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2014 Westminster Dog Show: Breaking Down Winners of Each Group

Feb 11,  · As Hill pointed out, Nathan the Bloodhound won Best of Group honors, with the Whippet, Basset Hound and Irish Wolfhound rounding out Author: Jesse Reed. This year's runner-up — Reserve Best in Show — went to Ally, a standard poodle from New York City, the dog that won the non-sporting group.

Day 2 of the Westminster Dog Show brought quite a few more beautiful breeds to the spotlight as the Sporting, Working and Terrier groups took center stage in Madison Square Garden. But the real winner of the second night came late in the show when Skya Wire Fox Terrier took home Best in Show, the ultimate crown in the competition. The Westminster Dog Show's official Twitter account reported the winner:. Seven groups overall competed in the edition—with the Hound, Toy, Non-Sporting and Herding going on the first night —but the Terrier breed proved to be the most elegant in the competition.

As David Spiegel what color is your name quiz CNBC reports, the Dog Show owners can churn out some serious earnings just to have their dogs in the event, much less win it at all:. After thousands of dogs were entered into the show, just took home Best in Breed, seven won Best in Group and only one stood as the overall winner as Best in Show. There were even a few new breeds entering the show from Days aon and 2, as Purina Pro Plan points out:.

Here's a look at all the Best of Breed winners from Day 2, followed by a breakdown of the Best in Group winners and one more look at the Best in Show winner. While Whistlestop's Riley on Fire is extravagant, this Spaniel's more simplistic look from some of the other Sporting Group dogs earned it the win. The Irish Water Spaniel is a rare breed that also happens to be one of the largest and oldest of the Spaniel breeds. With the win, Riley finished as one of the top seven dogs in how to make a homemade funnel competition and took home some hardware for its efforts, but not the Best in Show.

Whether it's Barack Obama's family bringing home two of their own named Bo and Sunny, who participated in the Puppy Bowl, or Matisse the Portuguese Water Dog winning don competitions throughout the year, the breed is sitting near the top of the dog world. After crushing its competition throughout the year, Matisse once again won in the Working Group of the Westminster Dog Show. Elizabeth Griffin, photo editor of Esquiretweeted out congratulations to Matisse and mentioned Michelle Obama:.

Just behind Matisse were the Mastiff, Akita and Boxer, two of which are more traditional dogs in the U. But with the Portuguese Water Dog taking the Working Group, this could be a breed that sees a spike in interest over the next year. Sky the Wire Fox Terrier had to wjat until the very end of the competition to earn any big prizes, but it was definitely worth the wait.

Not only did Sky take home one of the ultimate westminater in the dog show competition by winning the Terrier Group but also won the pinnacle of all awards with the Best in Show honor on Day 2. The Wire Fox Terrier beat out every other dog in the competition 214 the crown, but Ally, a Standard Poodle who won her group the night prior, finished just behind the Terrier for second in the show.

But no one could deny Sky as the ultimate winner on the final night of the competition and the Best in Show winner. The Champ is here. Link 20014 Media.


Westminster dog show Wire fox terrier wins Best in Show Westminster Dog Show Wire fox terrier Sky of Malibu, California, whose full name is Afterall Painting The Sky, smooches her.

The two-day event for the Westminster Dog Show is now over, and there were a number of beautiful breeds to come away with first-place finishes in their respective groups. Thousands of dogs entered, but only of them were able to take home Best in Breed, while just seven won Best in Group and only one took home the grand prize for Best in Show. There were plenty of dogs to choose from at Madison Square Garden, but only a select few were able to stand out as winners.

With that being said, let's take a look at each group and see which dogs came out as winners. There were a number of elegant breeds in the hound group, but it was "Nathan" the Bloodhound that was able to take the group. Nathan was the first Bloodhound to win a major award at the Westminster show, making it an even bigger feat of accomplishment. After the hounds came the incredibly tiny and adorable toy group.

Unfortunately, the Taco Bell dog wasn't in the running. It was the Miniature Pinscher that was able to take Best in Group in this round. For the average viewer, it was hard to choose a favorite, as they were all very tiny and very cute, but "Classie" was the one chosen to represent the toys for Best in Show.

The Cavalier came in a close second for the toy group, while the Pomeranian rounded out the top three. The non-sporting group for Westminster featured a wide array of dog breeds, but it ended up being the Standard Poodle that came away in first.

Poodles were originally bred in Germany, then were standardized in France. The breed has won Best in Show twice at Westminster—in and —but this year's poodle was unable to take home the event's top honor. The Miniature Poodle also made an appearance at the top of the group, finishing in third. Meanwhile, the Tibetan Spaniel took second and the Dalmatian fourth. The herding group was filled with highly intelligent dogs that all have the ability to control the movement of other animals, which is why they've been used to drive herds of cows and other livestock.

At the same time, this group might've had some of the most adorable dogs in the entire show. Seriously, look at that Cardigan Welsh Corgi above and tell me that it's not the cutest dog you've ever seen. It was that Cardigan Welsh Corgi that took home first place in the group. Sporting dogs are known for being able to hunt and do other field activities, but they're also known for having some of the most elegant breeds at the dog show.

At the end of the day, it was the Irish Water Spaniel that was determined to be the best in the group. Dogs of this breed are known to be the largest and one of the oldest spaniels. The Portuguese Water Dog has continued to gain popularity recently. United States president Barack Obama even brought in two of them named Bo and Sunny for the first family. Along with that, the breed has now also won Best in Group. The working group is filled with dogs known for being used to perform jobs like pulling sleds or performing water rescues.

Other high-ranking dogs in the group this year at Westminster include the Mastiff, which came in second, and the Akita, which came in third. After waiting throughout the two-day event, Sky the Wire Fox Terrier not only was able to win Best in Group, but the dog was also able to win the biggest honor of the event, taking home Best in Show.

Sky was an incredibly popular choice in the Terrier group, with a Skye Terrier finishing second right behind the Wire Fox Terrier. The Champ is here. Link to Media.