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Covered Fossil

Dec 20, †Ј The Cover Fossil (Japanese: ?????? Cover Fossil) is a Fossil introduced in Generation V that can be regenerated into Tirtouga. It is the counterpart of the Plume Fossil. Apr 07, †Ј Cover Fossil is a fossil in Pokemon Black and White that can be resurrected to Tirtouga. It looks like a shell of a tortoise. The player can get the Cover Fossil, or the Plume Fossil, at Relic Castle. A female Backpacker will have them, and says that she can't hold them all, .

It is the counterpart of the Plume Fossil. If brought to the one of the following locations, the Cover Fossil can be regenerated into a Tirtouga. Part 1. It was found by Ferris and later stolen by Team RocketwhoЧby using the stolen data from Professor Juniper and Fennel 's fossil resurrection machine and the stones stolen from the Chargestone Cave Чmanaged to revive it into a Tirtouga. It evolved into a Carracosta in the next episode and was eventually returned back to its own time through a time gate in What does vi stand for Mountain.

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Introduced in Generation V. OR AS. Devon Corporation in Rustboro City. Fossil Restoration Center on Route 8. It appears to be part of its back. It appears as though it could be part of its back. Games Finite methods Repeatable methods B W. Relic Castle choice between this and the Plume Fossil. B2 W2. Nacrene City choice between this and the Plume Fossil. Join Avenue Antique Shops. Rock Smash Mirage spots AS.

Cover Fossil. Red Collection. Megalo Cannon. Language Title Chinese. This item article is part of Project ItemDexa Bulbapedia project that aims to write comprehensive articles on all items.

Pokemon Black Version

Cover Fossil - Lists all details for the item including descriptions and locations across all Pokemon games. Covered Fossils can be obtained from mining Fossil blocks or very rarely when using Forage on sand with a Ground-type Pokemon. There are ten different covered Fossils, each turning into a different type of Fossil when cleaned with a Fossil cleaner. All covered Fossils are labeled as "Covered Fossil", without naming the actual identity of the Fossil. Mar 31, †Ј cover fossil= carracoasta (my choice) plume fossil= archeops (okay I guess) carracoasta is boss with its amazing stats and guess what its got Shell Smash yeah so if the word carracoasta doesnt mke you want to explode I dont know what would make you.

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The Cover or the Plume Fossil? User Info: Marocksas. User Info: pkmnpkmn. User Info: Kirbydamasta. Plume Unleash the heavy lobster! User Info: Solowooper. Have a water type? Yes: Plume No: Cover I can't read. User Info: Mastadi. User Info: NotetoSelf I picked Cover. Its a sea turtle fella and hes really powerful, but really slow. The other one is really strong but has an awful ability. Snuggie party at my house! Plume Fossil makes a pokemon that's great in-game, and the Cover Fossil makes a pokemon that is better for competitive.

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Browse More Questions. Keep me logged in on this device. Forgot your username or password? User Info: Marocksas Marocksas 10 years ago 1 Just like to know. User Info: pkmnpkmn pkmnpkmn 10 years ago 2 plume. User Info: Solowooper Solowooper 10 years ago 4 Have a water type? Looking for Zekrom Online. Looking for help with trading. Looking for hidden ability bulbasaur. Difference between pokemon from gen 4 and gen 5? Where can I find the Running Shoes? Main Quest.

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