what are the earrings called that stretch your ears

Yes, Heavy Earrings Can Permanently Stretch Out Your Earlobes

Apr 14,  · Rah-Lee got it. They are tapers, although sometimes called stretchers, expanders, or insertion pins. Tapers go in and out, they are tools for inserting . Tunnel / eyelets earrings for your stretched ears. Add some flare to your plugs with some hoop earrings. Over 20 styles to pick from. Shop here.

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If you have stretched your lobes to the larger gauge of your dreams then look no further than this selection of unusual earrings for stretched ears that come in a range of styles to complement your . White Bone Stretching Earrings (Pair) - 5mm / 4 Gauge Bone Stretch Earrings - Handcrafted 4g 5 mm Bone Stretch Earring C TwoFeatherConnection 5 out of 5 stars (4,). Amazon's Choice for earrings that go up your ear. SLUYNZ Sterling Silver Wave Cuff Earrings Wrap Tassel Earrings for Women Teen Girls Threader Earrings Chain. out of 5 stars 2, $ $ Get it as soon as Fri, Mar 5. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon.

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Are the holes from a plug earring reversible? And what types of plug earrings are there anyway? Plug earrings, earplugs, earspools or flesh tunnels, as they are often called, are very simple devices — they are short, cylindrical pieces that are meant to fit in large-gauge body piercing holes. Such holes can be pierced in various places on your face or body — your nose and lips being two other more popular places.

Due to their typically simple design and large size, earplugs can be made from various different materials: glass, metal, bone, silicone are among the most popular materials but you can also get flesh tunnels made out of acrylic glass, wood, stone, horn, porcelain or others. If the ear hole is stretched carefully and properly, and if the earplug is of good quality and is disinfected, fitting a plug earring should be completely risk-free.

As we alluded above, plug earrings have been around for millennia. Plenty of ancient cultures used to wear earplugs, as well as nose and lip plug piercings. The Egyptian New Kingdom era, for example, is quite famous for the large-gauge hooped earrings both men and women were wearing. A lot of indigenous cultures in the Americas also used to wear such piercing with the Maya and Aztecs civilizations in the Mesoamerican region being the most famous examples.

Further down south, Inca men used to wear gold or silver earplugs as an indication of their nobility and social status. A lot of other cultures across the globe have also worn similar earplugs, with some still using them to this day. Ivory earplugs, for example, were commonly used by the Hmong people of Southeast Asia. The Aka women also known as the Hrusso people from India are also well-known for wearing silver plug earrings called rombin.

In Europe and in most of the Western world, this type of piercing has been viewed as countercultural and has been largely forbidden and frowned upon due to the religious and cultural norms of the Middle Ages. The few examples of plug piercing you might find throughout that era of European history will typically be related to the Gypsy or Bohemian cultures. With each passing day, it gets a little bit more common to see people with large gauge plug earrings, as well as tattoos and other similar accessories working in office and business settings.

However, when done adequately and with enough know-how and care, ear stretching pain and discomfort is not just tolerable but hardly noticeable. The whole process of stretching an ear hole usually takes about 25 minutes once every month or two.

Ear stretching is done slowly and gradually with the use of stretching tapers. Between each stretching session, there is a rest period with the new gauge flesh tunnel of a month or two so that the ear can get used to its new shape. The precise point for this is different for most people as different men and women have different levels of skin elasticity. The process of stretching your ear for ear plugs is simple but long — it starts with a small initial piercing.

After that, once per month, the ear needs to be stretch with stretching tapers. Each stretching should last less than half an hour and stretch your ear hole to the next size up. Depending on how large you want the piercing to be, the whole process can take anywhere between two or three months or up to a year or more. Of course, as with anything else, there is a fake plug earrings alternative. They are nothing more than standard earrings that are made to resemble ear plugs.

For example, take a look at these very real looking black plugs or these Spiral wooden fake gauge earrings. These are easy to wear and gives you the hard-core look without the pain and commitment. Gauge is the term used to describe the thickness of the jewelry. Plug earrings are attached to the holes in your earlobes in a couple of different ways:.

Plug earrings can vary greatly in style, design, materials, color, and size. However, the main way to distinguish the different types of plug earrings depends on the way they are attached to the ear. With the two different mechanics we mentioned above, there are three general types of plug earrings:. Always check the customer reviews, after sales policies and product specifications before you purchase and make sure to ask any questions from the seller in case of doubt, before you buy.

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