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550+ Nicknames for Weed or Marijuana

Aug 10, Traditional and Slang Names for Cannabis 2 long [cannabis cigarette] Acapulco Gold [strain name] Ace Afghan [strain name] African [strain name] Airplane [cannabis cigarette] AK [industry trade name] Alfalfa Alice B. Toklas Alligator Cigarette [cannabis cigarette] Amnesia [good quality] Estimated Reading Time: 1 min. Some of the most popular include: Acapulco Gold or just Gold Texas Tea Sinsemilla or just Sins Panama Gold or Panama Red ColomboEstimated Reading Time: 2 mins.

Marijuana or weed is illegal in most of countries of the world. This is because weed is considered as mother of different behavioral disorders. Weed is considered as habitual by some people, while some consider that weeds can be quit through will power only without any rehab center.

Because marijuana is illegal, it has several nicknames through which it is being sold. Nicknames are given to weed so that police and anti-narcotic agencies may be tackled and whwt. Humans always have a taste for getting high and weed is fulfilling the taste with utmost satisfaction. For some people marijuana is a source to how to use joint tape inner peace and to experience the serene consciousness.

Moreover, some people are mentioning the weed as soem source to have spiritual significance and some use marijuana as a medicine. However, whichever the case is, if you are looking to have detailed information regarding marijuana or weeds and interested to have knowledge of its different nicknames, then you are at the right place.

This article is dedicated for the purpose. Marijuana or weed is a mixture of dried flowers of cannabis sativa which is usually in greenish to gray color depending on the region and existence. There are many ways to smoke how to wire an electrical circuit and each addict has its own way of getting pleasure out of weed.

Some people are smoking weed in the form of hand rolled cigarettes which are called joints. Some people are smoking marijuana in water pipes more often known as shisha while some smoke it in cigar wraps.

The marijuana is also used for medicinal purposes as well. For this the marijuana is mixed in tea and sometimes mixed in edible naames such as cakes, cookies, cupcakes, brownies, and candies etc. More often various vaporizers are also used for consuming marijuana.

There are few strong forms of marijuana as well such as sinsemilla and concentrated resins which what do convict fish eat comprising high dosage of marijuana or weed. As already discussed in detail that the weed or marijuana is made kther the dried leaves, which are shredded and dried parts of the plant cannabis. The flowers, leaves, seeds, and stems of cannabis are also used for making weed. There are different names for weed such as hash, spme, and otger along with hundreds of other names.

Most of people are vaping or smoking marijuana while some people are also consuming it as an essential ingredient of their daily diet such as tea, food, and oils etc. It is a fact that marijuana or weeds are being used for the medicinal purposes. However, there are some severe of its effects on the health if consumed in abundant quantity.

Numerous weed consumers are having a misconception that weed has no impact on health which is wrong. The weed is not only associated with numerous of psychological diseases but has also been associated with the core reason for having problems with family, school, work, friends, and law etc.

There are some long term sickness associated with the regular use of what are some other names for cannabis such as respiratory, inflammatory symptoms, vomiting, nausea, psychosis which is known as schizophrenia, immunity suppression, higher levels of prolactin in women, persistency in having red eyes, decreased level of testosterone hormone level in men, and periodontal sickness which is a gum disease.

The use of marijuana is legal in some matters especially when it is used for the medicinal purposes. When you are using marijuana for medical purposes, this can be a long term drug and can cure several diseases as well. However, after the cure of the respective diseases if you are flr using it then this would be really going to be damaging for you.

Regular use of marijuana may cause severe cough and some chronic chest infections which are really hard to cure. Therefore, the use of marijuana must be avoided at any case. Marijuana is more often known for its nicknames not because these names are safe for its business and distribution but these nicknames are based on the effects of the marijuana on people who consume it.

There are abundant nicknames being used for weed or marijuana all across the globe. Some of the most common nicknames used for marijuana are described below in detail. The weed smokers are given with different nicknames either because of hesitation or hatred. The most popular nicknames for the marijuana smokers are. Until now you may have got an idea that weed or marijuana is being used in abundance all across the globe. Moreover, there are abundant names given to it in different regions of the world.

However, there are some specific street names associated with marijuana. Some of these names. There are numerous local names which are being used for the marijuana in common languages all across the world. These common names are the code words which are used for the business of weed as the osme and selling weed is illegal in most of the countries.

Such names are like.

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As a popular recreational drug, marijuana is known by a huge number of nicknames. An entire culture surrounds this particular substance, and theres a lot of different slang involved in its use. The common scientific name is cannabis, but the most common slang terms include: Weed. Pot. Cannabis is the true name.. 'Marijuana' is actually slang that was invented in the late s to spin cannabis as a dangerous drug. You'll find the word isn't used prior to that. Other variations you'll see: Cannabis-Sativa. Cannabis-Indica. Cannabis-Ruderalis. Ganja (this is actually a real word for cannabis, originating in India) Slang Names: Marijuana. Oct 17, And like many other drugs, occasionally youll learn a few that youre not familiar with hearing. Here is a compilation of the 25 most common slang or street names for marijuana: 1. Mary JaneVery similar sounding to marijuana, and likely the English equivalent to the Spanish danhaigh.comted Reading Time: 2 mins.

Advanced Search. You may be curious about the history of marijuana and how it has had many street and slang names used over the years. At other times it can be a term of affection for one of your favorite past times. Here is a compilation of the 25 most common slang or street names for marijuana:. Mary JaneVery similar sounding to marijuana, and likely the English equivalent to the Spanish name. WeedCigarettes or cigars were originally called this, so eventually it became applicable to a marijuana cigarette too.

ReeferThe word reefer originally meant rope, and sometimes hemp is used to make rope. SkunkIt often smells strongly of a skunk spray and can even be mistaken for it. GanjaIn India and Nepal they called marijuana ganjika.

The name has been shortened to ganja. RoachGenerally this refers to a weed cigarette after it has been smoked up. Likely because it looks like a bug when smoking is done. CrippleCrippy is in reference to a high-grade marijuana. Usually quite strong. BoomA mix of traditional cigar and marijuana that has been dipped in malt liquor.

Depending on where you live regionally, there could be many more names of this bud. Often friends will even create covert names for their favorite recreational activity. Explore our Marijuana Blog. Keyword for search.