what makes gprs technology different from traditional gsm

What is GPRS?

GSM GPRS; GSM is standard bearer of 2G technologies. GPRS is he upgrade over the basic GSM features. It allow the mobile handset to obtain much higher data speed than what standard GSM can offers. In GSM traffic and signaling follow different multi-frame structure. i.e. 51 frame MF used for signaling and 26 frame MF used for traffic. 1. GSM is the abbreviation of Global System for Mobile Communications. 2. GPRS is the abbreviation of General Packet Radio Service. danhaigh.com is a packet data bearer and transmission service developed on the basis of the GSM system. danhaigh.com most fundamental difference between GPRS and GSM system is that GSM is a circuit switching system, and GPRS is a packet switching system.

By Priya Pedamkar. It was developed by European Telecommunications Standard Institute that came into existence in All the data pass through GSM where it is compressed and send to the useful channels. It has settings for packet data at a faster rate of kbps. Multiple users can diffeernt the network and use tecbnology resources judiciously. GSM and GPRS are used in many new technologies including IoT and Artificial Intelligence so that communication and traffic control can be managed and understood well by those who use them on a daily basis.

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By closing this banner, scrolling this page, clicking a link or continuing to browse otherwise, you agree to our Privacy Policy. Course Price View Course. Free Data Science Course. Login details for this Free course will be emailed to you. Email ID. Contact No. The frequency bands used in the system are MHz and MHz that helps to identify the communication channels and how to prevent diabetic ketoacidosis the protocols associated.

There are, whatsapp apk file free download for android mobile, and MHz to manage the system frequency and to support the communication. GSM is good at controlling circuit switching traffic and manages all the circuits in the network to control the traffic of the mobile devices.

GPRS is good at handling packets and even the data is transferred in the form of packets. Hence, the traffic is also controlled as packets and manages the packets in the network of GPRS.

The location area concept is used so that the mobiles are traced and communicated with a location within the GSM network.

The routing area concept traditlonal used as the data is transferred as packets and these are used in the communication of the mobile devices.

It takes a long time to connect with any network through GSM as it has circuit switching and manages it through the symmetric mode of transmission. The data transmission is monitored and managed through circuits in the network. A network connection is done faster diffwrent the system as packet data is used in GPRS. Data transmission through packets makes the system to manage the data and send messages in the asymmetric mode of transmission.

The fraditional speed is kbps. Internet service is not provided in GSM and this makes communication harder in the system. Communication has to be done through messages or calls. Internet services are provided in GPRS and this is done with wireless systems. Hence the internet can be used even in remote areas and communication is done through emails or other messaging services with the internet. This makes communication simple. GSM is used in almost all countries and remote areas.

Hence, GSM provides its service to the fullest to the users. GPRS services cannot be offered in all the countries and remote areas. This makes GPRS confined to developed areas with a proper network connection. Multiple time slots are allowed to the user in the system and this makes the user use different applications at a time.

What is GPRS? - packet switching

While considering the communication rates in both networks, GPRS offers cheap data charges than GSM. GSM allows only short messages for communication while GPRS has the provision of instant messages and email to send longer messages and to manage the services so that the charges are lesser when compared with the other. • Unlike GSM, in GPRS same time slot can be used by multiple UEs at different times, each will have unique identifiers both in downlink (called TFI) and uplink (called USF). In GSM time slots are dedicatedly reserved for particular UEs till they are released. Aug 29,  · Global Systems for Mobile Communications or GSM is the standard bearer of the 2G technologies. It is the most widely used technology in the world for mobile phone communications. GPRS is an upgrade over the basic features of GSM. It allows mobile handsets to obtain much higher data speeds than what standard GSM can offer/5(9).

It is the most widely used technology in the world for mobile phone communications. It allows mobile handsets to obtain much higher data speeds than what standard GSM can offer. GSM has served the world in mobile communications for more almost 2 decades and it has served its role very well. Although there have been some competing standards in the beginning, GSM has proven itself to be superior and other companies began to use the GSM standard.

Unlike the first generation mobile phones, GSM was digitally switched; this made GSM more secure and a better platform for more features. Text messaging had a very profound effect in society as it has become a very popular means of communication for the younger generation. Another feature is the capability to download content from the service provider. The content came in the form of ringtones, logos, and primitive picture messages that let the subscriber customize his phone to his liking.

As time passes by, the technology that was once new becomes a bit outdated and starts having trouble coping with the demand; GSM is no exception.

It allowed subscribers to send videos, pictures, or sound clips to each other just like text messages. Sometimes it is more cost effective to simply augment the existing system rather than completely creating a newer one. This allowed GSM to cope with the demand for more improvements. Despite the addition of GPRS, a technology gets to the point that it is so old that it needs to be replaced.

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