arrival, the sender must file a complaint within 30 days from the date of delivery. China Post Express Logistics will reply within 7 working days. In order to file a complaint, the sender must provide basic information about the shipment: delivery date, zip code and zip code of the recipient except Hong Kong.

If the sender does not send the request within the specified time, China Post Express Logistics will no longer pay compensation according to the relevant requirements of the promised service.

If it is confirmed that China Post Express Logistics is responsible for the delay, the postage collected will be returned to the sender excluding packing, customs and other charges. Packages Delivery Terms China Post. Register or Use a social log in:. Ellena A. Why can't I track my China Post package?

What does a China Post tracking number look like? How do I change the delivery address? What prohibited items cannot be shipped by China Post? How long does China Post take? How do I return a China Post package? China Post did not deliver the order, what should I do? China Post History China has had postal services for about years, but its modern postal system the Customs Post Office of the Qing Empire was established by Robert Hart in China Post tracking If you want to track a parcel or piece of mail sent through China Post, you can do so on this page.

How to track China post? Once you have it: Use the search bar at the top of this page; Enter the tracking number or tracking code, or ID number in the search bar, without including any dashes or spaces; Click on the Search button View the tracking history and status information of your package.

Other possible reasons why you cannot track your parcel are: You are using the order number to track the package instead of the tracking number. Check the shipping confirmation email you received from the seller to get the correct number. The seller has shipped the package and sent you the tracking code, but the package status has not yet been updated by China Post.