what kind of wine goes with turkey

The Best Wine to Pair With Turkey, According to Wine Experts

We asked a handful of experts to recommend their go-to wines for turkey-centric meals, and they did not disappointfrom bright, zippy Columbia Valley riesling to an Israeli red blend, these are the top wines to stock for your Thanksgiving gathering. Best White Wine: Chateau Ste Michelle Eroica Riesling. Apr 24, Sliced turkey with gravy and vegetables Pinot Gris from Oregon: Before reaching for yet another Pinot Grigio from Italy, try serving the same grape Pinot Gris Author: Mark Oldman.

Thanksgiving is not an easy meal to pair with wine. But picking the best wine with turkey doesn't have to be a guessing game. To alleviate some of that kitchen stresswe asked the country's top experts to weigh in with recommendations for the best winesreds, whites, bubblies, and aperitifsto add to your Thanksgiving menu this year. Here's what they had to say:. All products are independently selected by our editors. However, if you buy something through our affiliate links, we may earn a commission.

My go-to for Thanksgiving is a Viognier from the Condrieu region in the northern Rhone valley. The Thanksgiving plate is a cornucopia of flavors and finding one wine that pairs well with the turkey, gravy, sweet potato, cranberry sauce, and whatever other special dish mom brings to the table is nearly impossible.

So just forget the specifics and go with yummy and yummy: a Eith with turky acidity and a toes of intense fruitiness. Chenin blanc, Loire, France "I always like to bring different styles of Loire chenin blanc.

And finish with some off-dry and sweet treats from Domaine Huet or Patrick Baudouin. What is scanning and skimming above all else, packed with rich, savory aromas beyond just the traditional red turkej black withh that play ball with everything on the Thanksgiving table.

Everyone from beginners to wine enthusiasts will love this wine. It pairs well with so many different foods: it has good acidity so it can keep up with cranberry sauce and cut through yurkey richness of gravy. Also a magnum is fun and festiveand this way, everyone at the table can get a taste.

Ribeira Sacra, Spain "There's so much going on at the Thanksgiving table that no one's seeking the greatest food and wine pairing. This juicy, light-hearted yet subtly complex red is super food friendly and works really well with turkey and cranberries.

But, more important to me, it's a wine from a farmer practicing polyculture a sustainable form of agriculture that uses multiple crops in the same space and who is growing vines in one of the harshest terrains ever.

How to copy music from a cd to my computer and Quattro Mani are two very affordable boes that get the party started. Here's what they had to say: All products are independently selected by our editors. It has been updated. The Daily Our most popular newsletter for destination inspiration, if tips, trip itineraries, and everything else you need to be an expert traveler in this beautiful world.

Enjoy Sparkling Wines With Turkey

Jul 02, Champagne Bubbles arent just for special occasions: Champagne and sparkling wine are crisp and low in tannins, helping balance the richness of your turkey, whether roasted or smoked (or basted in bubbly). For a drier drink, look for a Brut, with Dry and Douxover becoming gradually sweeter. 7 / 8Author: Kim Bussing. Nov 25, Zinfandel is the classic turkey pairing wine for 2 reasons: for one, its a variety with a long history in America and two, the flavors of raspberry and sweet tobacco are an ideal match for rich darker or smoked turkey meat. It also will do great alongside a honeybaked ham. A nouveau Beaujolais works fantastically with turkey, its dryness and soft tannins contrast sides such as sweet potato or greens beans with simplicity, and cut through the heaviness of quality holiday gravy. Its a low-calorie and low alcohol option that offers the juicy flavor that can appeal to occasional wine drinkers.

Our editors independently research, test, and recommend the best products; you can learn more about our review process here. We may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links. We asked a handful of experts to recommend their go-to wines for turkey-centric meals, and they did not disappointfrom bright, zippy Columbia Valley riesling to an Israeli red blend, these are the top wines to stock for your Thanksgiving gathering.

It's important to keep in mind that Thanksgiving dinner is typically pretty filing. The slight vegetal notes in the wine blend seamlessly with the green beans and sauce in the casserole; pairing with the fresh cranberry sauce truly awakens the red and black fruits in the wine and also melds well with both the herbs and the dried cranberries in the stuffing.

I also find that this particular wine adds a perceived subtle sweetness from the Semillon that heightens the slight sweetness of the turkey. Finally, the bright acidity cleans the palate with each sip. According to Capaldi, the flavor profile of this wine is a crowd pleaser and can appeal to plenty of different types of wine drinkers even lovers of big, bold reds. You can expect light, bright, crisp notes of citrus, florality, and ripe red berries from this award-winning bubbly.

You can easily pair this wine with any roasted or grilled turkey recipe. If you've never tried chilled red wine, you're missing out.

Some Douro wines take on their best form after 30 minutes to an hour in the fridge and pair extraordinarily with poultry thanks to crisp, subtle nuttiness and bright fruit. Portuguese winemaking icon Casa Ferreirinha has been around since the 18th century and is responsible for some of the most delicious Douro Valley reds out there, and Papa Figos is no exception.

This is a seriously good fruit-forward wine that belies its shockingly low price point. Try pairing it with a super hearty stuffed turkey as the temperature, body, and bright fruit notes of the wine will stand up well to this kind of flavor profile. The pepperiness of the arugula salad would accentuate the bold side of this wine by enhancing the black pepper cherry notes in the wine. Both the minimal sweetness and spiciness of Amancaya will blend effortlessly with the yams, but yet this wine is so well balanced that the cherry and baking spice notes will even allow it to easily pair with either one of these pies.

We'd recommend this wine year-round but would suggest pairing it with a simple oven-roasted turkey glazed in brown butter for Thanksgiving. This cabernet sauvignon is another all-time favorite cab, thanks to its freshness, minerality, and lingering finish. We asked Winemaker Braiden Albrecht for some insight on pairing this wine with turkey. Turkey is, of course, typically the primary protein in a Thanksgiving meal, and the baking spice often found in pinot noir is bound to pair well with the fall flavors of this kind of feast without the super grippy tannins that can easily distract from the nuances of the main attraction P-Oui is only available in half-bottles, making it the perfect dinner party favor to include in place settings or gift bags, in case you needed further convincing.

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