What Master Chief Looks Like Under His Helmet, According To Halo's Co-Creator

Sep 19,  · Regarding what Master Chief looks like under his helmet, Lehto said he looks "heroic but also kinda brutal," noting that he is bald and has scars covering his face. "We had a very early sketch of Operating System: PC, Xbox , Xbox One. Nov 08,  · ??JOIN THE PATREON CREW! ?? danhaigh.com??CHECK OUT OUR MERCH! ?? danhaigh.com?? JOIN THE DISCORD! ?? danhaigh.com

As Chief and Cortana escape the ring they helped destroy, the camera pans away from the cockpit just as Chief removes his helmet for the first time. Those willing to go beyond the games will find plenty of descriptions and images of John before he was conscripted into the Spartan program. Growing up on the colony world of Eridanus II, John had brown hair and freckles as a child. He was also a head taller than his classmates when he was six, which made him stand out to Dr.

Catherine Halsey when she selected youths to be abducted and trained as soldiers. Players who do wish to see behind the helmet need to play through Halo 4 on Legendary difficulty. As is tradition mmaster the series, beating the game on the highest difficulty leads to a bonus cutscene that hints at what could occur in future games.

He straps into a machine that removes his armor piece by piece, and the camera once again cuts away as the machine removes his helmet. High uric acid how to reduce eyes are sunken and colorless, and he bears a deep scar on the right side of his face.

Other than that brief glimpse at the end of Halo 4the games have not depicted Master Chief outside of mqster armor. Alex Santa Maria is a writer, editor, what are orangutans related to critic based out of the Sunshine State.

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Is Master Chief’s Face Visible In The Halo Games?

May 14,  · Halo 4 gave fans of the long-running series a (very) brief look at Master Chief's face. The first Halo had a major impact on the first-person shooter genre, with mechanics like regenerating health and the ability to only carry two weapons soon becoming staples of other FPS titles. It also included great multiplayer modes, a fleshed-out universe and an instant icon in the main character Master. Sep 17,  · In April , the Halo TV series announced that Pablo Schreiber will take on the role of Master Chief. So now, at least for the television adaptation, we know what his face looks like. Because Batman is a character. Hes Bruce Wayne, we know what he looks like. You play as Master Chief, but you AREN'T Master Chief. He isn't even a silent protagonist! He has a fully fledged story and is fleshed out! So I want to see his face. I want to see what Master Chief's Bruce Wayne looks like.

One of the key developers on the franchise reveals what Master Chief's face looks like and how the Halo series is now in a "no-win" scenario. Here's something that will make you feel old. Halo: Reach , the last game that Halo creator Bungie made before handing the reigns over to Industries, came out eight years ago.

To commemorate the milestone, creative director Marcus Lehto--who has since moved on from Bungie--answered fan questions on Twitter about the much-loved game. There are loads of interesting details on Halo's history--you should really read the whole thread.

Some of the key takeaways for me involve what Lehto had to say about what Master Chief looks like under his helmet and how the Halo series is now in a "no-win" scenario. Lehto worked at Bungie at the start of the Halo series; he co-created the entire Halo universe. Regarding what Master Chief looks like under his helmet, Lehto said he looks "heroic but also kinda brutal," noting that he is bald and has scars covering his face.

As you might have guessed, Bungie does not plan to share this sketch publicly. It is currently "locked away very deep in the Bungie vaults. Beating Halo 4 on Legendary gets you a special cutscene that reveals a portion of Master Chief's face --and he does indeed look scarred and harsh. Whether or not ever fully reveals Master Chief's face in future games or other entertainment remains to be seen. Responding to a fan who remarked that the Halo franchise has grown stagnant for its recent instalments, Lehto said appealing to long-time fans while attracting new ones is always going to come with problems; it's a "no-win situation," Lehto said.

It's a no win situation," he said. The same Twitter fan pointed out that it's sad to see the Halo franchise growing stale in the eyes of some when the first game billed itself as "Combat Evolved.

We bristled at it," Lehto said. Lehto is now working at a small, independent studio called V1 Interactive that is currently working on an unannounced game. Got a news tip or want to contact us directly? Email news gamespot. Lehto believes the Halo franchise is set to evolve and grow substantially with a "reimagined" new game, which is potentially a reference to Halo: Infinite. Bungie experimented with water-based combat in older games, but ended up cutting it. You need a javascript enabled browser to watch videos.

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