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Looking for online definition of CPD or what CPD stands for? CPD is listed in the World's largest and most authoritative dictionary database of abbreviations and acronyms The Free Dictionary. citrate phosphate dextrose (CPD) a solution containing citric acid, sodium citrate, monobasic sodium phosphate, and dextrose that is the primary anticoagulant used for preservation of whole blood or red blood cells for up to 21 days. The official USP name is anticoagulant citrate phosphate dextrose solution.

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rows · CPD: Crown Point Design (San Diego, CA) CPD: Conceptual Point Design . What does CPD stand for? List of CPD definitions. Top CPD abbreviation meanings updated April Looking for the definition of CPD? Find out what is the full meaning of CPD on danhaigh.com! 'Continuing Professional Development' is one option -- get in to view more @ The Web's largest and most authoritative acronyms and abbreviations resource.

CPD Definition : The concept that learning continues throughout one's life, both through educational courses and work experience and practice. Individuals are encouraged to identify their personal learning needs and to assess their progress in dynamic ways.

The main issue with the CPD definition above is that it is quite ambiguous, and is therefore open to interpretation. If you require clarification of any of the following, reach out to a member of the team here at CPD Courses anytime:. The importance of CPD lies in the value of continuing your education and professional development throughout your career. Mandatory education and job-related training do little to help jobseekers and professionals stand out as candidates of choice.

The pursuit of CPD demonstrates to prospective employers and decisionmakers that you are firmly committed to ongoing personal and professional improvement. Just a few examples of which include taking online courses, attending classroom-based training programs, writing articles, publishing papers, attending seminars and conferences, becoming a tutor or mentor and even self-directed study, such as reading articles and journals. CPD in the workplace refers to the various activities and pursuits that can be undertaken by members of the workforce to boost their CPD profile.

Common examples of which include optional workplace training programs, online courses and anything that goes beyond mandatory workplace training. Increasingly, employers and decision-makers are making CPD a mandatory requirement for both hiring and investing in the long-term development of quality candidates.

The key to building a good CPD profile lies in ensuring that your individual profile is relevant to you and your career goals. For example, if you are pursuing a high-level career in business management or executive leadership, you should ensure that your CPD activities focus predominantly on business, management and leadership topics.

Creating a CPD profile begins by evaluating your current situation and setting realistic career goals. Think about where you would like to see yourself within the next two years and establish viable objectives accordingly. After which, you can begin taking CPD courses and getting involved in other CPD activities, ensuring you keep a detailed record and evidence of everything you do along the way.

Along with continuously improving your skills, knowledge and confidence in your chosen specialist field, commitment to CPD demonstrates to potential employers that you are a dedicated, ambitious and career-driven candidate of a higher calibre. Every CPD hour completed should be recorded and evidence retained where possible for future reference.

The most obvious examples of which are online courses and distance learning programmes, but can also mean online seminars webinars , lectures, research, publishing articles and so on. Yes - you absolutely must mention your CPD profile number of points, hours etc. Anything of relevance to the job you are applying for should be included in your CV - particularly those that go beyond the norm and could give you a major edge over rival candidates.

All of which fall within the five primary categories of CPD activities, which are as follows:. Where a course or training program or is CPD accredited, it means that it has met a variety of criteria outlined by the official Continuing Professional Development body to be considered a course of quality.

CPD accredited is basically the benchmark that confirms a course, training program or activity will be recognised and acknowledged as part of a CPD profile.

The higher up the career ladder you intend to climb, the greater the importance of CPD. CPD is recognised by the vast majority of employers, though is of greater significance where higher-profile position and in-demand roles are concerned. Particularly where employers have numerous candidates to choose from for a specific role, those with CPD achievements are more likely to stand out and attract attention.

CPD is recorded by way of a self-managed journal that should be started when undertaking your first CPD activity. After which, detailed information on every CPD course and activity you take part in should be kept, including but not limited to the following:. Where possible, evidence should also be kept as verification of CPD activities undertaken and completed.

There is no specific end date to a program of CPD and nor is there a formal CPD qualification - it is more a professional profile that you gradually build over the years.

Where a CPD course or training programme has been certified, it means it has met the strict guidelines and criteria outlined by the official CPD body to confirm its standout quality.

Employers may therefore recognise and value certified CPD accomplishments more than those that are not formerly certified, but this is not always the case. The main benefit of CPD is the way in which it provides you with the opportunity to continuously improve your knowledge, skills and confidence throughout the career. You also have the opportunity to remain up to date with changing trends, bolster you interest in your field of expertise and become more capable in whatever it is you do.

In addition, CPD provides ambitious professionals with the opportunity to stand out in the eyes of employers and decision-makers. Employers always prioritise candidates that are clearly committed to their personal and professional development. In addition, businesses show preference to candidates that have a more established skills set, knowledge base and educational background than their rivals.

All of this can be accomplished by building a robust CPD profile, enabling ambitious candidates to fast-track their progression up the career ladder. There is no formal method by which CPD activities need to be recorded. Just as long as you keep a detailed and accurate account of your CPD activities as outlined a little earlier , it is entirely up to you how you do it. Some keep their records exclusively in digital format, while others use conventional journals to record their activities.

In both instances, a backup should always be kept in case something happens to the original record. However, this is only the case when undertaking CPD activities with a hours-to-points ratio. This is something to check and consider before taking part in a CPD course or activity. Reflective practice is considered important in CPD as it enables a person to maximise the effectiveness of their ongoing education.

It helps candidates identify and appreciate their own strengths and weaknesses, it enhances motivation to pursue self-improvement and it assists with the development of creative thinking skills. All of which can help take the benefits of a long-term CPD programme to an entirely higher level. I continue to earn my salary while educating myself about this course and really help me a lot.

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Oxford University Press The main issue with the CPD definition above is that it is quite ambiguous, and is therefore open to interpretation. Who Needs CPD? How do you start a CPD Profile? What is a CPD Hour? What is CPD Online? How CPD is Recorded? After which, detailed information on every CPD course and activity you take part in should be kept, including but not limited to the following: The date of the CPD activity Objectives of the course or programme Subject or specialist area Learning method and delivery online, offline etc.

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