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Jul 10,  · George Jones - "A Good Year For The Roses" You might mistake this lush Jones performance as one of his biggest hits on Epic after signing with the label in . Jul 14,  · 16 Biggest Hits covers much of the same ground as the sublime Anniversary-- not quite as well, but it's still pretty great nonetheless, simply because the source material is very strong danhaigh.com first nine songs were all on Anniversary, and they're the best tracks danhaigh.com of the remaining songs are culled from post-Anniversary albums, and while there are some great cuts -- .

George Jones was around 24 years old when his first singled charted. George Jones first charted in His last appearance in the iones was He had chart topping singles covering a span of 59 years. See if George made the list of most famous people with first name George. The list of top singles for Patsy Cline come from the Playback.

Chart appearances and counts span from only. Other genres are not yet included. This list only includes the first billed artist hjt the given track. It how to use a power steering pulley removal tool include writing credits and featured credits in the near future. The data is for entertainment purposes only. White Lightning 10 Country.

Tender Years 10 Country. The Window Up Above 28 Country. Why Baby Why 22 Country. Just One More 24 Country. The Grand Tour 24 Country. The Race Is On 34 Country. You Comb Her Hair 34 Country. Who Shot Sam 39 Country. The Door 29 Country. Aching, Breaking Heart 49 Country. What Am I Worth 50 Country. Love Bug 50 Country. Yesterday's Wine 51 Country. Four-O-Thirty-Three 52 Country. Still Doin' Time 53 Country.

Treasure Of Love 55 Country. She's My Rock 57 Country. I'm A People 59 Country. I'm Not Ready Yet 61 Country. Color Of The Blues 65 Country. Don't Stop The Music 67 Country. Yearning 68 Country. Once You've Had the Best 81 Country. Too Much Water 72 Country. We Can Make It 72 Country. Take Me 64 Country. The Ceremony 74 Country. Tennessee Whiskey 76 Iones.

Bartender's Blues 77 Country. Say It's Not You 81 Country. If Not For You 81 Country. Her Name Is 82 Country. She's Mine Country. Same Ole Me 88 Country. Money To Burn 85 Country.

Wrong Number 89 Country. My Tears Are Overdue 95 Country. Accidentally on Purpose 98 Country. Let's Invite How to crack facebook passwords Over 98 Country. Least Of All 98 Country. Mabellene Country. SJ Stonewall Jackson. HL Hank Locklin. TH The Highwaymen. MM Mel McDaniel. FF Freddy Fender.

WP Webb Pierce. GC Glen Campbell. AT Aaron Tippin. PC Patsy Cline.

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rows · country. classic country. george jones. By most accounts, George Jones (born George . Mar 08,  · George Jones Greatest Hits -Best Songs Of George Jones. George Jones top songs include White Lightning, Tender Years, Walk Through This World With Me. They had 72 top hit songs.

Follow Billboard. All rights reserved. No country artist was as dominant of an artistic and commercial force for a longer period of time than George Jones.

He made his first records when Eisenhower was President, and was still recording at the time of his passing in Jones had, to borrow a phrase from Faron Young , lived fast and loved hard, but he did leave us with so many beautiful memories through his songs. A George Jones song could be a footloose honky-tonker, as much of his early work was. But, he was at his best when he sang about the demons that he faced, endured and outlasted.

Brutally honest in song -- particularly with himself -- this is a list of 20 of the greatest George Jones singles of all time. Nothing was hidden. This hit found the singer seemingly still in mourning over a past relationship, knowing he needed to leave his demons behind him -- but doubting his own ability to do do.

By the release of this number one, you can tell he was at least starting to listen a little more frequently. Sung in a lower register than many of his ballads to that point, the singer gave one of his more reflective early vocals on this one that still shines bright in the Jones song constellation.

Jones added the right touch of sadness on this gem that continues to be one of the linchpins of honky-tonk music everywhere. However, this proved to be his last major hit for Musicor Records, where he spent six successful years before teaming up with Billy Sherrill.

The sound quality was not always the best at Musicor, but not on this one. George Jones - "Wine Colored Roses" Jones continued to be a presence at radio throughout the s, and perhaps one of his most underrated was this gem from the fall of about a man who had a unique way of communicating that he still had his demons. A great hook, and still one of the most haunting George Jones performances out there. Simple and direct, Sherrill added the master touch of a door slamming on the record, which resonated strongly on this one.

In a unique twist, Wynette took the emotional lead in this composition, Jones added a few touches, and the resulting factor is a record that brims with utter anguish and torment, two essential ingredients in any country song, let alone a George Jones song. Nowhere is that more apparent than this classic that Norro Wilson and George Richey specifically wrote for George.

Interestingly enough, just a few years later, Richey would be feeling these lyrics as he married…Tammy Wynette. George Jones - "The Grand Tour" Originally released in , this is one song that we still listen to every now and then just to ask the question -- was it really THAT good? And, to be totally honest with you, they are both hauntingly similar -- except this hit was totally in the first-person narrative. But, this song is perhaps the darkest Jones ever went.

Is that so? She came back? A wreath upon his door? Yep, the greatest George Jones record of all time, down to the haunting vocals of Millie Kirkham. This record is that freaking perfect. Search term. Billboard Pro Subscribe Sign In.

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