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Obituaries : Melvin Franklin; Temptations’ Original Bass Vocalist

Melvin Franklin, Original Member of the Temptations, Dead at JEFF WILSON February 23, LOS ANGELES (AP) _ Melvin Franklin, an original member of the Temptations whose deep voice anchored harmonies on such hits as ``The Way You Do the Things You Do? and ``My Girl,? died Thursday. He was Franklin died of heart failure, a week after he was admitted to Cedars-Sinai . Feb 24,  · TIMES STAFF WRITER Melvin Franklin, the original bass singer of the perennially popular Temptations who anchored such hits as “The Way You Do the Things You Do” and “My Girl,” died Thursday. He was.

Remember Me? Page 1 of 2 1 2 O Jump to page: Results 1 to 50 of Join Date Aug Posts 43, Factual Errors in "The Temptations" Movie Whoever put this together had the right intent, but they missed quite a few factual errors in the Temptations Movie.

How many more can you add? Join Date Aug Posts 11, Paul Williams didn't commit suicide outside the studio while they were recording "Papa Was A Rolling Stone" as suggested in the film.

Join Date Aug Posts 1, Originally Posted by soulster. Here's one. The movie shows 2 Primes and 3 Primettes performing onstage together. That never happened. First of all there were 3 members of the Primes and 4 members of the Primettes. They never performed together onstage.

Join Date Jan Posts 9, Join Date Mar Posts Was the actors who supposedly played Daimon Harris and Glenn Leonard, just fill-in posers, or "Temptations" in their own rights with acknowledgement on their parts in the legacy? Was their "character's" names on the end credits? The Temptations, with careers that doubled most of their contemporaries, they were still recording artists when the movie was made and still for several years more, coulda frabklin stretched to three parts, than two.

Originally Posted by Ngroove. Here's another huge factual error. They filmed the movie in Pittsburgh and not Detroit! The style of houses are totally different in each city.

Pittsburgh does not tranklin at all like the Detroit of the 50s and 60s. I was there the night Eddie Kendricks and David Ruffin reunited for the first time. The night they got the idea of putting together an act and taking it on the road.

The film says that there were two Tempts groups on the road at the same time back in Not true! Also they show Eddie and David meeting at some dive lounge and getting together. Join Date Aug Posts 9, Another member is singing "Come On", they have "Dennis" doing his part in "Papa", etc. I know it was focused hzppened the classic five plus one but you'd think they show Richard more respect than they did in the film Also, what got me is how they did David. Oh and of course Melvin in a wheelchair dying in the kitchen of his mama's home in Detroit.

We know he died in a hospital bed in Los Angeles from seizures. Originally Posted by midnightman. Richard got treated like a dog in the film. And yeah I forget Suzanne de Passe produced temptatilns. She's also the how do i pay into social security the Jacksons' biopic was so jarring to watch Never ever trust Suzanne with a Motown biopic! Originally Posted by marv2.

This why a bio-pic has not been produced on their biggest group, the Supremes. Too many how to make easy paypal money would to be taken to have a certain diva come out smelling like a rose. Join Date Sep Posts Yeah I know lol but they still made several factual errors. Tmeptations sure had unintentional comical errors [[remember the scene where MJ's hair caught on fire and he collapsed DOWN the stairs?!

WTF was up with that scene!? I actually hope no movie comes out on Marvin or anyone what happened to melvin franklin of the temptations to him like Tammi. They'll never tell the whole truth anyway. It'll be best for documentaries and such. Originally Temptation by jboy The Jackson's movie did have quite a few factual errors, but they didn't come by the dozens like the Tempts though.

I'm glad the Marvin Gaye project with Jesse L. Martin fell through. If they can't tell the whole story with the music, they shouldn't tell it at all. If only the producers of the Aaliyah movie had done the same. One thing I should have asked Martha was whether or not she was at the Temptations audition and was it like it was depicted in the film.

The film never mentions anything about Melvin Franklin and Richard Street being temptatiosn. Nor did they show Rick James around the time of the reunion. Hey marv,if you really want to knitpik[hehe]when they recorded[just my imagination]eddie was already sporting the gotee that he would wear til his death.

Oh and while we're at it[hehehe]where were melvin's sisters? Yeah I'm mad they didn't at least give Eddie the goatee and mustache when they were recording Just My Imagination lmao they didn't show him with one until a mids flashback meelvin him recording Boogie Down lol. Quite a few people were left out of the story! No mention was made about Otis's other wives or his stepdaughter. David was depicted as a life long bachelor, when he was really a genial, yet very flawed family man!

I understand the use of his character as the comic relief, but they didn't have to go that far! The real David was a jerk with a heart of gold. In the film, he's just a jerk! Like i've always said,altough i like the tv film a theatrical version temmptations been done with spike lee directing. The scene where blue gets shot, he's talking to a hip looking chick who has no idea that he's one of the temps,and maybe i'm wrong on this but wasn't blue driving a rolls that was stolen?

So what county is nashville tn misses,like the fact that eddie called otis about them getting together,the fact that eddie didn't want blue in the group and wasn't quiet about it,the fact that nobody spoke to keep david in mepvin group when it came time for the vote to fire him,the fact the[don't look back]was paul's last lead on a single[totally ignored in the jappened fact the al's hitting paul with the bottle wasn't what got him fired,the fact that eddie didn't like the musical change of direction norman laid out for them These movies are not meant to be exact - they are BASED on books or historical figures that tell the general gist of the story - not what kind of sox David wore while recording My Girl.

So Ollie is not in the movie - so what? No one cares. He belongs in the books - not a movie like this - it's an entertainment piece "about" the Tempts - not a reference guide. Even the books have inaccuracies like Otis' dream, Mary's books include total falsehoods and all books have a lot of spin. I think it was a pretty good film. Originally Posted by supremester.

There you go again disparaging Mary Wilson's book again as it is coming up on its 30th Anniversary. Her book was epic! Everyone read it and no one has sued yet!

Because it was completely true, everything that she said. Now if you listened to Sandra Bernhard's interview with Mary this week on Sirius Radio, you would have her Mary's opinion on her book once again. She even stated that she hopes Diane can forgive her for telling Now since Mary claims for the umpteenth time it is all true and Diane has not disputed one word of it in nearly 30 years. You were nowhere around Detroit or anywhere they were living their lives during those days. You make yourself look ridiculous trying to dispute someone else' lives that you don't even TRULY know!

Otis wrote his book based on how he saw things. The difference I noticed in Otis' book vs say Mary Wilson'sMartha Reeves and even Raynoma Singleton's book is that he never said much about anything he himself he did wrong.

He comes out looking like the Knight in shining armour. The salt of the Earth. The how to obtain food stamps in florida and mature one all the way back to his high school days. Yeah right! Others said things about themselves that were not very flattering in an effort to be truthful about their lives.

In it, Otis Williams does not come off looking too swell. Oh and another yo. It sold in the millions in hardback and paperback versions around the World.

Today, it can be found what is another word for poised just about every school, college and public library. Join Date Jul Posts 1,

Who were the other founding members of The Temptations?

Nov 19,  · Melvin Franklin Death, Temptations Die, Age, Career, If singing were the only expression of art, Melvin Franklin would be renowned as the “real talent in the art “. Combined with his unwavering dedication, the peculiarity, and boom his bass voice gave the performance of the Temptations (Motown singing group), Franklin was the heart of their music. This was particularly why his tragic death . Melvin Franklin was a famous bass singer back in the s, known for his singing group, The Temptations. He died at the age of 52 on February 23, Feb 15,  · What happened to Melvin Franklin of the Temptations? Franklin died of heart failure, a week after he was admitted to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center following a series of seizures, hospital spokesman Ron Wise said. “He sustained significant neurological damage, which was complicated by diabetes and other medical problems,? Wise danhaigh.com 23, Who has died from the temptations? .

Combined with his unwavering dedication, the peculiarity, and boom his bass voice gave the performance of the Temptations Motown singing group , Franklin was the heart of their music. This was particularly why his tragic death was received painfully by his group members and the fans of the group. Truly, Melvin Franklin was a musical hero. When news of his death came on February 23, , it was really a black Thursday for all who knew him; from his mother to his wife and down to his children, friends and fans.

The reception of the news of his death was a shock to many. What actually contributed to his death? How did he die? These were questions many people sought answers to and we would be providing answers to in this article. But before joining his mother and stepfather in Detriot, he spent the early ages of his life with his grandmother. While in Detroit, he fell in love with music and teamed up with friends and they sang together on the streets of Detroit.

Through this medium, he built personal satisfaction and consistently fed his passion for music until he encountered Otis Williams his classmate at Northwestern High School. Franklin joined the group as the bass vocalist when he was just 15 years old. Franklin and Williams were the only founding members of the group that stayed with the group till its flourishing peak. In the late s, his health issues began.

Melvin Franklin was first diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. To sustain himself and his music career, he started taking cortisone. He lived on cortisone as a remedy to his illness but the adverse effects of cortisone complicated his health issues. Following his low immunity, he started suffering from diabetes. As he was still trying to manage his arthritic illness with diabetes, he contracted Necrotizing Fasciitis. It was really a big fight for Franklin. Still taking his medications, he managed to feature a few times with the group.

However, his case worsened after he was shot. In , Franklin was the victim of a robbery attack from an unknown criminal in Los Angeles.

The robber wanted to steal his private car. In his attempt to stop the robber from going away with his car, the unknown robber shot him leaving him in a pitiful condition. Through monitored medications, he lived on till In , he started suffering from different seizures and organ failures. He was admitted into Cedars Sinai Medical center after he collapsed and became unconscious and soon went into a coma, different medical attempts to restore him to consciousness failed as he remained unconscious and died a few days later from heart failure.

Melvin Franklin really fought his health battle fiercely but lost it at age He left behind his wife Kimberly English his six children, his poor mom, fans and the whole world of music heartbroken. He might have been unlucky with his fate, but he died as a noble and charismatic man.