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Weak, strong or very strong? Answer some really personal questions now to find out which best describes your sex drive! (Don't make major changes in your life based on your test result here, please. It's just a little bit of fun. OK?). This test will tell you whether you are below average, average, intelligent or gifted. Here is how it compares to the IQ number system: Below average: 89 Average: Intelligent: Gifted: + If you get average or above, take test 2 for a more accurate result.

Take the online lesbian quizzes to test your knowledge regarding this sexual orientation and learn interesting facts as you play. Speak now. Are you a lesbian?

Lezbian you are but not sure what type of lesbian desires aj have? Don't worry too much about who you actually are, just take this simple test to determine what kind of lesbian you are most like!

Questions: 8 Attempts: Last updated: Jan 13, Sample Question. Are You Lesbian? Quiz For Girls Only. So you wanna find out whhat yourlesbain or not? Questions: 5 Attempts: Last updated: Jan 16, No way!!! Oh yeah!!! I love it. Well a lil bit. What is your sexual status? Find out here by ii this quiz, Let's start and know what are you exactly!

Questions: 5 Attempts: Last updated: Apr 8, Dark colors, very dark The rainbow! This quiz will reveal to the taker whether they are a lesbian, bisexual, or straight. Questions: 5 Attempts: Last updated: Xm 7, Lesbian, You Think You Are?

Are you wondering about your sexuality? Questions: 11 Attempts: Last updated: Jun 19, Maybe a little. Boyfriends since kindergarten! Most Popular. Questions: 5 Attempts: Last updated: Quiiz 1, Are You A Lesbian? Questions: 6 Attempts: How to use conair wave clips updated: Jan 25, Are U A Lesbo.

Are u a lesbo. Are u girl crazy or boy crazy. Find out. Questions: 6 Attempts: Last updated: Jan 2, U have fun reguraly. You rip of all their clothes ,lock the doors, grab their boobs, lick and tickle their vajajas,and rape them all.

R U A Lesbian. R u a lesbian take this quiz and find out this quiz is for juliet lucas. Questions: 5 Attempts: Last lessbian Jan 11, Am I Bi Quiz? Are you straight, lesbian or bi sexual?

Take this quiz and find out now! Questions: 9 Attempts: Last updated: Mar 2, Of course all the time. I fantasize about my friends. Just this one time. Questions: 9 Attempts: 63 Last updated: Feb 4,


Related Quizzes: Are you a Pocket Lesbian? by crystal Am I a Lesbian? by Pat lesbian bisexual bicurious straight by calientia; What Kind of Tool Are You? by Nick The Kindness of your Heart by Maggie; Create a quiz on GotoQuiz. We are a better kind of quiz site, with no pop-up ads, no registration requirements, just high-quality quizzes. Nov 30, †Ј Are you a lipstick lesbian, a butch lesbian, a bisexual or something else? Find out here! DISCLAIMER: This quiz is just a bit of fun and plays to lesbian stereotypes. In no way am I trying to offend anyone in the lovely LGBT community I am a part of. Aug 09, †Ј Quizzes. What Type Of Lesbian Are You? Quizzes. What Type Of Lesbian Are You? 14, Share. 14, Share Twitter Google+ ReddIt WhatsApp Pinterest Tumblr Telegram VK LINE Linkedin Email Digg Viber. You might also like. Quizzes. What Is Your Spirit Stone? Quizzes. This Quiz Will Reveal The Name Of The Man You Should NEVER Date!

While they say gay men are easy to spot, female sexuality is more of a challenge. You may not have had a full on encounter with a girl, but do you sometimes question why you feel that sudden pull towards the same gender?

Women tend to be more emotional, more romantic, and also more attached to fellow women by nature. It is difficult to know where the lines of friendship and attraction blur out. There are some stereotypes associated with girls who prefer girls over guys, but how true are they? This quiz uses personality questions and scientific findings to really determine how much of a lesbian you are. The results might not be a hundred percent accurate, but will give you some understanding and insight on what you actually want, and may also ease a lot of your confusion and insecurity.

Remember, whatever your sexual preference might be, you are a unique and beautiful individual who should be proud of her choices. This fun and interesting quiz will definitely give you a new perspective on what you have been missing out on, ladies!

Music is more than entertainment, fun and art Ч it is also a mirror of your emotions and inner desires, your feelings and goals. While you may like tons of songs already, which one of the following is your guilty pleasure, something you will definitely plan in your car while on a road trip, or listen to while at the bus stop? One of the most characteristic parts of your personality is your hairstyle and how you like to carry your locks.

While a lot of people try different things with their hair like a new color or cut every now and then, everyone has a signature look that they grow into and are fond of. Consciously or sub-consciously, we tend to follow not just the trends that are currently considered hip, but also the style statement of any one we are inspired by.

If you were to pick one person whose style quotient is a tad bit similar to yours or someone whose dress sense you admire, which one out of the following would that be? Teenage is a crazy time Ч your hormones are raging, you have your eye on a guy..

How did you dress up during those times? You are out shopping, contemplating what to buy and what not, when you feel you are being watched. If you are a forever foodie like me, then what to eat is almost always on your mind.

If you sot a new restaurant on the block, what is one item that you would try and consider your staple meal whenever and wherever you sit down to dine? The choices may be endless, but pick one out of these:. When you wind up in front of the telly, do you prefer to watch drama, romance, reality shows, or fashion events?

Which show would you pick out of these? You need some new comfort wear, are running low on bottoms and have to make a quick run to a mall. You want to get something stylish, low maintenance, and also comfortable for daily wear.

Are you that adventurous, active girl who is always adrenaline pumped to break a sweat? Do you compete in tournaments and challenge guys to beat your score?

Us girls are way too attached to our girlfriends, most importantly, our best friend. She is the first person who has to hear every single detail of your day, she is your partner in crime, your rock, your personal party animal, and forever support. When she finds a guy, however, how do you react? Social media takes up a lot of time of our day Ч an average person may spend around 6 hours a day checking out their Instagram, surfing on Facebook, or taking selfies on Snapchat.

If you were to look at your Instagram account, what would you say dominates the feed with the most updates? You may have had your eyes on many a vehicles thanks to their looks, groove, speed or even budget-friendliness. Which one would you choose out of these? Are you someone who carries their entire collection with them, or some prized possessions only? What makeup can you find in your bag right now? Multiple piercings always show your sass and attitude. Where you choose to get the piercing, however, can say a lot about your sense of style!

If you were to get piercing, where would you get it? Typical guy behavior, they will always check out any pretty girl across the street. Have you caught yourself staring at a pretty lady or admiring her style, looks and personality? How do you react when you see a beautiful woman enter a room and all male heads turn in unison? Parties are a great getaway to socialize with friends every now and then!

Have you noticed what kind of parties do you like to go? Do you prefer a mixed crowd or do you like hanging out with your girls? Do you sit all dainty with your legs crossed or are least bothered about this? How do you greet a group of friends, males and females included?

Whether it is a party or a casual lunch, do you swear on one item of clothing that totally completes your signature style? If you were to pick, which one of the following items you would definitely choose as the most appealing and comfy while going out? Were you way too smitten by strong, powerful ladies on TV when you were growing up?

Either way, who would you say out of the following was your first celeb crush? However, if you were to select a particular genre of movies that you always enjoy watching, either alone or with friends, which one would you pick?

You never really forget your fondest childhood memories. It is striking, however, that your sexual tendencies may have been subconsciously developed even back then, and reflected in the kind of activities you liked to enjoy as a kid! Can you recall, what was your favorite pastime as a child? It is during your teenage and high school years that you really have those feelings blossoming within you. Most guys have a thing for their older, female teacher, and a lot of girls also look up to them as an idol and inspiration.

What was your relationship with your teacher like? Like movies, music and fan fiction, literary passion and choices are also a key indicator of your preferences and sexuality. Relaxing with a good book on a lazy Sunday night is something most girls would love, but what kind of book is your definition of a classic? If you were to pass by a bookstore, which book would you pick up? How much time and money do you spend on self-maintenance?

Are you a girl who takes pride in her long, manicured nails and perfectly shaped eyebrows, or are you okay with short nails and just a haircut every now and then? If you could skip something at a salon, what would you skip?

You may like an adrenaline rushed holiday with lots of adventure plans and action, or might prefer a laid back weekend of relaxation under the tropical sun. When you decide you want to hit the beaches for a trip, what is the first thing you do? You might think that that your choice in accessories does not have any meaning behind it, but you might be surprised.

While you or may not like all things dainty and sparkly on specific occasions, what is one piece of jewelry that you see yourself wearing even on a casual day out?

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