what to carry while travelling to usa from india

list of things to carry while traveling to the US from India

Dec 27,  · Expert Tip: If you plan to save some money, you should carry items from India to the USA which are less than or around $ (INR ). In addition to it, if you are one of those who prefer custom-made clothing or items like suits, kurtas, kurtis, boutique items etc.., then you should bring them from India to the USA. Jul 15,  · For example, if you are going to the northern states then you will need to carry a few winter garments, unless you have a lot of dough, in which case my apologies. But you should always buy your winter jackets, boots, gloves, and hats in the US (much better quality and cheaper). You might want to bring some thermal underwear from India, though.

We are relocating to NYC for good!!! We have been really busy packing, moving, house hunting, and gawking Pinterest for home decor ideas. Naturally, I was too excited, happy, and overwhelmed; and with half my stuff still in transit to New York, my kitchen suffered some unintentional neglect.

But something good came out of it. While we were packing we got a chance to reevaluate our possessions. We discovered several items that we brought to the US on our first flight here but what to carry while travelling to usa from india used. I thought that our recent discoveries could help some of what is spider. sav file first time travelers to USA pack and plan your trip more efficiently. This is exciting news! If you are reading this post then it probably means that you got accepted into a graduate program in the US.

Well, congratulations! Your life is about to change forever! How exciting?! Soon after moving to the US you are going to learn travellnig few valuable life lessons: 1. You will realize that your mom or whoever cooks for you on a daily basis is the best cook in the world!

You will realize that simple tasks like laundry, or dishwashing, or a quick run to the grocery store are more tedious than publishing a paper, and you will learn to appreciate and respect the person who has been responsible for these daily chores back home.

You are going to learn what financial responsibility means. In other words, your experience as an international student is going to make you a better person. Know what to expect. This will help you plan your budget better. BTW, everything can be bought online here.

Invest in a good suitcase or two. When buying how to check my ptptn account number suitcase you want to look for durability, light weight, travellingg spinner wheels. The same applies to carry on baggages. You are allowed two ijdia in bags of 23 Kgs each check your tickets to make sureso pack wisely.

Read this for rules on locked luggage. What you pack will depend a lot on where you are traveling to. For example, if you are going to the northern states then you will need to carry a few winter garments, unless you have a lot of dough, in which case my apologies. But you should always buy your winter jackets, boots, gloves, and hats in the US much better quality and cheaper.

You might want to bring some thermal underwear from India, though. Tips for girls: Bring lots of junk jewelries, bindisdupattas that can be worn as scarveslong skirts, a few sarees and blouses, kurtas, and other colorful pieces of clothing because I promise your eyes will be starved for colors in 6 months.

Make up is pretty cheap here too. Unless you prefer specific products from specific Indian companies that you absolutely cannot do without, I recommend buying all items of personal care in the US cheaper here. You might want to bring a travel kit for the first week, however. You can totally bring your existing phone and get a prepaid connection here.

But if you what are baby meerkats called planning to invest in a good phone then how to create an email address on msn should probably buy it here. All electronics items are significantly cheaper in the US. I would recommend buying laptops in the Go ideally during black Friday wjat. But if you are bringing a laptop or other electronic gadgets from India then remember to bring a u niversal travel Charger adapter plug.

Drugs are inexplicably expensive in the US. You should definitely bring your prescription medications, and regular over the counter drugs like asprin, paracetamol, pain killers, silver sulfadiazine, Neosporin ointment, topical pain reliefs, antacids etc. Also, feminine products are pretty reasonably priced in the US with greater variety and whhat quality.

There are US customs and border protection restrictions on drugs, however. Read here for more details. Eye glasses and lenses. Unless travellint have an insurance that covers these expenses, glasses and lenses are super expensive here.

Probably a good idea to come prepared. Books, even though extremely expensive in the US, are heavy and difficult to carry. All US universities have great libraries with amazing inter-library loaning services. Image credit: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Carry all documents safely in your carry-on luggage. You will need your university issued graduation certificate for registration here in addition to marks sheets etcso remember to bring it.

Carry photo copies of all documents in a separate bag, just in case things get misplaced. Carry all travelers checks, credit cards, and cash safely.

I like to carry a credit card on person, one in my checked in luggage and one in my carry on, again, just for safety in case how to get sponsored by rockstar energy drink gets misplaced. The Indian groceries here are very well stocked and you will find everything there starting from spices to dosa batters, from biriyani masalas to Indian sweets limited cary.

However, I do recommend bringing whole spices like cardamom, bay leaves, dried red chilies, cloves, mace, nutmeg, asafetida, etc, seeds are not allowed because they are comparatively more expensive here. I also bring ghee from India because the ones you get here are not even close to the kind we get back home. Oh, and garam masala.

Definitely garam masala. If you are a tea person, I highly recommend bringing your preferred tea blend. Darjeeling tea is super expensive here and difficult to find. Refer to this list to learn what you can and cannot bring to the US. Kitchen equipments. Everyone recommends bringing pressure cookers from India. But they are huge, heavy and inconvenient to pack. I would recommend you check on Amazon to see how the prices compare and then decide whether you want to bring it from India or buy it here.

Unless you prefer to cook in kadaipots and pans are travellong reasonable here. This will give you an idea. If you bring a kadai then you may also want to bring desi tongs. Rolling pins are easily available here but you may want to bring a rolling board. That is only if you like to make your own rotis. Ready made tortillas Spanish rotis are easily available here. I urge my fellow Indian graduate students in the US to add to this list. Please also feel free to ask any questions that you what to carry while travelling to usa from india have.

What a wonderful read. For the first time in the last 12 years and several times flying in I was asked during immigration if I was carrying any spices from India. Of course I was carrying Garam Masala! And organic ground turmeric — one bottle at Wholefoods is so bloody expensive! Also can i carry cumin and mustard seeds from India? Any issue at immigration? Flat bottom utensils are file. The ovens here are either gas flame, like uaa ones we have in India, or electric coil.

You can use whatever you normally use in India. You can carry cumin and mustard seeds, but they are available here. I came to know that seeds are not allowed? Just wanted to jump in and say that I was asked specifically about rice and cumin seeds at Los Angeles airport this year and told that those are not allowed. Is it allowed to carry routine products like invia and travellihg If one travelling from India to USA.

If connected trip from UAE, will other countries like use disallow? Hi, your post is very helpful. Jaggery is fine froom. Dairy products are usually restricted. I am not sure about ghee, but perhaps a Google search would take you to the customs website. The people at the customs will ask you if you are carrying prohibited items, you just have to say no. Hi Dhrubba, we are moving to California soon and was looking for such information.

What a great article! I tdavelling want to ask you that if I can carry the below items in my checked in baggage : do I need to declare them.

All the below are in small quantities. Also you mentioned that one can carry all the dry spice powder haldi, dhania powder, laal mirch have a one or two sealed packets of each.

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Jul 21,  · All your original documents must be in your carry-on luggage in a harmonium folder. Photocopies of all original documents must be in each of your check-in bags. Expecting the worst, you should have enough stuff in your carry-on luggage to survive for a . Travel Insurance is a must have while traveling outside India even if you are a short time visitor abroad. Foreign Travel Card (Forex Card) issued by your bank would come in handy during your trip to USA International Calling card would be needed to stay connected with family and friends back in India.

One of the common concerns of working in the U. If you are coming to the U. If you are coming for a very short while there is no need to carry a lot of things. This article explains what things Indians must carry when you come to the U.

The article also sheds light on the products that are easily available in U. To start with, Indian grocery stores are prevalent in several parts of US today. Conducting an online search of such available stores in your proximity would be a good idea in terms of planning.

However, having many Indian stores in other parts of U. If you prefer to eat Indian meals you must consider carrying some basic kitchen essentials with you.

Here is a list of things that you may consider bringing from India. We have also compiled a list of alternative products that you can buy in the U. We have clearly mentioned what you can purchase from an Indian store as well in the table below. Available in Indian stores.

You can also buy a rolling pin, boards, and related cookware from local stores. You get different griddles and pans used to make pancakes and tortillas. If you prefer a specific shape of Tava, it is better to bring what you like. If you prefer a specific type of utensil holder, it is better to bring what you like. You can also buy electric fryers used to fry onion rings and french fries.

Limited supply in Indian stores. If you prefer a specific type of idli maker, it is better to bring what you like. You do get electronic hand blenders in local stores. These are used to blend soups and curries. Very limited in Indian stores. Carry these with you for immediate use. There may be limited lines of cotton available at different price points. Bring clothes as per your needs.

You can buy clothes at several clothing stores here. Remember that you will find all the items listed above in U. However, as a new immigrant to the country you will take some time to adjust to the cost of living and price points in U.

It is likely that you will find everything expensive! We have compiled this list to reduce the 'shock' element for a newcomer. After you get settled to the new life, you will find that everything is available in U. You may not find the same product but there are many alternative products available in stores that work just as well. The receipt number is a unique character identifier that USCIS provides for each application or petition it receives.

The agency uses it to identify and track its cases. Omit dashes "-" when entering a receipt number. Tava to cook chapati's Available in Indian stores. Cooker Limited supply in Indian stores. Kadai to fry Available in Indian stores. Small stainer Channi Available in Indian stores 7. Serving spoon for dal Available in Indian stores 8. Idli mold. Needle and Thread, hook buttons, press buttons, shirt buttons, etc.

Nada string for pajamas Carry these with you for immediate use. Extra set of your undergarments Available in local departmental stores Extra pairs of formal shoes for office wear. Music lovers should get the choice of their cassettes and CD's Limited supply available in Indian stores.

Related Links. Limited supply available in Indian stores. What you find here are little different in style. Music lovers should get the choice of their cassettes and CD's.